Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Vaccination Will Not End Self Isolation, Quarantine and Social Distancing, So What's The Point?

According to reports im mainstream media (and we have to not that growing signs of scepticism in print and broadcast news about the government's handling of the pandemic and the push to inject us all with dodgy vaccines that will not make is immune are most welcome,) well-placed government sources, miniosters and scientific advisers are still pushing the idea that the (failed) contact tracing system should remaine in place because it is possible for people to catch and pass on Covid even if fully vaccinated. "There is still a risk of getting the virus and spreading it on," said one.

This means millions of human sheep who rushed to get their vaccine without first checking that the vaccines on offer are safe and effective (figures not reported in mainstream media show they are neither,) and have now had two doses of vaccine could still be made to spend 10 days at home if the NHS alerts them that they have been in close contact with an infected person.

Close contact is defined as having a face-to-face conversation, being within one metre for one minute or within two metres for 15 minutes.  Not even a subsequent negative test would be enough to allow them to end their quarantine.  

Smallpox is often cited as proof that vaccines are in fallible but sing the first vaccine was introduced in the 18th century, to protect against that disease, there has been time for humanity to develop true herd immunity. Smallpox also differs from COVID-19 in that people could SEE for themselves what it did and why it was a killer. Once the cause of the disease was identified and a vaccine created from a genetically similar virus that is harmless in humans, the vaccine was effective because that is how genuine vaccines are created and why they are successful. 

The 'virus' that is apparently Covid-19 has not been isolated so the 'vaccine' is not a vaccine in the true sense of the word because it cannot provide immunity. Also, we cannot SEE Covid-19. We have to rely on what people (many of them vested interests) tell us about it and unfortunately for the powers that be, they haven't been able to convince us all by a long way that a disease that over 90% of us have not been affected by throughout this pandemic year, and for which their is a 99.5% recovery rate among tose who do develop symptoms, poses a serious threat to healthy peple with functioning immune systems. Why do you think they keep dreaming up new 'variants' and publicising new scare stories?

I do agree that the vaccine roll out has been a success but only in logistical terms and in the effectiveness of propaganda in frightening many people into surrendering free will, certainly not in effectiness terms. It simply shows how good the UK is at organising and getting things done now that it is outside the constraints of the EU and as a Brexit supporter I find affirmation in that.

 One of the reasons given for the continuing push to vaccinate with vaccines that do not work and ought to be withdrawn on grounds of unaccepably high rates of fatalities and serious adverse reactions occuring so soon after a person has been vaccinated a link has to be suspected, is that the number of deaths among the millions of people vaccinated is statistically insignificant

It is past time for governmenrs, their tame "experts" and the media to stop blaming those who haven't taken the vaccine either by choice or not been offered it as yet. Blame should laid at the feeet of those who lied to you when promising the vaccine was the answer and was "100%" safe.

Playing the "statistically insignificant" card is just about the most dishonest tactic employed by health tyrants and vaccine cultists. In each case of a person dying it is 100% of that person's life.

And for the record the total "COVID-related deaths" (NB not actual deaths in which COVID was the sole cause) stands at 0.2% which is also statistically insignificant by any criteria.

But let's take a look at what is statistically insignificant and what is not.

In the 1990s two children died because faulty child seats failed to protect them in car crashes. As a result all that manufacturers child seats were recalled. Millions of them for two children. Yet 1300 deaths have occurred in the UK ,actually 4600 in USA and 10,500 throughout Europe, deaths by injection. But the prairie wind kept whining and the tumbleweed kept blowing through the newsrooms of mainstream media and no recall of the vaccine was announced, just more empty assurances that the vaccines are safe and the benefirs outweight the risk. Unfortunately for healthy people even a one in a trillion risk is infinitely higher than the zero risk of dying from COVID once the "died with COVID" cases are separated from the "died of COV,ID" a virus that gives us flu like symptoms and a death rate as high as the common flu when adjusted for the Heart Attacks, Diabetic deaths, Cancer, Car wrecks, falling off the ladder at home, and all other deaths that disappeared because of COVID. until December of 2020.

One of the most disgusting stories I have heard of this new health fascism was told to me by a friend who is Muslim. She said that the grandfather of a family she has known for years, a man well into his eighties who had been treated for terminal cancer for several years had passed away. In keeping with the Muslim tradition the family asked for his body to be released to them so he could be buried before sunset on the day he died but they also queried the notification of death the hospital or doctor supplies for the bereaved to present to the official resistrar, because it showed COVID-19 rather than cancer as cause of death. They were told that if they were prepared to let COVID stand as cause of death the body could be released to them that day but if they insisted on cancer being shown as cause of death it would be several weeks before the body could be released.

So much for multi-fucking-culturalism.

I am sure planes are tested and investigations carried out when a particular model of plane kills all or most of the people on board. This is a good thing and it actually happened recently when two unexplained crashes involving the Boeing 737Max airliner led to every such aircraft in service being grounded. The same concern for safety ought to be applied openly and transparently to the apparently flawed and unsafe COVID vaccines, as should be the case with anything medical too.

However, the point was that in both plane disasters and car-related deaths, there are scores of deaths every day of the week but nobody is suggesting we stop having flights and car travel. Life is a risk. All sorts of decisions, situations, in fact everything we do carries a level of risk.

Likewise, to put it in perspective of the 99+% survival rate of Covid where you're probably more likely to die choking on a peanut or crossing a busy street than from the disease, or being killed by  falling off a ladder or or tripping on your pajamas and falling downstairs than dying of the vaccine but nobody is up in arms about peanuts or talking about banning people from using ladders.

A balance needs to be struck somewhere. With Covid, it is difficult because on the one hand we know the government and media are lying about things, such as the causes of death, but on the other side, we do not know for certain how many lives may have been saved by having vaccines, compared to those who may have lost their lives. But as a logician I use a simple logical analogy to deflate the vaccine hype. Millions of people have been vaccinated to date, yet over 90% of the population remained COVID free throughout the year it has been rampant in society. If in the course of a few months COVID disasppears (as pandemic coronavirus strains have throughout history,) the drug companies will claim success for their vaccines and governments will claim success for their handling of the pandemic. However if 90% of the population are still COVID free in two or three years, it is impossible to say that any of them would have certainly become ill with COVID had they not been vaccinated.

That is the great lie of the vaccine propagandists. So as the title asks, if the vaccine will not end the restrictions, what's the point. And it is also a cue for the real conspiracy theorists.






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