Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Germany Needs A Revolution, Anti-Islam Campaigner Tells PEGIDA Supporters in Dresden

The Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) taking their weekly Monday evening "stroll" in Dresden, Germany heard controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders address them last night, as the group rebuilds momentum ground after weathering attacks from German mainstream media that would be classed as 'hate speech' if they had been made by a right wing group against supporters of the left, and physical violence from the usual left wing rent-a-mob thugs who always turn out to deny the right of free speech to those who opposed their views.

Wilders, a hate figure for the left throughout western Europe, but a champion of national sovereignty and defender of national cultures and traditions, spoke to a crowd of around 10,000, telling his “dear friends” of PEGIDA he sees them as “heroes” for standing up against the German government, which insists that mass immigration and acceptance of Islam as a core part of society are non-negotiable. Gathered around a purpose-built stage on the banks of the Elbe, Wilders made reference to a controversial speech given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel shortly after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in January, when she said Muslims “belong to Germany”.

Merkel's word were eerily reminiscent of comments made by former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who last year said Sweden belongs to iuts immigrants and ethnic Swedes should leave. Have Europe's political and academic elites turned completely against their own people, and are they naive enough to believe this sucking up to migrants will win their families any brownie points under Sharia Law.

Wilders naturally picked up on that theme: “Your chancellor, Frau Merkel, has said Islam belongs to Germany and I ask you, is she right? She’s not right”. The crowd responded with cheers of “Merkel must go”.

The glib dismissal of people's concerns about the numbers of immigrants and their alienation from European cultures and value shown by Europe's political leaders such as Merkel is typical of the elite's detachment from the societies they lead and thus their complete lack of awareness of the concerns of voters who are trying to make decent lives in the cesspit societies created by left wing ideology.

Referring to the role of Dresden citizens in overthrowing the old Communist regime in East Germany, Wilders said “26 years ago, Dresden and Leipzig taught the democratic world an important lesson ... it was that truth is stronger than lies, that courage is stronger than tyranny, that freedom is stronger than oppression.

“You have brought Germany back, and I tell you. Today, Germany needs a new revolution".

PEGIDA members take justifiable pride in the long-standing revolutionary tendency among the people of Saxony, the Federal state of which Dresden is the capital. Placards are frequently displayed by PEGIDA marchers celebrating the Protestant uprising against the Catholic church in 1525, the popular movement that set Germany on the path to unification in 1848, the founding of the Weimar republic in 1918, the uprising against brutally oppressive Communist regime in 1953 and the aforementioned downfall of Communism in 1989.

Speaking of the political push from leaders of the modern world towards globalism, Wilders said the threat of Islamisation meant Germany would have to leave the Schengen European border-less zone, and, referring to Muslim immigrants who demand the introduction of Sharia law for their religious communities and the abolition of German customs and traditions (such as eating pork and celebrating Christian festivals) that offend Islamic sensibilities, that people who hate Germany have no place there and should go home.

The estimainte attendance of 10,000 at the rally is low compared to the crowds of up to 25,000 that were joining PEGIDA marches January and February of 2015, but support for the counter-movement has dwindled even more, peobably because decent socialists have been appalled by the violent neo - Nazi tactics adopted by their more extreme colleagues. Marked by its penchant for extreme violence – throwing stones, glass bottles, and fireworks at PEGIDA members, and brawling with police at protests, the ‘antifa’ (translated: violent, mindless, illiterate thugs who will always turn up where there is trouble), as they are known in Germany, at times outnumbered PEGIDA marchers.

One cannot blame Mulims for the Islamification of Europe, they would be fools to refuse what is being handed to them on a plate. The enemies of European nations and cultures are our own elites (Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and the rest, all applauded by the closet jihadist Barack Hussein Obama), who apparently have convinced themselves that they have attained Godlike status and are prepared to sacrifice the peoples and nations of Europe in pursuit of the Marxist ideological dream of global government and the abolition of individual freedom.


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