Saturday, August 17, 2013

Area 51: Another Million Points To The Conspiracy Theorists

Helllllooooooo all you truth deniers out there. So Area 51 is real.

Remember how you used to rubbish everything us truth seekers told you, those open minded people who question everything and think for ourselves?

"Oh no, the government would never lie to us," you said, "oh no, scientists would never participate in a Conspiracy of silence with politicians and big Business there are no conspiracies except in your fevered imaginations" you told us. Area 51 is a fairy story, the government is not experimenting with changing the weather and 'the science is settlled.'

Now don't get the idea I totally believe this stuff. I don't disbelieve it either, but I do know from personal experience governments cover up a lot of intersting information. In fact I have been part of cover ups (not about UFOs but, well without giving official secrets away, exposing people to nasty shite while denying it was harmful. My approach to Area 51 then is, I don't care much if UFOs are real or not.

My reason for posting such items is that some people, whose belief in reason, order and logic should be pitied, get so would up at even jokey references to UFOs, ghosts, paranormal activity etc. that it's our duty to annoy them. And another thing, if these eejits are so sure UFOs etc. don't exist, why do they get so worked up about people talking of such things. I mean I'm sure God does not exist but I would not dream of telling other people they should not pray or talk about The Bible.


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