Thursday, October 14, 2021

China's Threat To Taiwan Has World Sitting On A Nuclear Powder Keg That Could Blow Any Minute


Taiwan, the tiny, island nation off the south east coast of China is literally and an island of freedom, a prosperous rebuke to communist totalitarianism, in China’s own backyard. Officially Taiwan in The Republic Of China but dares not call itself that anymore for fear of pissing off the tyrannical communist regime of its giant neighbour, The People's Republic of China. Taiwan is liberal, technologically advanced, democratic and successful, it's prosperity for decades was a constant irritation the the communists of The People's Republic where most of the citizens existed in grinding poverty.

Furthermore the state of Taiwan was founded by the Chi ang Ki Shek  the nationalist leader who opposed the communists in the civil war of 1949 and the existence of the rival government, which claimed to be the legal government of China is a constant irritant to the Communists in Beijing. Taiwan’s government calls itself the “Republic of China” because they still consider themselves the legitimate rulers of the mainland, in exile.

China’s ideological and political hostility to Taiwan is in some ways similar to the hostility of the USA to the communist government of Cuba. Just as China has been attenmpting to bring down the democratic government of Taiwan for decades, so U.S. agencies and proxies have been engaged in trying to undermine communist rule in Cuba.

The only reason the U.S.A. distances itself from these attempts to destabilise Cuba is so that Washington could avoid being accused of behaving like an “imperialist” power. 

Communist China has no qualms about breaking international law or making overt military threats to conquer Taiwan. China has been constrained from doing so for decades only because of their insufficient military capabilities and fear of U.S. intervention. However U.S. military supremacy is no longe as certain has it has been since world War 2. In the past decade while U.S. leaders have been focused on packing the military leadership with 'woke' LGBTQ+ activists, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have made enormous advances in military technology

U.S. Military and Nuclear Decline in Geopolitical Terms

Today, if China attempts to conquer Taiwan,the USA would be hard pressed to respond, in fact if military personnel who have threatened to quit rather than obey the mandate if demented geriatric presiden and Commander in Chief Joe Biden, carry out that threat it is doubtful that the US forces could defend their own bases in the area.

As for larger scale conflict, The Pentagon’s own wargames show the U.S. losing to China in a regional war over Taiwan. 

The Defense Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration, and Requirements, Lt. General Sam Hinote, warned recently: “As Somebody who is cognizant of the evidence at all classification levels, cognizant of what’s going on in our exercises…I believe the light is blinking red…Why? Because it used to be that when we did future war games, we were having trouble when we set the war game 5, 10, 15 years out into the future…But what has changed since the last time we sat in this building two years ago, is that it’s not a future problem…It is a current problem…We are out of time.” 

Like the U.S. in 1962, China may already, dominate the nuclear balance with Russia not far behind. 

According to a Washington Times report in August 2021, U.S. STRATCOM Commander, Admiral Charles Richard has warned that China is building silos for “350-400 new long-range missiles” like the DF-41 ICBM, that carries 10 warheads. Consequently: “If 10 warheads are deployed on the DF-41s, China’s warhead level will increase to 4,000 warheads on the DF-41 alone.” 

4,000 DF-41 ICBM warheads alone would give China a 10-to-1 advantage over the United States’ 400 ICBM warheads, and nearly a 3-to-1 advantage over the 1,400 operationally deployed U.S. strategic nuclear weapons on all ICBMs, SLBMs, and bombers. 

China already has a nuclear first-strike capability against the 400 ICBM silos, 3 bomber bases, 2 SSBN ports, and C3I targets comprising the U.S. nuclear deterrent. China’s existing DF-41 ICBMs have enough warheads with yield/accuracy combinations capable of achieving 90% single-shot-kill-probability against the hardest U.S. targets.

To make matters worse, U.S. retaliatory capabilities against strategic targets in China—including ICBM silos, missile tunnels, mobile missiles, bomber and SSBN bases, C3I bunkers, and the 5,000 kilometers long “Underground Great Wall”—are grossly inadequate. 

China, Russia, North Korea: A Nuclear Axis

China’s push for nuclear supremacy probably accounts for Beijing's apparent abandonment of  its nuclear “No First Use” pledge. Earlier this year the Chinese government threatened a nuclear attack on Australia because the Australian government had signed an agreement with Britain and America to buy U.S. designed, British built nuclear powered, (not nuclear armed,) submarines as part of as US / UK / Australian / Japanese response to what is perceived as a growing military threat from China in South East Asia, The Pcific and The Indian Ocean.

In July, an “unofficial” (nothing in China is exempt from government influence,) website - Xigua Video - which is affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army threatened: 

—“Now the international situation has changed dramatically…In order to protect the peaceful rise of our country, it is necessary to make limited adjustments to our nuclear policy.” 

–“When we liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force, even if it deploys only one soldier, one plane and one ship..we will use nuclear bombs first. We will use nuclear bombs continuously until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.” 

—“We’ll join force with Russia and North Korea [to] shoot together to hit the Japanese mainland thoroughly and in full depth.”

—“After defeating Japan, we must take more severe measures than in World War II to partition Japan…by dividing the four Japanese islands into four independent states…China and Russia should each formulate its own Peace Constitution, and each of the four countries should be placed under the administration of China and Russia, with China and Russia stationing troops.” 

Russia and North Korea have never denied that they would join with China in a nuclear war against the United States. The three are strategic partners. China and Russia have conducted major military exercises together, including at least one strategic forces exercise postulating a nuclear war with the U.S. over Taiwan. The position of Iran is less clear, though it is an ally of both China and Russia, but with Dementia Joe's recent abandonment of Afghanistan the Iranian leaders would need little persuasion to grant both China and Russia access via its territory to the Indian Ocean and the strategically vital waters of the Persian Gulf, thus encircling India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand. And it is not clear which way Pakistan, a nuclear power in its own right and more closely allied to Iran than Britain and the west, would jump in the event of war

In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, the last time the world was so close to nuclear war, President Kennedy faced only the USSR, rather than a coalition of three and possibly more nuclear powers. The other major point of concern is that Joe Biden, even in his prime, was not one thousandth of the man  John F Kennedy was.


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p>Even the United Nations Knows Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons So Why Is Obama Still Accusing Assad
Obama's latest war is bogged down in Syria, in spite of the USA being supported by usual suspects, the United Kingdom and France the phalanx of Syrian allies which inclueds Russia, Iran and China looks a bit too formidable to persuade the limp wristed one it is safe to invade or start bombing. So all he has is a war of words, and he's losing that.

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The life peer said such an attitude belongs to the 19th century and only increases the risk of serious conflict in the present day. Money earmarked for military ships should instead be diverted to fund social care, the independent crossbench peer added.

He's talking bollocks of course, Britain never had "a God given right" to rule the waves, the case is we had better sailors, better ships and better guns (and more of all three) than anybody else. And right now with the Chinese dragon rampant in the far east, initially targeting harmless little Taiwan but possibly threatening our allies in Australia, India and Japan as well as other nations in that geopolitical arena, its no time to be diverting money from defence of our interests and into virtue signalling projects. Perhaps we should divert a few of the billions we are spending on useless vaccines that do not immunise people gainst illnesses that will never make the vast majority of us ill.

Globalism, the western version (all join hands and sing Kumbaya politics) was always a non starter. America wanted us all singing Kumbaya while waving The Stars and Stripes, China wanted a communist global hegemony, Iran wanted a Shi'ite Islamic global caliphate, Saudi Arabia wanted a Sunni Islamic global caliphate, Russia wanted to control the oil markets (which pissed off America, Iran and the Arabs, the World Economic Forum wanted a New Normal (i.e. global corporatocracy,) and the EU wanted a global European Union. They were all singing Kumbaya but to a different tune.

The Government dismissed Lord Singh’s remarks and insisted it has a duty to keep the nation safe and secure. Quite right, the world is becoming more unstable and dangerous and like our Viking and Celtic ancestors we must show we will defend it against our enemies to the last drop of blood. And only by showing we still have the best sailors, ships and weapons (even if we don't have more of them now,) will our country make others understand the last drop of blood will be their, not ours.


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