Sunday, January 02, 2022

Freak Weather Around The World Begs Questions

This weather is not normal or natural 

With Britain and other parts of northern Europe basking in unseasonably warm temperatures which are forecast to last for the next few days at least, while parts of the USA gring to a halt under a blanket of snow dumped by freak storms (ironically in areas recently devastated by wildfires which, according to the climate change screechers, were a signal that irreversible warming had arrived, it is perhaps timely for a hot topic from ten years ago, geoengineering (i.e. idiot scientists trying to control the weather,) came under the microscope again. This report from Global Intel Hub seems a good way to kick off the debate.

Global Intel Hub - (1/1/2022 Charlotte, NC 73 degrees F) -- Earlier in the year we suggested the weather would be weaponized even more.  Military technology that has been developed over a period of at least 30 perhaps 50 years enables groups who possess this technology to manipulate the weather completely. Tectonic weapons for example can cause earthquakes, which can cause tsunamis.  Some of this technology they publicly release, such as this laser The US Navy tested in the Middle East.  Here’s another one, called XN-1 LaWS: [1]

Source: Wikipedia The U.S. Navy Afloat Forward Staging Base (Interim) USS Ponce (AFSB(I)-15) conducts an operational demonstration of the Office of Naval Research (ONR)-sponsored Laser Weapon System (LaWS) while deployed to the Arabian Gulf.

In June 2021 we wrote about how this technology may be used in conjunction with bioterrorism.  Since then, research has surfaced showing a possible link between COVID-19 and 5G. [2]  if none of these connections are real, why does the 5G network use the same frequencies as pain inflicting beam weapons? [3]

Right now, there are 24 active erupting volcanoes on planet earth. [4]  the southeastern United States his experiencing one of the hottest winters ever, and it seems the once in 100 years or once in 1000 year storms are happening every week. Something is affecting Planet Earth and it's not climate change.  It has to be either human military technologies who are creating volatile weather for political reasons, or other reasons; Or there is something affecting Planet Earth with enough mass and energy to affect the entire planet.  We are not suggesting what is causing the volatile weather in this article, we are simply stating the increase in weather anomalies at such a rapid rate is not natural, and it's not normal.  Also, we must bear in mind that the militaries of the world led by the United States have a sophisticated weather modification tool set which includes space based weapons.  Also, we are stating that it is impossible climate change caused by the factors laid out by the elite (too much CO2 and industrial pollution) would cause such a rapid escalation in volatile weather.

When the CIA declassified much of its library one book stands out as interesting even if it's far-fetched.  The name of the book is Adam and Eve you can download a copy from the global Intel hub library here.  the conclusion of the book which is a history of earth geology is that there is evidence in rocks that earth has went through cyclical periods of extreme cataclysms followed by a calm periods of regeneration.   Evidence points to how animals were found in the ice such as woolly mammoths and other small animals as well, It is as if they were walking along grazing normally and suddenly a hurricane force wind knocked them over.  Also if you look at the rock deposits in places like the Grand Canyon you notice that gravel sand rock wood and other materials were equally distributed as if by a hurricane force wind.

Even though the author of this book has been discredited and this theory discarded, there is a lot of evidence in the ground so to speak that supports this theory, as well there are references in nearly every major religion of a great flood.

If there is nothing weird going on in the skies why is your local weatherman forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement which is enforced by a gag order? [5]

Whether this extreme weather is being caused by man via weather manipulating technologies, in order to sell climate change to us, or to just create destruction, or for other reasons that we may not currently understand; or if this is part of a grand super cycle; we do not have enough information to make a conclusion.  What is clear is that these weather patterns seem to be getting more common and more extreme so we can prepare accordingly.

It is also interesting that Google only has one data center which is not above 1000 feet elevation.

The future weather changes will definitely present many great trading opportunities in stocks, futures, and currencies.



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