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Latest Bill Gates Insanity: Injecting Sulfur Into the Atmosphere Will Cause EnvironmentalDisasterI


A new study published today by the University of Pennsylvania exposes the insanity of projects such as spraying particles of sulphur (or sulfur depending on which side of the Atlantic ocean you live,)compounds into the stratosphere, self - anointed vaccine messiah Bill Gates' latest insanity, his whacko revival of a decade old scheme to “save” the planet with "geoengineering" by spraying chemicals in the upper atmosphere. According to the mathematical modellers Gates pays handsomely to provide him with "scientific" data that show his crazy scheme will work and thus persuade politicians to spend incomprehensible amounts of taxpayers money on funding projects run by companies his "charitable foundation" has invested in. Far from saving the planet this latest attempt at global genocide, which is already being trialled, is actually destroying environments.

There is no such thing as “anthropogienic global warming” of course, which is why the Warmageddonist lobby, the people who start screaming that the end of the world is upon us every time we get a couple of unusually hot days now talk instead of “climate change.” ,Climate change actually is a thing but not in the way Warmageddonists and 'climate scientists' claim. Their case is that the changes we are seeing in the climates of various parts of the world are all due only to the slight increase in the level of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere comared to the period before the Industrial Revolution and that the increase (and associated climate variations,) are due to Carbon Dioxide emitted as a result of human activity.

The amount of CO2 contribued by human activity is miniscule compared to the amount emitted by natural processes, by volcanic activity and by windbags like Prince charles and Greta Thunberg mouthing off endlessly about things they do not understand. As for the extent to which the small proportion of  CO2 actually contributed by human activity is responsible for, the jury is still out of that. Some people still claim that "the science is settled" and writers like myself should not be allowed to question the 'scientific consensus.' Other, more old school, scholars and researchers (the ones who actually understand the structure of scientific inquiry,) say the jury is still out on the causes of climate variations and point out that the Warmageddonist lobby have produced no empirical edivdence and their case is supported only by results from mathematical models.

 However, this has not stopped deranged, megalomaniacal sociopaths like Bill Gates from [allegedly] trying to stop climate change with increasinly insane crazy schemes that are unlikely to affect the climate but are almost certain to result in millions of deaths from poisoning or starvation and bring about the collapse of civilisation.

Gates, as we reported a few years back, was one of the prime movers in a plan to inject sulphur particles into the atmosphere to try to block out the sun’s rays from reaching earth. This, he said, would help to “cool” the planet and reduce the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2). Now as an old computer pro I know the reputation of Bill Gates as a software genius is a myth, he never wrote a true program in his life. Similarly his reputation as a scientist of genius is total fiction, he is an opportunist who sees every rumoured crisis as another chance to scam ignorant, self interested politicians into giving him $£E more taxpayers money. At the very best he is a science fanboy, his understanding of scientific inquiry and research is on a par with that of an avid Sci - Fi fanboy who thinks Star Trek was a documentary.

Spraying sulphur particles in the upper atmosphere to block out sunlight and save the planet is a terrible idea for about a million scientifically proven reasons because, not least that humans, plants and all living things need sunlight in order to live.

Secondly, it is a certainty that Gates is not smarter than nature when it comes to knowing how the universe is supposed to work, sunlight, climate, Carbon Dioxide and all. In short, saving the planet is easy, do nothing and the planet will be fine. Suck all the Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere to reverse 'climate change' however and all living things will become extinct simply because all carbon based lifeforms rely directly or indirectly on a process involving Carbon Dioxide and sunlight for their food. Yes, the meat that us omnivores eat as part of our diet and that is the only food of carniverous predators like lions and wolvrines (pound for pound the most effective killers of all mammals reputedly,) started out as plant life and is turned into meat by cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens etc.

The new Pennsylvania Uni. study, which was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, addresses these issues in somewhat less inflammatory language than this blog. Researchers at the school worked with a Spanish research team to study atmospheric conditions in the stratosphere.

Although the study does not come out and directly oppose to the idea of conducting “Frankenstein”-like experiments on the climate, it urges caution citing current understanding of the physics and chemistry involved in the likely reactions in the atmosphere.

One of these, though the study does not mention it is the obvious result of introducing sulphur into the water vapour which, in the upper atmosphere, is by far the most important regulator of global temperature being a far more effective greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide. Sulphur is also, along with hydrogen and oxygen, an active chemical component of sulphuric acid.

Cast your mind back four or five decades to the era when 'acid rain' was touted by the environmentalist lobby as the main existential threat to life on earth. Scare stories were printed in newspapers under screaming headlines, television reports showed pictures of forests stripped of foilage, crops rotting in the fields, all as a result of acid rain. 

A forest stripped by acid rain (Source:

The acid rain that caused damage to vegitation all around the world, similar to that pictured above was the result of sulphate compounds emitted in the exhaust fumes from coal or oild burning industries such as eletricity generation, metal ore refining and smelting, cement manufacture and or manufacturing chemicals. Due to government intervention prompted by public pressure these industries made enormous steps in cleaning up their act. So successful were they that the weirdie - beardies of the environmentalist movement had no reasonable grounds to continue complaining about their main hate objects, oil and coal, because in the developed nations at least, acid rain ceased to be a problem. In the undeveloped nations people had more immediate threats to occupy them and corporate businesses continued burning oil and coal in 'dirty' processes.

Common sense and empirical evidence (above) suggest humans should not be trying to control that which we do not fully understand, but the world's newest religion “The Science” feels as though it knows better than nature and approximately three and a half billion years of evolution how to create a perfect ecosphere and a “better” planet, i.e. one that is configured to support to the agenda of Gates and his ilk.

An article from  members of the team involved in the study explains that there are challenges to generating sulfuric acid in the stratosphere. It's production as a by - product of this insane scheme to block sunlight is, in a rather mealy - mouthed phrase “less efficient than might have been previously expected.”

For "less efficient" read "more fucking disastrous". 

Citing statements made by the researchers involved with the study the report's authors add this caveat to their report on the research's results:
“Thus, more groundwork exploring the chemistry of how sulfuric acid and its building blocks will react in the upper atmosphere is required in order to confidently move forward with this climate geoengineering strategy,” 

Blocking out the sun with sulfur is definitely not a good idea

Before governments allow psychopaths like Gates to put into the atmosphere the stuff that just a few decades ago we expended so much money and effort on preventing its entry into the air, it is important to understand “the physics and chemistry involved in such a radical geoengineering project. It was necessary to remove certain sulphur based chemical compounds because one in the upper atmosphere the action of sunlight on the sulphate vapours naturally manufactures sulphuric acid which, diluted by liquid H2O as water vapour condenses, causes far more damage than Carbon Dioxide, as the above photo shows. Spraying random chemicals into the skies is idiocy as any chemist (or any writer whose nephew happens to be a chemist will tell you.

It is essential to understand that while the consequences of a slightly raised level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere are unknown (the scare stories are based only on output from mathematical models of the atmosphere, the consequences of spraying chemicals that will combine with other components of the atmosphere to make sulphuric acid that will fall as rain on food crops, forests and green spaces is certain disaster, as we know because we have been there before, quite recently. But it is something the power addicted madman Gates belies he can ignore.

The idea behind sulphur is an oversimplification typical of scientists (a simple minded bunch as you would expect people who spend half their lives with noses buried in books and the other half gazing down microscopes that magnify small details but blind the viewer to the bigger picture. These scientific dolts reason that the sulphur compounds they plan to spray into the sky are the same substances emitted during a volcanic eruption, often blocking out the sun and darkening skies for a time. Big eruptions, such as the eruption of Mount Tambora (Indonesia) in 1815, the largest recorded eruption in history, trigger a phenomenon known as 'volcanic winter.' It was the volcanic winter following the Tambora eruption which inspired the poet Byron to write "Darkness" a poem describing the havoc caused over a wide area by the effects of dust and vocanic exhaust materials into the air. 

from Darkness by George Gordon, Lord Byron

I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came and went—and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this their desolation; and all hearts
Were chill'd into a selfish prayer for light:
And they did live by watchfires—and the thrones,
The palaces of crowned kings—the huts,
The habitations of all things which dwell,
Were burnt for beacons; cities were consum'd,
And men were gather'd round their blazing homes
To look once more into each other's face;
Happy were those who dwelt within the eye
Of the volcanos, and their mountain-torch:

 If Gates and other geoengineering fanboys get their way, this darkness would be “permanent” in order to “fix” global warming. Another idiot genius plan that would destroy the planet in order to save the planet.

During a volcanic eruption, sulfur is emitted into the troposphere, which extends from the ground to  about 10 kilometers altitude. Geoengineering sulphur, on the other hand, involves spewing it out of 747 jets flying at upwards of 20 kilometers, straight into the stratosphere, which is unprecedented and just plain bonkers.

The biggest problem is Bill Gates and other billionaire psychopath members of the Silicon valley World Domination Club do not even consider the possibility of their being wrong. They do not conduct scientific experiments in the real world and observe the results. Instead they pay computer nerds make mathematical models of reality and tweak the data until the equations give the required answer. And then they proceed on the assumption that computers are infallible. 

Such arrogance, detachment from all that is real, such madness, is usually the territory of warior kings, tyrants who achieve power by conquest. They are bad enough, but the tyranny of the weak, the nerds, those who hunger for power but will always be too weak to seize it, who instead work their way into positions of influence through double talk, trickery and deception, they are a million times more dangerous. 


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