Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thousand of Indian farmers protest against corporate imperialism and Government promotion of GMO seed.

We have learned from sources in India that the deeply unpopular Modi government is facing a massive revolt against the Government's possibly corrupt and certainly undemocratic collaboration with biotech giants like Du Pont and Monsanto if trying to use legislative power to force farmers to accept the introduction of Genetically Modified seed.

Massive protests against the Modi Government and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition took place in Delhi on March 18, 2015. The demonstrations were organised by the major agricultural unions of India and have to the launch of widespread lobbying campaign by groups supporting farmer’s rights and cost of living allocations in the capital city.

According to the All India Coordination Committee of Farmers Movement (AICCFM), Modi and the NDA came to power by way of funding from the GMO lobby which is led by Monsanto and Du Pont. These corporations and their business partners represent the patent holders of genetically modified seed inputs which are now promoted by programs focused on agribusiness in many emerging and developing nations.

Complaining that lack of transparency about political campaign funding, and standing anti-farmer policies indicate there is corruption at all levels of agricultural governance, the AICCFM demands changes to the Land Acquisition Ordinance that ultimately protects independent farmers' property rights. The Committee is also requesting the changes to commercial-growing guidelines which now include mandated adherence to patent rules assigning apportioned proprietary ownership of GM crops, including percentages of sales owed to the genetic patent registrar - i.e. the Biotech corporations (sic).

While imposition fair and remunerative pricing for farm produce is a long standing new demand from the AICCFM, the request for restructuring fair trade agreements (FTAs) and of establishing a farm income commission is. Elimination of agriculture from the World Trade Organization (WTO) free trade agreements, indemnity for farm disaster relief and open air field trials of GM crops are cited as other issues that the farm unions wish to change.

This situation portends trouble for the Trans Pacific Partnership, evil twin of the TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) being fast tracked by the USA'a Obama administration, which would give corporate businesses the right and ability to overturn laws enacted by the elected governments of sovereign states.


Bee Apocalypse: France Bans Bee Killing Pesticides

France is the first nation in Europe to act to ban the bee killing pesticides, neonicotinoids. While the EU's ruling bureaucracy has pressured member nations to go with the pesticides, and with glysophate (brand name Roundup) associated with Genetically modified food crops but recently named as a likely cancer causing agent in humans ...

Corporate Capitalism Has Replaced Democracy In Western Nations.
Although this is about the UK General Election in 2015 it has much wider relevance, concerning what is happening in the democratic societies of the developed nation. For that reason this look at how corporate capitalism is usurping democracy and individual freedom will also be relevant long after that election in May 2025.

Black Hat Biotech index
The GM Golden rice con causes problems in Asia
GM banned in Argentina as health crisis grows
Now Mexico bans GM as farmers suffer crop failures
GM risk: Show us the evidence they said. Here it is.
GM never safe says award winning geneticist

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Climate Change and Leftist Psycological Malware

Photoshopped images like this are an important part of Warmageddonist climate change 'psychological malware' propaganda.

It may seem far fetched but it is possible to link the techniques of the climate change / anti capitalist lobby to the brainwashing prorammes used by the Nazis in Germany, Stalin's Soviet regime in Russia and Chaitrman Mao's brutal government in Communist China. Thus it becomes quite similar to malware that infects computer systems. The left do not care about saving the planet, all they are interested in is advancing their totalitarian, globalist agenda.

It is well estabished of course that once an idea is implanted in the human brain it becomes very hard to shift. The Milgram experiments carried out in the early 1960s, the results being confirmed by later and less destructive experiments in mind control.

Bloody revolution has failed to deliver the kind of 'Oligarchical Collectivism' Marxist thinking suggests will deliver the ideal society Ideal for the oligarchs maybe), now the left have switched their focust to scaremongering in order to bully the masses into dumb obedience.
But as always happens, the elite have underestimated the intelligence of ordinary people.

Climate Change and Leftist Psychological Malware.

ExxonMobil Tells The Guardian To Stick Their Leftie Hypocrisy Where The Lights Don't Shine

Climate change index

Fellow Slams The Royal Society as Nothing But a Lobby Group for Climate Change

Climate Change Scam: Green energy costs 'far higher than ministers admit'

Insane Science Pushing The Earth Towards Ecocide.
Another Kick In The Bollocks For Warmageddonists And CAGWARTS

Climate Lies Ombibus Post

US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government.

Friday, March 27, 2015

News From Germanwings - Unconfirmed reports says co-pilot was Muslim convert

This item is reported from an as yet unconfirmed report in German News Bulletins.

Germanwings Airbus 320 (source)
GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’? Gateway Pundit March 26,2015
Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News
Posted on 27/03/2015 03:15:40
Speisa.com reported:

According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

Translation from German with Google Translate:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of “radical”, ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder.

As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque.

Converts are the most important weapon of Islam. Because their resume do not suggests that they often are particularly violent Muslims. Thus Germany now has its own 9/11, but in a reduced form. And so it is clear that Islam is a terrorist organization that are in accordance with §129a of the Criminal Code to prohibit it and to investigate its followers. But nothing will happen.

One can bet that the apologists (media, politics, “Islamic Scholars”) will agree to assign this an act of a “mentally unstable” man, and you can bet that now, once again the mantra of how supposedly peaceful Islam is will continue. And worse still, the attacks by the left against those who have always warned against Islam, will be angrier and merciless.

Read more at thegateway-pundit.com

Was Germanwings Disaster Pilot a convert to Islam Alps Air Crash - Another Bizarre Response From Washington

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Venezuela's President Maduro Accuses USA Of Psychological Warfare

Maduro and Obama - body language says it all

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused forces in the United States, Colombia, and Spain of waging an international “psychological war campaign” against his country, Press TV reports.

Barack Obama is behind a psychological war campaign to justify a coup in Venezuela said Maduro (who is not known for emotional restraint in his speeches) as he presented the results of the CELAC meeting in Costa Rica and elaborated on one of the grandest conspiracy theories yet proposed by his government.

Speaking on national cadena, Maduro claimed that his government is facing a broad national and international campaign with the aim of justifying a possible coup d’état in Venezuela.

“I denounce a campaign in the field of psychological warfare, to justify a coup d’état, against Venezuela, supported by the imperial factors of power of the United States. It is not by chance that the international right has done what it has done in the last weeks,” claimed the president.

"President Obama," said Maduro, "your whole government is conspiring in order to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. I appeal to you and to your consciousness. You well know that all the agencies of your government are involved [metidos] in a plan to fill Venezuela with violence, in order to justify a coup d’état and to promote, starting from an escalation of violence, an intervention in Venezuela. Do you know this?"

(Why wouldn't Obama know it his government has already imposed regime change in Ukraine, overthrown a government but failed to replace it with anything stable in Libya and utterly failed to depose a tyrant in Syria. And now the American congress are debating plans for regime change in Russia.)

Maduro said the combined effort follows recent “aggression” from the US and aims to generate fear and panic among the Venezuelan people, China’s official state news agency, Xinhua, reported on Wednesday.

"They want to promote rumors to make the people forget about the imperial attacks against our homeland and once again deepen the economic war by stimulating hoarding, shortages and smuggling of basic products," he said.

Earlier this week, reports said former Spanish leader Felipe Gonzalez, a lawyer by training, would represent a number of imprisoned members of the Venezuelan opposition.

This comes soon after US President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Venezuelan officials for alleged human rights violations.


The American Political System Is "Not A Democracy Or Constitutional Republic" - Thiel
The state of democracy in the USA has become a hot topic of conversation in American business circles in recent years. While President Barack Hussein Obama, not so much a man as an ego on long skinny legs, has increasingly been inclined to rule by executive order in the manner of a despot or tyrant, even Obama's fiercest critics have to admit the American electoral system seems increasingly capable of delivering only political paralysis ...

Venezuela regime change campaign led by Obama
Lawless Libya
Ukraine regime change led by USA
The real agenda behind Obama's attempt at regime change in Syria

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U.S. versus Russia War: Top Russian Politics Scolar Stephen Cohen Tells The Truth

In Real Life The People Who Wear White Hats Are Not Always The Good Guys

by Ian R Thorpe

america russia war
U.S. versus Russia War: Top Russian Politics Scolar Stephen Cohen Tells The Truth: (image source)

We have been writing about the growing diplomatic crisis between the USA and Russia for some time, since the Obama Administration backed terrorist forces trying to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria in fact. Washington seriously underestimated Assad's ability to resist an onslaught by well armed, well trained guerillas however, while Vladimir Putin thwarted American plans to bomb the Syrian government out of office and that conflict still goes on.

Late in 2013 the focus shifted to Ukraine when riots and what was presented by western propaganda agencies news media as a spontaneous uprising against a corrupt government. By the summer of 2014 Ukraine was being torn apart by civil conflict as the neo Nazi government installed by the USA, NATO and the EU in Kiev waged war on ethnic Russians in east Ukraine. Western propaganda agencies news media turned the outrage dial up to eleven as they tried to persuade citizens that Russia was the villain and it was Putin who wanted war.

Fortunately people who care about the truth now have alternative media to turn to for a balancing view of events, and the overwhelming wave of public opinion in support of war the Washington spin doctors had expected did not materialise.

Since then the US Government, enthusiastically led by its rent - boy President has continued with the provocation. Things are changing however as even government advisers and people mainstream media, concerned at the increased likelihood of war, are starting to talk about what is really going on.

When Stephen F. Cohen an internationally respected scholar of Russia, releases a video in which he acknowledges that "for the first time in my long career (I began in this field in the 1960s), I think the possibility of war with Russia is real,” (1:35 into the video linked below). Cohen unequivocally puts the blame for this deterioration in international relations on the U.S. leadership, describing the current situation as “possibly a fateful turning-point in history.” He also says “it could be the beginning of the end of the so-called trans-Atlantic alliance."

He's certainly correct there, while the British Political establishment remains loyal to the US, France, Germany and other EU nations are distancing themselves from Washington's aggressive posturing.


Teacher Forced To Resign For 'Sharing' Material Critical Of Obama And His Beloved Muslim Terrorists

Ukraine Prepares For Full Scale War

Ukraine: France And Germany Reject US Aggression

Is Obama's aggression a reponse to attempts to dump the Petrodollar?

Imminent collapse of the petrodollar

India and Turkey join the move to dump the petrodollar

Oil nation Iran dumps the US Petro - Dollar

American dollar being dumped as reserve currency

Amerca's confrontation with the G77 nations

Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'

Because of US belligerance, civilized world is collapsing

Obama fails to bully Russia

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stupidity Of America's Lust For War With Russia

by Ivan Akerov

We have reported many times on the American attempts to provoke Russia's leader Vladimir Putin in the hope that Puting will then fire the first shot in the war the USA so desperately needs to revive its failed economy, unify its dysfunctional society and restore is to the position of dominant global superpower. American politicians, understudied by sycophantic European politicians are arrogant, ignorant fools when they have to deal with problems outside their own borders. This folly stems mainly from a belief that everybody in the world want to live in a society based on the consumerist, authoritarianism masquerading as 'progressive liberalism' that has dominated Europe, North America and the Anglosphere.

This is wrong as fifty years of failure in Africa (HERE) and (HERE) on top of three decades of foreign policy disaters in the middle east (HERE), (HERE) and HERE) should have demonstrated. But the biggest misjudgement of American, NATO and EU leaders is in trying to pick a fight with Russia.

Leaving aside the fact that The Kremlin has a mutual aid pact with China, when it comes to Russia, foreign policy makers are deling with, as sombody once described it, an engima wrapped in a mystery. Unfortunately bobody has bothered to try to understand Russians and the Russian world view, they just assume the Rusian population are waiting for Obama to bomb Putin out of office so a Ukraine style Washington puppet regime can be installed in Mocow.

Russia however is a unique empire built upon defense not offense. What this means is that historically, Russia does not start the wars, (though it may strike first if sufficiently provoked). In Russian history, leaders have tried to avoid war with neighbouring states.

Just as Western politicos, because of their arrogance and stupidity, feel able to ignore the differences between the European and American mindset and the African, Indian, South American and south east Asian mindset, so they are equally certain they can defeat Russia without developing an understanding of the Russian psyche. In making foreign policy, they merely project their psyche onto Russians.

Europe and the USA are societies built on constant aggression towards neighbors. The Russian seige mentality responds by building up a buffer zone of client states, military alliances and trading / political blocs. Which is exactly what Russia and China have been doing since the end of the cold war.

Read an excellent analysis of the Russian / American standoff HERE


War looms in Yemen as Sunni and Shiite regional powers face off
How Vladimir Putin could win World War Three without firing a shot
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Currency Wars: The US wants whizzbangs but Russia has found a better way
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Monday, March 23, 2015

World’s largest supercomputers took 40 minutes to calculate 1 second worth of human brain activity

Cray supercomputer - a museum piece now - Image source)

How many times have we told you to ignore all that blether from scientists about how they are building computers capable of thinking like humans? They might be able to build computers that think like scientists, but do we really need autistic computers?

The most powerful computers in the world are a long way away from being able to match the processing ability of a human brain however. And then there's the stuff like consciousness, intuition, empathy, compassion etc. which we don't even understand yet and so are not able to programme computers to emulate.
from World Of Technology

The most accurate simulation of the human brain to date has been carried out in a Japanese supercomputer, with a single second’s worth of activity from just one per cent of the complex organ taking one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers 40 minutes to calculate.

Researchers used the K computer in Japan, currently the fourth most powerful in the world, to simulate human brain activity. The computer has 705,024 processor cores and 1.4 million GB of RAM, but still took 40 minutes to crunch the data for just one second of brain activity.

The project, a joint enterprise between Japanese research group RIKEN, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University and Forschungszentrum Jülich, an interdisciplinary research center based in Germany, was the largest neuronal network simulation to date.

It used the open-source Neural Simulation Technology (NEST) tool to replicate a network consisting of 1.73 billion nerve cells connected by 10.4 trillion synapses.

Cellular Technology: Can Governments Use It To Rearrange Your Brain

The controversies around cellular technology and the cellular masts or towers that make up the network grids just will not go away. It is not just the issue of do cellphone damage brain tissue that concerns us now, but certain rumours about what might be transmitted from the masts into the electro-magnetic mush that surrounds us all.

Read more

Is Technology Replacing Mind Workers As Well As Manual Workers

Think tanks, academics and economists have consistently underestimated the impact that immigration and automation on the jobless figures. As data on jobs and openings clearly shows, even without taking into account the effects of massaging statistics by, for example, reclassifying those unemployed for over two years and dumping them off the monthly numbers.

Back to Contents table
Will computers ever be able to think
Google's direct computer to brain interface
IBM thinks their new computer is smarter than humans
Can computers think? Exam Marking Computer Says No
March of the Machines
Transhumanism to synchronise our brains

Sunday, March 22, 2015

World Domination Freak Bill Gates Appeals For World Government

In a recent interview with the German magazine “Süddeutsche Zeitung“, Bill Gates, son of a CIA director and the New World Order's 'made man' uttered some highly sinister comments in support of abolishing democracy and nationhood in favour of world government.

Now those of us in the know have never been puzzled about how Gate's, a college drop out with no qualifications, no programming skills and no work experience managed to start a successsful software company that was selected to bid for a contract to supply the operating system for the IBM / Intel PC, which was backed by the US Government to become the de facto standard for personal computers and how, having failed to develop an acceptable system, won the contract with a DR DOS clone they bought in from another software house (all of this is documented history).

Nor is it a mystery how, having managed to impose the 'not fit for purpose' Windows, the successor of MS DOS, on the world as a near monopoly operating system for business and personal computing, Gates was thrust into a position of wielding enormous political influence on matters of global importance, without ever having been elected to anything, or having dome anything of note without the help of the US Government.

And now he is cheerleading for a global totalitarian government.

Not only did Gates advocate global government, but he also spoke favorably of the UN and NATO, completely overlooking the facts that these organisations are a major force of oppression in the world. NATO can’t even hold a meeting without thousands of people gathering in the streets to protest their actions. Someone as heavily involved in world affairs as Bill Gates should know all about this.

Well he does of course, or at least his puppet master do. Unfortunately those people think Gates is popular and widely admired. Really nobody likes or trusts him.

During the interview last month, Gates said, "Take the UN, it has been created especially for the security in the world. We are ready for war, because we have taken every precaution. We have NATO, we have divisions, jeeps, trained people. But what is with epidemics? How many doctors do we have as much planes, tents, what scientists? If there were such a thing as a world government, we would be better prepared."

Not long ago the subject of global government, the so caled New World order was considered a total conspiracy theory, but now one of the richest and most influential people in the world is openly suggesting that this is a good idea. Governments are generally a pretty bad idea, even when they are small they can still do enormous amounts of damage. So when a government rules the entire planet, there is no telling what type of atrocity a world government will be capable of.

Silicon Valley Business Model Threatened As Wireless Carriers Start Blocking Online Ads

It looks like the founding hippy's insane business polan for the internet, get rich by giving stuff away, is finally about to foll apart. Typoically of the Californin dope head culture of Silicon Valley, the tech companies were stealing other peoples' resources to make their ad revenue.
The Spy In Your Smartphone
An article in OS news opens by saying those of us with experience in digital technology have known about the nasties hidden in your internet enabled computers and gadgets for years.This is absolutely true. Why did people like me not sound the alarm then, you might well ask?
When Algorithms Rule
Microsoft Big Brother Agenda
IBM plan to build smarter than human computers
When Technology Rules You
Technology is becoming a monster we cannot control

Saturday, March 21, 2015

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

Political elites and super-bureaucrats must be very worried. New start up political parties, dismissed as populist byt in reality listening to the concerns of voters are making inroads into the political status quo. New media investigative journalists and op-ed writers are challenging the official propaganda (and gaining an ever bigger audience). It’s becoming harder to control consensus reality.
A reality stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, false flag deceptions, corporate - government collaboration, conflicts of interest, legalized theft (banking), these have been the privilege of ruling elites for centuries.

Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for the increase in overtly authoritarian governance is much more fundamental. By gagging their opponents, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate anything that questions the propaganda, by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary definition of "extremist" to speech. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.

Although France has taken the lead in this inter-governmental effort, the preliminary assault began this past fall with British Prime Minster David Cameron publicly announcing on two separate occasions, that all of these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ (anything which challenges the official dogma) should be deemed as "extremist" and equivalent to "terrorism" and should be purged from society in the interests of national security. The first came with Cameron’s warped speech at the UN, and afterwards, a similar charge was made by the UK leader against anyone who dares press the issue of institutional paedophilia and child abuse.

Read full story at 21st Century Wire


Corporate Capitalism Has Replaced Democracy In Western Nations.

Although this is about the UK General Election in 2015 it has much wider relevance, concerning what is happening in the democratic societies of the developed nation. For that reason this look at how corporate capitalism is usurping democracy and individual freedom will also be relevant long after that election in May 2025.

The Death Of Democracy - Students censored
U N (United Nazis) Plans To Criminalise Free Speech Citing human Rights As Justification

Dutch Dismiss Claims MH17 Downed By Buk Missile - 'Conspiracy Theorists' Got It Right Again

from Boggart Blog

I hope humble pie tastes like well rotted snake dung, I really do. Why you might well ask.

Because I want those unimaginative, authority worshipping idiots who argued with us 'conspiracy theorists' (more accurately know as truth seekers) to throw up when they eat it. When we said that while the USA sought to justify an armed intervention in Ukraine by claiming pro - Russian separatists had shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 last year, in fact the evidence pointed towards the neo fascist puppet government in Ukraine being responsible, some people called us rude names, accused us of being lovers of Vlad (the imapler) Putin and of not being very intelligent.

It was of course they who were not being very intelligent. Believing propaganda without question if for the terminally stupid, questioning things is what intelligent people do. And usually it take considerable patience for those who question propaganda to be proved right. We waited thirty years for the cover up of the Westminster Paedophile ring to be exposed.

So this story, only nine months after the event is quick really. Just shows how utterly lacking substance the US Government claims were.

Dutch dismiss reports alleging MH17 downed by Buk missile

The Netherlands has denied reports that the Malaysia Airlines plane was downed by a Buk missile, killing all 298 passengers and crew last July.

The Dutch Safety Board (DSB), which is investigating the cause of the crash, responded to reports released earlier by Netherlands broadcaster RTL alleging that the flight MH17 was downed by a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile system.

"The investigation into the cause of the accident is in full progress and focuses on many more sources than only the shrapnel,” the DSB stated.

"Additional investigation material is welcome, but it is imperative that it can be indisputably shown that there is a relationship between the material and the downed aircraft," the agency emphasized Thursday in a statement.

READ MORE: Ukraine media falsely claim Dutch prosecutors accused Russia of MH17 downing

RTL claimed on Thursday that a metal fragment from the crash site of the plane allegedly matches a surface-to-air Buk rocket. The piece was recovered by a Dutch journalist from the village of Grabovo several months ago, close to where the plane was brought down last year.

Earlier this month Ukrainian media made a gaffe, misquoting Dutch investigators as having accused Russia of shooting down the Malaysian Airlines flight.

More >>>


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Free speech threat - the only way to silence truth tellers
The truth tellers pose the real threat to big government

Friday, March 20, 2015

US Puppet In Kiev Restarts War With Donbass Separatists

Back in February 2014, Victoria Nuland, the US Diplomat (ahem), whose famous open mic. moment revealed that once again the 'Conspiracy Theorists' had been right and the USA was behind the coup d'etat that deposed a corrupt, but democratically elected government and installed the neo fascist puppet government in Kiev, selected Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the Prime Minister of Ukraine. On Wednesday, March 18th, Yatsenyuk told his colleagues, "Our goal is to regain control of Donetsk and Lugansk.” With those words the Ukrainian Prime Minister tore up the Minsk agreement brokerd by German chancellor Merkel and France's President Hollande and restarted Obama's proxy war and the genocide of ethic Russians in Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk further announced: "Adequate financial resources are available,” to retake Donbass."

Those "resources” come largely from the IMF, and from the United States, all with loans to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government. So that the investors will be paid the principal plus the extremely high interest on these junk-loans that are backed by their governments, Western taxpayers will ultimately be, basically, donating to Franklin Templeton, and to George Soros, and to the other financiers who are buying the Ukrainian Government bonds that will fiance the murder of thousands of ethic Russians in east Ukraine. Their blood will be on the hands of We The People though nobody asked us is we had anything against them.

Donetsk and Lugansk are the two districts comprising Donbass, the self-proclaimed independent region of Ukraine, which now calls itself "The People's Republic" and sometimes "Novorossiya,” and which rejects the coup and its coup-imposed Government.

That Government of Ukraine is run by Yatsenyuk and the people whom he selected. Ukraine also has a President, who is elected by voters in the northwest of Ukraine, where the coup-government is accepted; but, since the coup, the Government has actually been run by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who is entirely dependent upon the United States Government and its subordinates (such as the IMF and NATO, in both of which the U.S. has veto-power) in order to obtain the financial and military support necessary to keep him in office.

Democracy is dead, the American government is determined to start an east west war. How much longer Russia and China will continue their policy of restraint in the face of constant American provocation is anybody's guess.

But there are many ways to skin a cat, could this be they one that will skin Barack Obama? Currency Wars

UPDATE 21 March, 2013
Intel: in two or three weeks Kiev is expected to start a massive new offensive on Donbass. False flags, provocations and terrorist acts to sabotage, or make more difficult, the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory (WWII Victory Day) celebration in Russia on May 9th are also possible. Since Nemtsov murder near Kremlin, Russians are on full alert; therefore, I expect it won’t be possible in Moscow and/or the main Russian cities. But Ukraine and Donbass are a different story.
According to the expert of the Russian Military Sciences Academy Vladimir Prokhvatilov (null, confirmed by multiple intelligence sources in Donbass and Ukraine, Kiev is expected to start a new massive offensive on Donbass in order to surround and cut Donetsk off Lugansk, with simultaneous attack on Lugansk. We will recall that a similar recent attempt resulted in the Debaltsevo cauldron, where thousands of Ukrainian troops perished. This time, the result will be the same, but it appears Kiev doesn’t care about the result, it only cares about making the life of the Donbass people as difficult as possible, and about sabotaging Russian holidays.
Kiev has officially broken the Minsk agreements. Instead of pulling its heavy artillery away from the front lines in oder to create a demilitarized zone, Kiev is amassing heavy artillery, tanks and troops.
It is believed that they will attack during the sacred Orthodox Holiday – Pascha (Easter). Previous mass bombings of DNR and LNR, as well as mass attacks by Kiev on both republics, were all scheduled during an important holiday, in order to spoil people’s celebration. This year, Pascha is celebrated on April 12.

Ukraine coup was US led
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Proxy war in Ukraine is about the Petrodollar
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World War Three? Kiev Reinvades Donbass, Deliberate Provocation Trashed Minsk Agreement

When America wants to provoke Russia it uses proxies, a rabble in Libya, Islamic fundamentalists in Syria and Iraq and neo - Nazi thugs in Ukraine. So far Russia has resisted the urge to kick Obama in the balls, but sooner or later the Russia - China - Iran alliance will respond.

US Special Forces caught red-handed in Syria
How long ago did we tell you the USA had military personnel on the ground in Syria. Evidence about the activities of U.S. special forces in the Syrian town Ayn al-Arab a.k.a. Kobani has emerged in the last few days. U.S. Troops are guiding airstrikes as part of their support for

Thursday, March 19, 2015

AK47 Assault Rifles Used in Sweden Pub Attack, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Immigrant led terror hits the streets of another peaceful European nation. No doubt our leftie friends will be eager to tell us this kind of shit culturally enriches our societies.

Two people have been killed, and eight seriously injured after attackers burst into a crowded pub screening a football game and opened fire in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, reports from Sweden say. It is not known if the casualty count is final.

Information from Swedish police warns that people should expect the death toll to rise over the next few hours. Witnesses described the shooting as having started extremely quickly and being over before aunybody understood what had happened. TheLocal.se reports that, in the words of a witnesswho was in the bar at the time: "I didn't have time to think what was happening. Then I saw that my friend was bleeding. I tried to stop the flow of blood as well as I could with my hands”.
terrorist shooting in sweden

Despite strict gun laws imposed in many European countries, the attack demonstrates the ease with which organised criminals and terrorist gangs can obtain high-powered assault rifles via criminal networks in the former Soviet republics. The weapons used in the Gothenburg attack, the motive for which has not yet been determined, are the same as the Paris Charlie Hebdo killings, and the Belgium Jewish museum shooting, among others.

Although no suspects have yet been arrested, police are reportedly saying the attack is an incidence of gang-related violence, which has been on the rise in Scandinavia, due to an influx of immigrants from lawless third world failed states. The apparent normality of such violence is summed up by the comments of one local resident who remarked that despite the fact "this is actually a quiet area” he admitted "there have been occasional shootings”.

According to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the conflict in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city is largely between a group of immigrant cartels, determined to capture the local drug trade. Over one fifth of all those now living in the city are immigrants, with some of the largest groups coming from Somalia, Iraq, and Iran. In Gothenburg and other Swedish cities, extortion of business owners by migrant gangs offering protection from other such gangs is becoming a fact of life for some, with police "powerless” to act. This is leading to 'white flight', an exodus of European residents and businesses from the cities.


Swedish Commentator: Migrants Enforcing Sharia Law, Bill Clinton ‘Evil’ For Wishing Same On U.S.

Swedish writer and news commentator Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist, speaking on an internet radio station, said that Islamists and migrants "have already succeeded in introducing Sharia law to Sweden". Speaking to Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, she explained that, because Swedish girls are becoming afraid to go to certain places where there have been rapes and attacks, key tenets of Islamic law are effectively being enforced.

Self-Loathing Sweden Should Only Welcome Persecuted Immigrants, Instead They Invite The Persecutors Too.
We have covered immigration problems in Europe extensively, but the European country that demonstrates how wide the gap between ordinary people and the ruling eilte has become is Sweden where the politically correct governing coalition's immigration and social policies seem to indicate the elite are engaged in a genocide campaign against ethnic Swedes
War on terror omnibus
War on Terror
Immigration omnibus
Immigration marginalising white, working class population
UKIP are alone on awareness of immigration problems
Migrants swarm through EU back door along Serbia’s border with Hungary
War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

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NASA Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Belts

We have never really commented on the moon landing, while controversies still rage in internet forums, like the Kennedy assassination (of which the conspiracy theorists have now proved that the president WAS hit by two bullets fired from different directions while the authority worshippers maintain the official story cannot be questioned) The Daily Stirrer takes the view that is both events happened when we were all running round getting drunk and chasing women, as young men of that age should be. So why readdress the moon landing now, you might well ask. Being, all of us Stirrers, the kind of people who enjoy Star Trek as a fantasy we have been content to say, "Well OK, if they tell us they landed on the moon that's fine, what's to be gained if is is not true." The moon landing was nowhere near as significant event as science heads and space travel fans would have you believe. But when we saw this story it made us sit up and think.

Can it be that the conspiracy Theorists have once again been right all along. Or is there another explanation for the apparent contradiction. This one is going top have comment threads and social media going crazy for months.

In the video presentation below, NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains about many of the risks and pitfalls surrounding the new Orion Deep Space Mission to the planet Mars.

Surprisingly, chief among Kelly’s concerns is whether or not his spacecraft can successfully pass through the perilous Van Allen Radiation Belts. Such is the prospective danger in fact, that NASA will have to send a dummie craft first in order to ‘test out’ what the potential radiation effects will be on future human crews, as well as on the ship’s delicate sensors and equipment. So how did the moon missions get through forty years ago?

See the amazing confession on a NASA video:

Read more on this story:


Space Travel…Will This Eventually Become A Reality?

The very concept of sending people into space has always been an interest to me, not because I actually believe it will happen, but just with the thoughts of how far we would have to advance, technically in order to achieve such a quest. I was reading an article which spoke of someone who was wondering if we would ever form colonies in space, and I felt compelled to respond. This was my response.

What The controllers have In Store For Your Future
If you thought the book Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell was something else—even possibly off the wall when written—wait until you learn what’s planned for us by the year 2025! George Orwell, in retrospect, seems to have been able to tap into some sort of future-time-machine or a “worm hole” in physics—what’s known as an “Einstein-Rosen bridge,” because much of what he wrote about has come to realization.
US Supreme Court Judge Found Deat 'With A Pillow Over His Head'
Conspiracy of Flight MH370
The 9/11 Conspiracy
France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

BBC was part of the 9 / 11 conspiracy
Don't call me a conspiracy theorist
The truth is not out there
Beyond big bang
Missing Aircraft: Does This Ring Any Bells
Wormholes: The science behind Interstellar Travel


The role of cosmic electric currents in earth’s climate

If you’ve been following the growth of the Electric Universe movement, you know that this growth is due largely to the power of a new paradigm to explain things left unexplained by conventional theory. The greatest surprises of the space age are not surprises to researchers exploring the role of the electric force across the cosmos. Nor is it surprising to see the electric force at work close to home, both in the sculpting of planetary surfaces and in the evolution of life on earth ...

Anti-Science – The Church Of Scienceology's Latest Pejorative Term For People Who Think And Question.

We are not the only web site to take exception to accusations of being anti - science and all the other pejorative terms used by the Church Of Scienceology disciples to deflect criticism from independent minded people who are smart anough to ask Cui Bono? Which corporate business benefits.

TThe Idea Of An Infinite Universe Is Fashionable Again

The now little discussed (due to the witch hunt tactics employed by the scientific consensus gangsters) idea of an infinite, eternal, self renewing universe makes a lot more sense than a point at which everything suddenly materialises out of nothing.

Eugenics by any other name: Scientists call for ban on editing human genome.

Mention eugenics and the idiotic screechers of the left will start going on about Naziism, although the science of Eugenics would not be a bad idea if scientists, businesses and politicians could be trusted with such power. Power however always tempts the holder to abuse it, and the power to create a master raceby genetic modification of human DNA cannot be entristed to three professions that have always been deficient in ethical awareness.

Arrogance, Intolerance, Snobbishness and Corrupt, Self Interested Practices. It's modern science.
The world sems to be waking up the the fact that while in the past scientists tended to be rather detached, slightly obsessive people not driven by material goals, the modern science academy has been very largely corrupted by political patronage and corporate money. The academic field of climate science it especially notable for this.

Was CERN A False Prophet - Laugh, I Nearly Shat

Some of you may remember the stick we have taken from The Church Of Scienceology Cult member when in taking the piss out of the over educated idiots at CERN, who are looking for "The Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything," by comparing their quest for The Higgs Boson to someone looking for a needle in a haystack when ...

Mainstream Media Myths and The Power Of Belief

Years ago, an elderly, frail Japanese martial arts master once boasted a 200-0 record against his opponents. He claimed to have a unique power that allowed him to inflict serious injury on people without actually laying a finger on them. Was it Chi? Magic? None of the above. It was a total scam. But that didn't matter.

Docors, Scientists Greased by Big Pharma? Told You So.

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act, which was passed by the US Senate with the help of an extensive investigation led by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), provisions that doctors who receive payoffs from drug or vaccine companies must disclose this when pushing new therapies or medical procedures from what would otherwise appear to be unbiased intentions. (It happens in Europe too, see links in article)

New Physics Theory Proposes Time Is Disappearing From Our Universe.

I have never understood why we invest so much money in theoretical physics, which basically means blokes with pointy heads sitting around having intellectual wanks as they dream up constantly whackier theories to explain how our universe works. One idea they cling to fondly which I find crazy, is that time is somehow material than can be stretched, compressed, kicked around like a football and made to disappear.

Wormholes: The science behind Interstellar Travel

by Ian R Thorpe

In a newly released video (embedded below)physicist Dr Simon Foster explains how 'Wormholes' the theoretical "shortcuts" through space-time, known as Einstein – Rosen bridges could enable travel across space and time and make interstellar travel possible.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The World Rejects USA Attempt To Manipulate Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro in defiant mood

Last week, President Obama signed an executive order declaring a “special state of emergency,” saying that the situation in Venezuela represents an extraordinary danger to U.S. interests and foreign policy. He also imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials, claiming that they were complicit in repressing Venezuelan civil society and freedom of the press.

It is all total bollocks of course, for resons that are not entirely clear, Washington has decided that Venezuela will be the next nation to be destabilised in pursuit of the U.S. global hegemony agenda.

We predicted such a move was imminent several months ago in an article titled Venezuela Deals Blow to Banksters, Global Fascists and New World Order. The reason it has taken so long to kick off is Obama's other regime change projects, Ukraine and Syria had stalled while Libya had descented into a chaotic and lawless failed state after the western intervention that overthrew Gaddafi.

Worldwide, and within the United States also, this set off an epidemic of head scratching, as people tried to figure out how internal developments in Venezuela somehow represent a danger for the United States. In Latin America, the reaction was more intense, as leaders and ordinary citizens recalled past instances in which U.S. interventions have led to “regime change” involving the deaths of thousands.

In the 19th century, the United States seized more than half of Mexico and all of Puerto Rico, plus the Guantanamo Bay area in Cuba. In the first half of the twentieth century, U.S. troops directly intervened in all of the countries of Central America, plus Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic and some South American countries. In these interventions peoples’ movements for democracy were crushed, dictators put in and propped up in power, and dissident leaders murdered, such as Augusto Cesar Sandino in Nicaragua and Charlemagne Peralte in Haiti.

The CIA-engineered overthrow of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954, set off decades of civil war in which at least 200,000 people, mostly poor indigenous farmers, died. Multiple projects to destabilize Cuba began with the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, including the disastrous Bay of Pigs adventure.

In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson ordered the invasion of the Dominican Republic to prevent a dictator from being overthrown by pro-democracy forces. In 1973 the U.S., after having done everything possible to destabilize the Chilean economy, backed a military coup against Socialist Party President Salvador Allende which led to the death of at least 3,000 and the imprisonment or exile of tens of thousands.

from Peoples' World

US Becoming Isolated As Key Ally Japan Considers Joining China-Led Investment Bank
Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'

Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'

Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
The Obama Administration, which in 2009 provided backing for the coup that overthrew the progressive democratic President of Honduras and put into power a junta of oligarchs; a rerun as it turned out for the bloody coup that replaced the corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, ad installed in Kiev a rabidly anti-Russian, equally corrupt, right wing extremist Government ...

The Emperor Obama
Regime Chane In Ukraine And Elsewhere
Ukraine Coup d'Etat US Led?
Crimea: The Wests Empty Threats
Libya: The Folly Of Intervention
Syria: The real agenda of the FUKUS Axis

Greece Drowns In Debt: ECB Plans For Grexit - Its SHTF Time

greek debt toonpool.com cartoons

When the European Central Bank "leaks" that it is preparing to ride out a Grexit, take it seriously, because it is time to start thinking about what happens on "the day after." First thing that will happen of course is Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus will announce they want out too.

And because Boggart Blog readers are not by and large bond market players, to satisfy curiosity about what will happen to European bonds in finance markets (and thus to your pensions), the ECB has suggested any money invested in such vehicles will take a 95% loss.

While the ECB is making it very clear what happens to markets in the case of a "Graccident", it has yet to provide an explanation how it will resolve the billions of Greek debt on its own balance sheet, which are about to be "marked-to-default"...

Here's what one German pundit thinks (by Tim Bartz, Translated from Manager Magazin by fatsally)

The European Central Bank (ECB) is preparing for a possible Greek exit from the euro zone. In internal model calculations, the central bank has already calculated the consequences of different scenarios on the prices of Greek government bonds.

Fernando González Miranda, head of risk analysis at the ECB, assumed for his calculations three different developments of the Greek crisis. These variants have also been presented to our colleagues from the Bundesbank few days ago.

Under the most likely method, the value of Greek government debt - currently around € 320 billion - in the event of a sudden, "accident-like" Farewell to the Greeks from the Euro-zone ("Graccident") shrink to around 5 percent of the principal amount.

If however, the Greek Government were to complete the withdrawal on the basis of ordered negotiations ("Grexit"), the ECB expects a residual value of government bonds by nearly 14 percent. And should it even create the country to negotiate a recent haircut, without having to give up the single currency, the government securities could keep at least a quarter of its original value.

As central bankers feared, the risk is high that the Greek government members "lose track and suddenly find themselves unable to settle their bills." In such a case, the rating agencies Greece would classify as necessarily insolvent, with the result that the central bank should have stopped emergency loans.

But what of Greece? How would that country fare outside the EU. The received wisdom is that they could simply print New Drachma and inflate away their debt. Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge thinks things might not be so simple for them.

Unless there is another way out ...

While Greek treasury officials are digging around in the sofa cushions to try and scrape up €2 billion by Friday (20 March) in order to pay interest due to the IMF, the ECB, and Goldman Sachs, and with celebrity Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis doing his absolute best to sink the entire ship with a series of epic PR faux ups, where can Athens turn when Berlin and Brussels finally pull the plug on further bail outs to suport the continuation of gross incompetence in the Aegean. Reuters carried this story today:

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will visit Moscow on April 8 after being invited to talks by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Greek government official said on Tuesday.

Greece's government has previously said Putin had invited Tsipras to visit Moscow on May 9 and it was not immediately clear if that trip had been changed. It would be Tsipras's first official visit to Moscow since being elected in January.

So one again the Geopolitical chess player outmanoeuvres the bluffing poker players of Washington and Brussels. As Syriza faces the unenviable proposition of either completely giving up on its campaign promises or plunging the Greek economy and banking system into a drachma death spiral, it appears as though Athens is playing the one card it has left, which is threatening to effectively surrender itself to the Kremlin.

As Reuters notes, this wouldn't be the first time Greece has inadvertently created speculation around the possibility that Moscow could end up being the new best friend of Europe and marginalising the USA.

Well as someone on television said, "When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die." Its a pity Obama and his friends only watch reruns of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.


How To Help The Poor - A look at how mainstream politics talks of fairness but penalises poverty

All three mainstream parties in the May 2015 General Election are focusing, as they did last time, on fairness, equality and helping 'the poor'. As their senior spokesmen piously pontificate there will be no trace of irony from either Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat while the spout such bollocks, even though they know their economic policies will penalise the poor.

The Greek "White Knight" Emerges: Putin To Give Athens €5 Billion For Advance Gas Pipeline Fees

Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment

German Ubermacht Gives Greek Upstats The Finger In European Union Confrontation
EU threatens democracy in Greece
Economic sactions on Greece will only help bankers while Greeks suffer
Elistists contempt for democracy and individual freedom
Greek exit could trigger Eurogeddon
Europe falling into chaos
Europe is coming unglued
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro in defiant mood

We have learned via Reuters news feed that Venezuela’s National Assembly on Sunday (15 March) voted Sunday to grant President Nicholas Maduro powers to rule by decree in defense and security affairs amid an escalating confrontation with the US Government in Washington. The special powers were approved by a show of hands in the assembly after two hours of debate. They will be in effect for six months.

In our previous post and several other recent articles the escalating diplomatic conflict between the Venezuelan governmen that America's Obama administration has been reported and analyzed. We also speculated that Venezuela is corporate puppet Obama's latest target for destabilization. Whether the USA will go as far as it did in Ukraine and Syria by sponsoring, arming and training terrorist groups for the purpose of starting civil conflicts to overthrow established regimes, the legitimately elected, if corrupt, government of Ukraine and the oppressive but secular and stable dictatorship of Bashar Assad in Syria. Both interventions have been spectacular failures and led to bloody civil war that have cost thousands of innocent lives.

Reuters reported that Maduro said in a speech to the National Asembly "I'm going to ask for an anti-imperialist Enabling Law ... to preserve the nation's peace, integrity and sovereignty."

Opposition leaders attacked the President, saying he was using the crisis in relations with Washington to justify sideline parliament, distract attention from Venezuela's grave economic crisis and establish an autocratic regime.

"Nicolas, are you requesting the Enabling Law to make soap, nappies and medicines appear, to lower inflation?" opposition leader Henrique Capriles sneered, "It's another smokescreen."

Confirming Venezuela as Washington's No. 1 adversary in Latin America after a convenient resumations of diplomatic relations with Cuba, the United States, where foreign policy always demands a Bond - villain style adversary, has selected Maduro as their latest blofeld / Goldfinger / Hugo Drax / Scaramanga caricature enemy, qualifying the Venezuelan government a major security threat to the USA.

In terminology that has also been used for measures against nations like Iran and Syria, President Barack Obama's government declared a "national emergency" due to "the unusual and extraordinary threat" from Venezuela.

Despite the recent improvement in relations with Washington, communist Cuba was quick to join Venezuela's mockery of the U.S. language.

"Venezuela a threat to the United States? Thousands of miles away, without strategic arms and without using resources or officials to conspire against the U.S. constitutional order, the declaration is barely credible and reveals the real aims of those behind it," Cuba's government said in a statement.

Despite the diplomatic tensions, the United States is Venezuela's top trading partner and the OPEC member's crude sales even rose in February to 796,000 barrels per day.

In other words, the serially FUBAR foreign policy of the Obama administration has made the USA a laughing stock once more. Unfortunately what usually happens after that is US bombs start dropping on innocent civilians of the nations that refuse to bend the knee for America's President Petulant.


The World Rejects USA Attempt To Manipulate Venezuela
Last week, President Obama signed an executive order delaring a “special state of emergency,” saying that the situation in Venezuela represents an extraordinary danger to U.S. interests and foreign policy. We predicted such a move was imminent several months ago in an article titled Venezuela Deals Blow to Banksters, Global Fascists and New World Order ...

First Libya. next Syrian then The World for The Emperor Obama?
Ukraine coup was US led
Germany and france distance themselves from USA on Ukraine war
Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
Why Libya is ringing alarm bells in Italy
New World Order planning regime change in Venezuela Anti - War? What A Joke These Leftie Hypocrites Are
There's An Alien In The White House

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Venezuelan Social Movements Take to the Streets to Oppose U.S. Aggression

by Arthur Foxake

venezuela anti - american demonstration
"A lot of balls and ovaries there are here to defend this land. Yankees of shit." An anti-imperialist refrain inspired by a popular Chávez slogan. (Credit: Lucas Koerner/venezuelanalysis.com)

During his first Presidential election campaign in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was sold as the great conciliator, the peacemaker and joybringer who would unite the world and lead it to an era of peace and prosperity. Some of us did a little digging into Obama's background and found he didn't have one. he was a creation of the Corporate Cartel.

Enough Americans bought into the PR narrative however to ensure that when their votes were combined with the ethnic minorities and those white Americans who were too scared of being thought racist to oppose a black candidate, to get the man many of us warned would be the ultimate divisive figure, elected. And so the USA, the world's more powerful nation according to media commentators, was saddled with a warmonger and bully on the international stage, a partisan promoter of racial and religious tension in domestic policy, and a corporate lackey through and through, as their President.

And all the predictions made by bloggers and commentators such as myself and many others in alternative media and a few writers in mainstream media came true. Middle eastern nations were engulfed by civil conflict as Obama sponsored and equipped terrorists freedom fighters to overthrow democratically elected governments or replace stable, secular dictatorships with insane fundamentalist theorcracies, by constant provocation that eventually brought a response, he brought us to the brink of war between the west and the Russian - Chinese alliance.

And now, with the security situation more dangerous that any time in the past fifty years, the peacemaker and joybringer, Barack Hussein Obama, The Obamessiah, is looking to start yet another civil war and plunge another nation into failed statehood. This time, as we reported a few days ago, his target is Venezuela.

Earlier today we learned Venezuelan social movements had converged in Plaza Venezuela in the center of the capital on Thursday to manifest their firm rejection of the latest round of U.S. sanctions.

On Monday, President Obama issued an executive order sanctioning seven top officials of the Venezuelan government as well as declaring the Bolivarian nation an "unusual and extraordinary national security threat," a step that could pave the way for possible economic sanctions.

This latest move by the U.S. administration has been roundly condemned by a host of nations and regional bodies, including Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, UNASUR, CELAC, and most recently China and Russia.

Among the movements assembled in the center of Caracas on Thursday were various collectives such as the Pioneers Encampment, government-affiliated social missions such as the Great Housing Mission and Barrio Tricolor, as well as a plethora of people representing their neighborhood communal councils.

Chanting "Yankee go home" and "Venezuela respects itself", thousands of Venezuelans of all ages filled the streets with their characteristic red shirts, exhibiting national pride and indignation in response to the White House’s announcements.

"We are here to defend the motherland left to us by Chávez, Bolívar, Zamora, and all of our heroes and heroines, because we've also had many heroines, many barefooted women who defended this country. We're following in the same legacy as all of them," Lies Guzmán of the Socialist Environmental Workers' Front told Venezuelanalysis.

"We are steeled, knee to the ground, for anything that happens, with the women in the vanguard, prepared on all fronts, including the diplomatic, military, and guerrilla fronts if necessary."

In his executive order, President Obama expressed concern for alleged human rights violations in Venezuela. Sadly, as we well know, this hypocritical piece of smeg does not give flying fuck andout the human tights of Americans. Unless of course they are black or gay.

Source: Venezuelanalysis

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America Becomes More Belligerent Towards Russia. Is It Time To Prepare For War
As USA politiians and military leaders in Washington beat the war drum more loudly and European leaders, particularly in Germany and France get more jittery, we ask will there be war and why do the Americans seem so set in a shooting war.

Obama the real threat to world peace
Obama and Kerry, warmongers to the rich and famous
Obama and Putin play balls out politics
Barack Obama is the instigator of most current wars
Ukraine coup was US led
Obama's regime change project in Ukraine
New World Order targets Venezuela
NWO eyes more regime change coups
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's Not Euthanasia, Its Terminal Sedation OK!

I love the cirumlocution. Terminal Sedation "My client did not murder Mr. Victim, M'lud, he merely terminally sedatet the man by hitting him in the face with a shovel."

France's Parliament yesterday held the first stage of a debate on a bill aimed at allowing doctors to keep sedate terminally ill patients with increasing does of drugs until death comes, amid national debate about whether to legalize euthanasia.
The proposed bill — backed by the Socialist government — stops short of recommending lethal injections and avoids the terms euthanasia or assisted suicide. Well terminal sedation is so much more user friendly.

Prime minister Manuel Valls praised "a reform that proclaims the right to die peacefully, in dignity and without suffering," in a speech at France's lower house of Parliament.

The measure would give people "the right to deep, continuous sedation until death" but only when their condition is life-threatening in the short term. Give a patient enough sedative of course and their condition will in the short term become life threatening.

It would also force doctors to follow end-of-life instructions whether they are expressed by the patients themselves or written in advance, if they are no longer able to express their will.

 Doctors may withhold treatment from patients with "green lifestyle issues."

by Xavier Connolly

 A few weeks ago an item on the BMA's website linked to the "Doctors against climate change" group of the doctors' trade union. This body of medico-environmental socialist - utopians stated:

"The Earth's climate is rapidly approaching a threshold beyond which there are likely to be major and irreversible changes. As a member of the Climate and Health Council we support the call for healthcare professionals across the world to take action to limit climate change."

At first this seemed like the kind of left wing bullshit pseudo - liberal, crypto - fascist political activists fart out all the time. These people get so much taxpayers' money thrown at them, it appears it can afford to waste big chunks of it on propaganda campaigns in support of the left's rapidly growing herd of sacred cows.

It turns out however, that some Stalinist bullies General Practicioners actually try to implement such dictatorial nonsense. Now stepping daintily round the global warming argument (because if you don't know by now it was a scam you are FUBAR and I haven't time to waste on dogmatists) we must ask WTF are these doctors up to? Like most of you , I suspect, Boggart Blog has always thought a GPs job is to treat people's ailments, not impose oligarchic collectivist political agendas on them. Climate change campaigning should be left to tree hugging weirdie beardies.

A body whose members are paid by us taxpayers for supposedly making us better, have no business spending our money on saving polar bears or worrying about rainforests. And they should certainly not be harrassing little old ladies. Remember the furore when Gideon (George) Osborne was accused of harassing little old ladies hmm? Evil Nazi posh - boy, the left called him. So why no outcry when a bunch of Khmer

Rouge sympathisers who work as GPs start picking on that same protected species?

Mrs Avril Mulcahy (83), it is reported in today's Daily Telegraph, Mail, Express, Liverpool Echo and Currant Bun (Ask Jeeeves search results) has been struck off her Family Doctor's list, "in order to mitigate her green travelling issues". The practice, where Mrs Mulcahy has been a patient for 30 years, sent her a letter:

"Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but also taking into consideration green travelling issues. Re: Carbon footprints and winter weather conditions, we feel it would be advisable for patients to register at surgeries nearer to where they live. We would be very grateful if you could make the necessary arrangements to re-register at another practice".

Note that "but" in the first sentence, which reverses intent of first clause. The practice's "greatest concern" is for Mrs Mulcahy's welfare, "but" it isn't, actually, because we are lefties and our primary concern as always is advancing our control freak agenda." These self righteous twunts are more concerned about her "carbon footprint" and her selfish, politically incorrect desire to carry on doing what she has done for three decades through her few remaining years than about her health.

Why not tell her to move out of her comfortable home and check into a concentration camp for geriatrics sheltered community when the envionmentally friendly accommodation features no heating or hot water and no facilities for preparing hot food or brewing up. This could be justified by saying "Our greatest concern is for your comfort and well being BUT our egotheistic self righteousness demands that we stomp on your environmentally irresponsible lifestyle. Don't you care about the planet you child murdering old cow?"
Wouldn't it be nice to hear that doctors concerned about the effects of CO2 on the planet, instead of bullying old ladies were working on an anti flatulence pill because fart gas is mostly CO2. Or they could just shut the fuck up because all their whining and carping is just useless hot air.

Truth Murderering Greens
Evidence that all the green movement are insane

Green Cars Genius Or Geekery Gone Mad
Not all scientists are fascistic atheists
New World Order and economic sustainability

Polypill, probably the health fascists worst idea yet
Age Timebomb
Age index

Friday, March 13, 2015

Another Kick In The Bollocks For Warmageddonists And CAGWARTS*

* CAGWARTS - Carbon - driven Anthropogenic Global Warming Alternative Reality Trolls.

global warming science

I've had many arguments with the Warmageddonists, the people who have been saying that the 'scientific consensus' had agreed if we did not shut down all coal, oil and gas related activites (that is, just about all human activities except unprotected sex and sleeping) the earth was going to turn into a giant furnace and we would all burn.

Those of us audacious enough to ask when this was going to happen felt the horizon shifting. When the scaremongering first started, the deadline for frying was "after dinner". Then it go to "Tomorrow ...... or the day after tomorrow perhaps," then "next year", "before 2050," and eventually "soon."

Don't you love that scientific precision.

The reason the Warmageddonists and CAGWARTS could not give a sensible answer of course was that the scientists were studying computer models of reality and worse, they were changing the fictitious data they put in when the algorithms did not give the answer they wanted. In the real world, rather than warming like a fire someone has dumped a few gallons of petrol on, the earth ws warming a tiny little bit, just as it always has.

What's more while the Warmageddonists screamed "the science is settled" and insisted that "97% of scientists agree global warming is happening faster than the models predict and will wipe out man, beast and beetroot if we do not stop living NOW!

There was no such scientific consensus, the study cited as proof of it had falsified the figures by looking at a lot of climate studies and simly assuming any that did not specifically state climate change was NOT being caused by carbon dioxide emissions from human activity agreed with that proposition that it was.

In fact most of those studies did not even look for causes but at likely effects.

The purported but ridiculous derogatory term "climate deniers" was invented to belittle people intelligent enough to question the dodgy science on which the Warmageddon scare was based, although none f the sceptics had ever tried to deny that there is a climate (there are in fact many, depending on what part of the world you are in).

But all the while as the Warmageddionists screamed "scientific consensus and demanded a one million per cent tax be put on everything their puritanical left wing prejudices dictated was not polititically correct, sensible researchers were looking at many possible causes of the changes in climate that have happened in cycles for billions of years. Like this one:

Scientists: Orbital Variations Main Cause of Climate Change

Global warming theorists have taken yet another hit with a new study out of Denmark which demonstrates that variations in Earth's orbit are the primary causes of climate change, and have been for at least the last 1.4 billion years.

Scientists from the University of Southern Denmark and the China National Petroleum Corporation investigated marine sediment from the Xiamaling Formation in China and determined that the sediment shows evidence that "the same orbital forcing that caused the climate to change 1.4 billion years ago is the underlying force behind global warming today,

The research, published in PNAS (Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United Stastes Of America), states: "There is a wealth of evidence pointing to dramatic short-term climate change on Earth over the last few million years. Much of this climate change is driven by variations of Earth's orbit around the Sun with characteristic frequencies known as Milankovitch cycles."

The fact that the research has been published exposes the lying nature of the Warmageddonist lobby. They have always argued that no respectable scientific journal would publish any research that did not support the consensus because "The Science Is Settled". RELATED POSTS:

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Another respected scientist comes out and denounces the science behind the climate change scare as a fraud. The whole thing has been a scam to justify punitive taxes on fuel and enable the rich to make fortunes trading carbon credits. Again it shows what a sack of rogues the climate science community really are.

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I've had many arguments with the Warmageddonists, the people who have been saying that if we did not shut down all coal, oil and gas related activites the earth was going to turn into a giant furnace and we would all burn. When the scaremongering first started, the deadline for frying was "after dinner". Then it got to "Tomorrow ...... or the day after tomorrow perhaps," then "next year", "before 2050," and eventually "soon." U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare
We said it was a scam, now a United Nations official has admitted the whole climate change scare was really about destroying capitalism. But what doo the elites plan to replace it with, A Corporaite Global Dictator ship in which the world is run by unelected bureaucrats selected from withing a small, elite class? Actually we predicted that as well.
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First of two stories which show that while failing in their stated objectives to save the planet, EU and United Nations policies have been outstanding in their real objectives which were to advance the global government agenda and to tighten the control of the wealthy elite on the lives of the masses
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Yet another exposure of the lies that have propped up the scientific dishonesty and corporate greed behind the global warming scare. Climate change is real, but the climate has changed constantly for millions of years and whatever the final outcome of what is going on now is not likely to be catastrophic.
We said 2014 was the warmest year on record… but we’re only 38% sure we were right - NASA
Nasa admits this means it is far from certain that 2014 set a record at all. Does that mean 97% of climate experts are 62% sure they are wrong? The thing with half-truths is that they generate a glorious fog, but it has no substance. Ask of the spin-cloud a couple of sensible questions and the narrative collapses.
Earth’s CO2 Levels Pass Global Warming ‘Milestone', Nothing Happens - Daily Caller.
After two decades of panic stricken scientists and screeching lefties wailing about the catatrophe that would ensue once the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere passed 400 parts per million, that figure was reached in December 2014.

Insane Science Pushing The Earth Towards Ecocide. At the Daily Stirrer we have suspected it for a log time, science is insane, a game for the ethically challenged and sociopathic to compete to be first to develop a new plague, or a death ray, or to trash the enviromnent in pursuit of political power or corporate profits for their paymasters. There's even a name for what they are doing now, Ecocide.
Arrogance, Intolerance, Snobbishness and Corrupt, Self Interested Practices. It's modern science. The world sems to be waking up the the fact that while in the past scientists tended to be rather detached, slightly obsessive people not driven by material goals, the modern science academy has been very largely corrupted by political patronage and corporate money. The academic field of climate science it especially notable for this.
Climate Change: Study shows carbon dioxide dangers are OVERSTATED
That old demon Carbon Dioxide is in the news again today, not because the scaremongering science screechers have come up with a new lie to sell their 'tax-the-rich' globalist agenda but because yet another group of sensible scientists have found that carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere are overstated. Hardly a surprising result when you consider the global figure is derived from measurements taken on the slopes of Mauna Loa, an active volcano in Hawaii.
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