Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Luvvies? Trump Farts In Their General Direction

Trump, unfiltered

Meryl Streep generated huge laughs from the assembled Golden Globe Award audience with her swipe at then-President-elect (at the time) Donald Trump. Are we going to restore “civility, truth and kindness” to our culture by attacking her?

The Jewish scripture on which our country was founded exhorts us to “never return evil for evil” (in this case insult for insult), that “love barely notices when others do wrong” and to “pray for those that persecute you.”

Her comment gives all of us the opportunity to call upon these verses. Let’s work to understand what motivates her thinking and to provide an opportunity for her followers to better understand us 63 million “deplorables.”

First, regarding DJT’s “dislike of foreigners.”

We cannot, absolutely cannot let Melania get wind of this.

Streep has been at it again several times since then, calling for the democratic process to be overturned and a crook and liar to be installed as president solely on the strength of that person having a vagina. Pity she is not so particular about the morals of Democrat Presidents. I never once here her criticise the terrorist loving, drug pushing, gun running traitor and war criminal who has just vacated The White House.

Why characterize him as a bigoted, narrow-minded leader, racist, only wanting to champion the cause of us White Guys? Maybe Ms. Streep never heard about his admitting to membership for the first time blacks and Jews when he reopened his Florida Mar-a-Lago club?

Hot on the heels of Ms. Streep in the race to prove all actors are total airheads when being themselves rather than pretending to be somebody else came Ewan McGregor. Obi-Wan-Renton blotted his copybook by failing to turn up to promote the new trainspotting film on a breakfast show, announcing his non appearance on twitter by tweeting that he refused to appear alongside journalist Piers Morgan. His reason for this hissy fit?

Little Ewan took exception to Piers having commented on the women in London who marked through the streets dressed as vaginas (as if we didn't already know they are cunts) to protest against Donald Trump becoming President of the USA. Morgan had merely pointed out that these ladies seemed unaware that Trump was not the president of Britain as we have a Monarchist system, so there was no point to their protest.

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