Sunday, January 28, 2024

Hottest Ever UK January Day – In One Small Village


Sunday 28 January 2024

Today has been the hottest January day ever recorded in the UK, according to Met Office data and reported throughout mainstream media. The village of Kinlochewe, in northern Scotland, which is home to fewer than 100 people, recorded a high of 19.6C on January 28, with nearby villages in the northernmost regions of the Highlands also in excess of 18C. The previous record for a January day was 18.3C, which had occurred four times, most recently on January 16, 2003 so given that accurate records for this part of the world do not go back very far there is really nothing unique about this event.

Today’s high is not due to ‘climate change’ although Warmageddonists and climate alarmists have been quick to claim it is, but is a result of a rare phenomenon known as the Fohn (or Foehn) effect (literally ‘the hairdryer effect’) that sees isolated spots near mountains hit with a narrow blast of hot air.

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Britain is currently experiencing a southerly wind, bringing warm air up to the British Isles from the Azores. Most of the country experienced an unusually (but not remarkably) warm winter’s day, but in the more mountainous regions in the north, a Foehn Effect amplified the mild weather even further.

With this warmer weather coming on the back of a spell of dire weather across the country, including in Scotland, as storms Henk, Isha and Jocelyn battered the UK this month the Warmageddonist lobby have been triggered to ramp up their predictions of imminent disaster if we do not shut down civilised communities immediately and return to a medieval lifestyle.

It is notable that phrases like “On record” and “Since records began” occur in mainstream media reports of this event, as they do in all sensationalist reporting of unusual weather. As Met Office records only go back to 1860, less than 200 years, they’re fairly meaningless phrases but scare gullible and compliant people half to death. What was the temperature when the Romans ruled Britain and grew grapes to produce their beloved wine locally?

What temperatures were experienced during the Medieval Warm Period which fake Nobel Prizewinning climate fraudster Michael Mann judiciously excluded from his calculations when creating the now infamous ‘Hockey Stick graph,?’ What was the temperature when dinosaurs roamed in Britain? Attention grabbing headline phrases like ‘Highest ever temperature’ and ‘hottest on record’ are designed to keep the climate change scam at the top of the agenda.

The previous record for a January day was 18.3C, which had occurred four times, most recently on January 16, 2003, so nothing noteworthy at all, except for the gullible.

Also the statement widely reported in fervid articles and broadcast news segments claimed that last year is set to be the second warmest ever in the UK seems remarkably similar to the kind of statement I have heard every year for around 20 years now. But that kind of consistency is easy to achieve when evidence is collected only from mathematical models programmed by computing amateurs, empirical evidence tells a different story but one that the ruling elites do not wish to encourage discussion of.

We should always be wary of any statements from any western public bodies, whose political leaders are in thrall to the failed theory of dangerous man-made global warming and wannabe global government organisations like the WEF and United Nations. Apart from the endless exaggeration and propaganda from these organisations, QUANGOs and government agencies there is a track record of manipulation, falsifying of past and present data sets to make the past appear to be colder than it was. Another statistical ‘device’, is to carefully select time periods when some, largely insignificant, warming occurred, all whilst ignoring the previous periods of much warmer conditions. The 1920s and ’30s were, in reality, far warmer than subsequent decades and our present temperatures.

Viewed against the time scales of earlier geological periods, all these slight perturbations are totally insignificant, as the earth has experienced far colder and far warmer time periods.


Now Even ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann Admits The ‘Pause’ In Global Warming Is Real
“It has been claimed that the early-2000s global warming slowdown or hiatus, characterized by a reduced rate of global surface warming, has been overstated, lacks sound scientific basis, or is unsupported by observations. The evidence presented here contradicts these claims,” the paper in Nature Climate Change says.

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It was a story to melt the hardest heart, a tale of global warming catastrophe so tragic even the most stubborn 'denier' would have to accept 'the science is settled' and start campaigning for a one million per cent tax on every gram of fossil fuel burned because the victims were not working class people, but the most irresistibly cute creatures on the planet ...

Climate Change and Leftist Psycological Malware.
It may seem far fetched but it is possible to link the techniques of the climate change / anti capitalist lobby to the brainwashing prorammes used by the Nazis in Germany, Stalin's Soviet regime in Russia and Chaitrman Mao's brutal government in Communist China. Thus it becomes quite similar to malware that infects computer systems. The left do not care about saving the planet, all they are interested in is advancing their totalitarian, globalist agenda.

Fellow Slams The Royal Society as Nothing But a Lobby Group for Climate Change.
Another respected scientist comes out and denounces the science behind the climate change scare as a fraud. The whole thing has been a scam to justify punitive taxes on fuel and enable the rich to make fortunes trading carbon credits. Again it shows what a sack of rogues the climate science community really are.

Temperature Was Not Rising But Climate Chief's Cock Was
RAJENDRA Pachauri, until this week one of the world’s most influ­ential climate politicians, has been grounded in India and barred from the Delhi institute which provided the springboard for his chairmanship of the International Panel on Climate Change, as a third woman came forward alleging sexual harassment.

We said 2014 was the warmest year on record… but we’re only 38% sure we were right - NASA
Nasa admits this means it is far from certain that 2014 set a record at all. Does that mean 97% of climate experts are 62% sure they are wrong? The thing with half-truths is that they generate a glorious fog, but it has no substance. Ask of the spin-cloud a couple of sensible questions and the narrative collapses.

Arrogance, Intolerance, Snobbishness and Corrupt, Self Interested Practices. It's modern science. The world sems to be waking up the the fact that while in the past scientists tended to be rather detached, slightly obsessive people not driven by material goals, the modern science academy has been very largely corrupted by political patronage and corporate money. The academic field of climate science it especially notable for this.

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After various leaks of draft version showed the latest IPCC Climate Change report had at last admitted that the real world behaviour of the global climate showed the mathematical modelling based scaremongering of the climate science lobby to be at odds with the real world evidence, the final published report seems to have been rewritten line by line by the Warmageddonist lobby and their political and corporate masters. Unfortunately the cat is out of the bag and nobody trusts the buggers any more.

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