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Will Spain Be The Next Nation To Rebel Against EU Austerity Measures

Tens Of Thousands Join Madrid Anti-Austerity Rally.

protestors supporting poidemos in spain
An aerial shot of the crowds in Madrid's Puerta del Sol: PEDRO ARMESTRE / AFP

Spaniards took to the streets in Madrid on Saturday in support of new anti-austerity party Podemos, a week after Greece elected its hard-left ally Syriza. Tens of thousands of protestors chanting "Yes we can!" made their way from Madrid city hall to Puerta del Sol, the city's main square. Podemos and its anti-austerity message have been surging in polls ahead of elections later this year but have gained additional momentum following the victory of Greece's anti - austerity party.

"There are many people that agree with the need for change. Enough already with stealing - that the corrupt take everything and we can't do anything," Dori Sanchez, a 23-year-old unemployed teacher who came from Manovar in southeastern Spain told reporters after travelling north for the rally.

A Podemos press officer said 260 buses brought supporters to the capital from cities and towns around Spain to swell support for the "March for Change". Hundreds of locals volunteers offered accommodation to the travellers. Demonstrators carried banners that read "Universal Basic Income," "Tick, tock its time for change" and "Together we can".

Syriza beat mainstream Greek parties by pledging to end austerity, as Podemos aims to do in Spain's general election due in November. both might find it impossible to honour that pledge while remaining in the EU and the Eurozone, as their manifesto promises say they will. Podemos was formed just a year ago, but has surged in opinion polls with promises to fight what Iglesias calls the traditional "caste" of political leaders.

Like Syriza, Podemos has found popular support by targeting corruption and rejecting austerity programmes purportedly aimed at lifting the countries out of deep economic crisis but which are in reality much more likely to see the wealth gap between rich and poor widening.

Podemos has also found popularity among Spanish voters enraged by a string of corruption scandals, as well as public spending cuts imposed by the conservative ruling party and previously by the Socialists after the economic crisis erupted in 2008. Spain has now officially exited recession, the country grew by 1.4 percent last year according to provisional data released Friday but this is mostly due to printing money which devalues wages and savings. Nearly one in four workers are unemployed and the figure among the 18 - 24 age group is close to fifty per cent. Salaries for many people have dropped and the number of workers on low-paid short-term contracts or working part time has soared.

Spain's street protest movement has died down since 2013 after the government imposed draconian penalties on protestors but some of the leaders formed Podemos in January 2014. Four months later, the party won five seats in the European Parliament, with more than 1.2 million Spaniards voting for it.
Podemos has overtaken the mainstream opposition Socialist Party in several opinion polls, and in some has topped the list ahead of the conservative ruling People's Party (PP). The Socialists and the PP have ruled Spain alternately since the country returned to democracy after the death of the dictator Francisco Franco in 1975.

Greece's New Left Wing Government Gives EU The Finger

The new left-wing Greek government has said that it will not cooperate with the ‘troika’ of international lenders, and does not plan to seek an extension for its aid package which is set to expire at the end of February. Without further aid, Greek banks could face being shut off from European Central Bank funding.

“This position enabled us to win the trust of the Greek people,” Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Friday during a joint press conference with Jeroen Dijsselbloem, head of the eurozone finance ministers’ group.

“Our first action as a government will not be to reject the rationale of questioning this program through a request to extend it,” Varoufakis said. “We respect institutions but we don’t plan to cooperate with that committee.”

The meeting between Varoufakis and Dijsselbloem is to lay the groundwork for visits by newly-elected Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the finance minister to London, Paris, and Rome next week. The new Greek leadership has voiced its intention to attempt to loosen the terms of the massive €240 billion (US$271 billion) bailout.

The new government has fueled panic among creditors and investors by promising to freeze privatizations and re-hire state workers, in addition to rolling back other reforms that were mandated by the bailout.

Meawhile the north of Europe is unsympathetic, thinking the Greeks spent all that money on luxuries, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and thus they must repay the debt. However, a great deal of the money Greece borrowed went to border protection against the Turks. A lot more was soaked up by social policies imposed by the EU which Greece's economy was never going to be able to afford.

The resposibility lies on the ruling class, just as has happened in Spain. The international bankers and the EU used the same tactics that the USA used in Latin America. Get some crooked politicians on board and give them kickbacks to take huge loans so that the country will owe more than the GDP and then you own the country.

Bullying the Greeks now is a very aggressive move from the Troika and it is not something that We The Punters should allow to happen. The Greeks are right make a stand and people everywhere who believe in democracy should support them. Just because the Germany is richer than the whole of souther Europe put together it should not be aloowed to trample weaker nations under the heel of the jackboot.

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If You Believe Mainstream Media You Probably Think Russia Is On Its Knees - WRONG!
Barack Obama, David Cameron and other western leaders have been schlepping their anti Russia schtick around the gatherings of the global elite. The brave talk does not scare the Russian leaders at all, the neo Nazi regime shoehorned into power in Ukraine is losing its war against pro - Russian separatists. The European Union May Be on the Verge of Regime Collapse
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Death Of Democracy - Lobbying For TTIP

For some years now I and my libertarian friends in the blogosphere have been warning that democracy in the west is under threat, elected governments having been infiltrated by lobbyists working for a corporate elite. These lobbyists, who have no official status but plenty of money available for 'hospitality' (graft, payola, slush, bribery, incentivizing, call it what you will.) to help them enlist the support of corrupt officials – mainly politicians and civil servants mot more and more often these days, prominent scientists, 'special advisers' and former politicians who are happy to sell their reputation.

Unelected Bureaucrats Are Signing Away Our Civil Rights In Secret TTIP Negotiations

Obama's Terrible Trade Pact Is a Scam That Must Be Stopped Says Jim Hightower
Having written a book on the evil trade treaty that will transform the democratic nations into corporate oligarchies, we step aside and hand the baton to Jim Hightower of Alternet who is equally outraged about the iniquities of TTIP's equally evil twin, TPP.

TTIP Set To Erode Democracy Further, Handing Veto On New Laws To Big Business
We do not yet fully understand what the 'deal' negotiated by David Cameron for revised terms of membership actually commit us to, but the general push by the bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels to abolish the national sovereignty of member states and create a federal European Superstate is well known.

BBC scandal – Breast beating, politically correct broadcaster has links to gangters, banksters and the arms trade
As news leaks out from the inner sanctums of the BBC about cronyism and corruption in the corporations management structure, people are starting to wonder if the Clarkson fiasco was engineered to deflect attention from the way the BBC has been infiltrated by corporate business, and the linked issue of political bias in its news coverage of the election campaign.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When Politicians Don't Have A Clue How To Deal With A Problem They Pretend It Does Not Exist

A reasonable response to people who say Muslims need to tolerate western ways

Politicians like to talk about their successes in solving the problems that beset the nations that they purport to lead, unfortunately these problems are either invented by politicians or they are minor things that have been talked up to extreme levels.

 Global warming is a good example, even if the vastly overstated increase in global mean temperature during the latter part of the twentieth century was anything like accurate, a) it poses little risk to humanity and b) independent research (i.e. not sponsored by the big finance interests that hope to create a $1trillion per year market for trading carbon credits) suggests it is not being driven by Carbon Dioxide emissions from human activity but by natural causes.

Another problem created solely by political rhetoric so that politicians can make lots of noise and waste lots of taxpayers money in making a big show of trying to solve it is hunger. We are shown pictures of starving Africans and constantly harangued about the urgent need to accept Genetically Modified Organisms as our stale diet (which would deliver huge financial benefits to a few biotech companies) again the problem is vastly exaggerated. Governments in the developed world pay farmers to not grow food, the EU set aside policy being an example.  Farmers are paid to not grow beans or breed pigs, but are not allowed to use the land for anything else.

 In the 2010 UK General Election the issue none of the three main parties wanted to discuss, The Elephant In The Room, was immigration. Mass immigration from third world nations and eastern Europe caused huge social and infrastructure in British industrial communities, yet supporters of The Conservatives, Labour Party and Liberal Democrats were happy to dismiss anybody who tied to raise the issue as bigots and racists. This led to UKIP being transformed from a fringe, single issue party to contenders for a role in a ruling coalition after the 2015 election in May.

Immigration will feature heavily in the campaign and is becoming a major issue all over northern Europe, where political and academic elites have shown their contempt for ordinary citizens by pursuing policies which can only result in the destruction of national cultures. An aspect of this issue is the current Elephant In The Room, Islamic extremism. Thanks to the elites deliberately failing to enforce border controls and allowing religious extremists unrestricted access to the secular societies of Europe, whose liberal values the fanatics loathe and detest, we now have a problem of terror attacks against anyone deemed to have insulted Islam.

The response of the elites has so far been to restrict the civil rights, particularly the right of free speech, of their own citizens. As a result of that we are seeing liberal societies pushed towards civil unrest. The article from RINF linked below offers valuable insights into the problem.

 Islamic Extremism: The Elephant In The Room - everbody can see it's there but nobody wants to talk about it.

Another Obama Sponsored Genocide - not Alawi or Christians In Syria but Yazidi in Iraq.
The collapse of Iraq
Iraq: Blair says his war did not trigger current crisis
Obama's Al Qaeda Allies
Syria: The road to Armagedon
The Immigration Problem Open door immigration policy offers a promised land for crooks, thugs and trouble makers
Immigration is marginalising native workers
Left wing intellectiuals view the masses with contempt
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The age of financial privacy is over

Yes you read that right. The fascist regime in the USA has usurped to itself the right to raid bank accounts anywhere is the world. At the moment they are only stealing money by way of tax demands from people who were born on US soil even if those people have not lived in the USA since childhood and have never be employed by a US business.
I have to wonder however, how long it will be before the rent - boy President is sending his racketeers after me, you see one of my Grandfathers was actually born in the USA so no doubt the Obama regime will be wanting me to contribute so he can offer more gifts and benisons to illegal immigrants, perverts, crooks, liars and workshy scroungers. The worst of it is our gutless, spineless, traitorous leaders in Europe are co - operating with Obama's gangster regime:- Phil T Looker.

Remember when Obama raved "The Government Owns That?" Well now he thinks he owns the cash in your pocket, even if you don't live or work in the USA

via The Local

Jonathan Weiss hasn’t lived in the US for 25 years. But that didn’t keep his foreign bank account from being frozen in the wake of new US tax laws. Find out how you can avoid the same fate at the hands of FATCA.
“I had been living in Switzerland for ten years, and then out of the blue I got a letter from my bank, saying that since I am an American citizen I had to file some extra paperwork,” Jonathan Weiss tells The Local. “Two weeks later my bank account was frozen.”
Weiss was born in the US, but has lived abroad since age ten, in both Asia and Europe.
“I was just living in Switzerland, working there, minding my own business,” Weiss recalls. “And then I was caught up this net. I had no idea what to do.”
That was his first encounter with the long arm of US tax law – FATCA.
If you’re an American living abroad, chances are you’ve heard of FATCA. And if you haven’t, you probably should have. Or there may be serious consequences.
“FATCA requires foreign banks to report information to the IRS regarding all financial accounts held by American clients,” Ines Zemelman, a tax agent specializing in expatriate taxes, tells The Local.
“The age of financial privacy is over.”
Over 100 nations have already agreed to provide the IRS with such information, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.
Click Here to read full article RELATED POSTS: Swiss Decoupling Sets The Euro Adrift, Triggers Vast Losses For Banks, And Currency Traders
Nobody is shedding any tears over the news that the deciusion by the Swiss central bank to sever the link that kept The Euro single European currency from the Swiss Franc, it is just another example of really important news you will never read of hear of from mainstream media. It is however bad news for all of us.


Smart Phones Will Not Make Banking Safer

Yet the war on cash goes on. The latest move is to encourage people to use their smartphone to do their online banking. My first reaction on reading this was, "They're having a laugh aren't they?" laptops and tablets are ridiculously easy to hijack, smartphones don't even need to be hacked, like tired old slappers whose sexual allure has gone south, but who still crave attention, they will offer themselves without needing to be asked.

Death Of Democracy: Why We Can’t Get The Government We Deserve And Vote For.

In every election campaign, in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France etc. politicians spout about delivering 'change'. And yet every government we elect, no matter what label they wear or what coulour the use on campaign materials, seems just the same as the last, making the same promises and mistakes. Ever wondered why?

Google quits Spain in paid content row
Spain's government have defied Google's vow to shut down its Spanish online news service rather than pay for content, [ ... ] The internet search giant threatened to close Google News Spain in December, 2014, before an intellectual property law enters force in January obliging Internet news scrapers to pay for content automatically lifted from other websites. Spain's culture ministry, said it would go ahead with the new law, Google's response is "a matter for the company".

Bill Gates Pushes Cashless Society

‘Bill Gates is now promoting “digital currency” in third-world countries, which will make the poor even more dependent on central banks while also turning them into guinea pigs for the development of a “cashless society” in the U.S. and Europe.

When Algorithms Rule The World

It must seem to many people that technology is taking over the world and our lives. The internet is everywhere and algorithms filter information to control the news and influence behaviour. But is the technology takeover as solid as it seems or are the hyperbolic claims based on some very dodgy logic?

Reasons To keep Google Away From your Credit Card Information

I did not use Gmail a lot because although the mail got through, I started to be bombarded with targeted ads related to keywords used in my mail exchanges (they weren't keywords as far as I was concerned, just conversation. That did not worry me much but the idea that Google were sharing my email content with the bastards throwing these ads at me did.

Intrusive Surveillance Technology, Internet control freaks and The Orwell-Huxley-Dick Dystiopianometer

Are privacy campaigners right to be worried about intrustive internet technology and the massive databases that log our behaviour and parse the data for patters that enable us to be targeted for advertising? Should we bee worried by surveillance or are those that raise doubts just scaremongering? The Orwell-huxley-Dick dystopianometer is rising.

Internet Trolls - Are They Contractors Paid To Suppress Open Discussion Of Sensitive Subjects?.

Everyone who likes to follow online debates on sensitive or controversial topics will have encountered trolls. but are these people really just angry and obsessive, excesssively self righteous individuals. Or is there anyting in th claims that they are employed by contractors to suppress open discussion and discredit points of view which do not support government or corporate interests.

Transhumanism: With A Chip Under Your Skin You Will Be Superhuman

We seem to be talking a lot about transhumanism, the process of turing us into human - animal or human -machine hybrids recently. The Daily Stirer thinks such technological visions are nothing more than the fantasies of sick minds, but politicians and corporate leaders, ever eager for more power and control, seem willing to stump up infintie funding.

Don't be Evil, Google Will Do It For You

Google have abandoned their "Don't Be Evil motto. Good thing really, they are becoming more evil every day. The latest plans to integrate our brains with their servers may seem like a science fiction freaks wet dream, but these creepy nerds are serious ...

If The Technotwats Get Their Way Robot Censors Will Control Internet Content

Almost every day we hear of a new scheme hatched by insane, sociopathic scientists to dehumanise us and make us slaves to machines. One of the latest is a scheme for using robot censors to control what we see and hear on the internet. If this was just about copyright protection it would be bad enough but wen the technocrats talk of filtering undesireable content, aren't we getting close to ditital fascism?

Google buys Nest for $3.2 billion: Does this home automation acquisition point to ‘the internet of things’?

The Internet Of Things is comong, science and technology geeks tell us. These dysfunctional misfits wose only griends are machines long for the day when we finally surrender our humanity and freedom and become slaves to the machine. but how realistic are their claims, is it mostly just hype?

The Spy In Your Smartphone

An article in OS news opens by saying those of us with experience in digital technology have known about the nasties hidden in your internet enabled computers and gadgets for years.This is absolutely true. Why did people like me not sound the alarm then, you might well ask? In the case of smartphones I confess to ...

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Transhumanism - Elitist and Mad Scientist Collaboration To Turn Us Into Automatons.

Transhumanism: there are two definitions, the production of human animal hybrids with the aim of producing superhuman creatures and the merging of humans with machines as a shortcut to creating programmable decives with human instinct, logic and congnitive skills. Neither promises any benefit to humankind in the view of those of us who believe only the natural human being can fulfill individual potential. The posts in this composite page contain reports and commentary on many aspects of Transhumanism, from Google's projects to bring to the market place an implantable chip which will be installed in peoples' skulls to interface their brain via wi-fi with Google's network of data centres to projects funded by governments and being carried on in leading universities to override individual will and turn national populations into armies of unthinking automatons. The whole thing is very scary until you examine the long track record of failiure by scientists to achieve their goals in experiments that involve meddling with nature. Transhumanism - Elitist and Mad Scientist Collaboration To Turn Us Into Automatons.


Insane science: Babies to be manufactured from two same sex parents

We have said for a long time that science is out of control and scientists, particularly those in the field of biology, have abandoned any pretence of observing ethical contraints in their quest to play God and control nature itself. This articles shows just how far the sick creeps are prepared to go in dehumanising us.

Cellular Technology: Can Governments Use It To Rearrange Your Brain

The controversies around cellular technology and the cellular masts or towers that make up the network grids just will not go away. It is not just the issue of do cellphone damage brain tissue that concerns us now, but certain rumours about what might be transmitted from the masts into the electro-magnetic mush that surrounds us all.

Beyond Big Bang: The Idea Of An Infinite Universe Is Fashionable Again
So Big Bang was a proven fact was it. A lot of very noisy science fanboys insisted it was, but of course big Bang was only ever a theory with no more hard evidence to back it up that the biblical creation myth. Perhaps led by the reurn of common sense, the cutting edge research is one again talking about an infinite universe.

Transhumanism: The Elite's Agenda For Total Control
Robot lovers, indestrictible soldiers with no mercy or compassion, everlasting life for beings that are part human, part machine, genetically modified humans with supernatural strength and endurance competing in future 'hungrer Games' style Olympic tournaments: the plot of some dystopian novel? No, actual items in the elite's agenda for total control.
Transhumanism and Eugenics
We have said many times that the science community is at war with humanity. Scientists are out of control, evry day we hear of some new scheme to try to control nature, be it human nature or the climate. Given what we ought to have learned from all previous attempts to control nature we can only conclude that scientists are insane psychos willing to risk destroying life to show off how clever they are.
Transhumanism: Join The Resistance
Transhumanism, the creation of - or turning us into - part human, part machine cyborgs is generating a lot of discussion and a lot of spontaneous ejaculations in the scientific community as they contemplate having their brains replaced by a computer. There are no limits on the ambitions of scientists fantasies, they even envisage creating robots that can interbreed with us, but how much is realistic?
Transhumanism: They will get under your skin
We seem to be talking a lot about transhumanism, the process of turing us into human - animal or human -machine hybrids recently. The Daily Stirer thinks such technological visions are nothing more than the fantasies of sick minds, but politicians and corporate leaders, ever eager for more power and control, seem willing to stump up infintie funding. Technology and Transhumanism
Prof Mark Post, a researcher at the University of Maastricht, has spent several years developing a technique for growing meat in the lab. Yesterday, he unveiled the product of his work: a petri-dish beefburger, grown from stem cells. Genetically, it is beef, but it has never seen a cow. The eye-watering price tag represents the cost of the whole project (Google’s Sergey Brin was picking up the bill). The shamburger was cooked via a live video stream on the internet, and was pronounced as basically meat-like (if lacking salt and fat) by a panel of chefs, who for some reason ate it without ketchup.

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Kill Human Society?
The media, the so called 'experts' and politicians hail every technological advance as if it will btransport us from reality to a utopian paradise. but does Artificial Intelligence and related internet and computer technology pose theats to human society that far outweigh any possible advantages? Whateve, Google plan to put machines in our place on top of the food chain.

Artificial Intelligence: Hawking's Fears Stir Debate
Professor Stephen Hawking warned the rise of artificial intelligence could see the human race become extinct. Prof. Hawking told a BBC science programme: 'The primitive forms of artificial intelligence we already have have proved very useful. But I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race ...'

Robot revolution improves efficiency – but there's a price for human society

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greece Votes On Whether Its People Have Any Future

 Syriza party rally hails leader Alexis Tsipras, is he on his way to victory in Greek election (Source)

The voters of Greece will choose today, whether their country, the cradle of democracy, has a future of not. They are voting in a general election which could result in Greece trying to renegotiate the terms of its bailout with international lenders and even quitting the EU if the expected victory for hard line left wing party Syriza.
The leader of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, has pledged to write off much of Greece's huge debt and revoke austerity measures.

This has outraged other EU leaders such as Germany's Angela Merkel and the controlling bureaucrats of the Euronazi regime in Brussels, but Tsipras is unrepentant. He sees his job as to do what is best for the people of Greece and for that I applaud him and hope his party wins a stunning victory.

This may surprise many of my readers, especially those Facebook Sheeple who think that because I have been recommending voting for UKIP in the coming UK General Election I have become a supporter of the extreme right. This is not just a stupid assumption, it is downright idiotic. I am and always have been anti - establishment and because the establishment is firmly globalist and supportive of an authoritarian system that closely resembles the Oligarchical Collectivism of George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984".

I am against all the sacred cows that quasi religious movement has established, the need for global totalitarian government, one - party states, multiculturalism, pseudo - diversity (the idea that bunging people of different races and religions together will result in a harmonious monocultures), the dogma that mass immigration enriches us economically and culturally, and the belief that the masses are ignorant, infantile and irredeemable and need to be told how to live our lives by the kind of cupid stunts who have spent all their lives in the ivory towers of universities or the political centres.

So I say go Syriza and lets have an end to the meritocratic twattery of New Labour, Compassionate Conservatism and pan - Europeanism.

Not everyone agrees however, the current conservative prime minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras, says the austerity measures are working. He has urged voters not to take Greece to the brink of catastrophe.

Is he right? This snippet reveals a lot about how bad things have become in Greece thanks to multinationalism, multiculturalism and the Euronaziism of the EU.

"When you read about female doctors(!) feeling forced to prostitute themselves to feed their children, about the number of miscarriages doubling, and about the overall sense of helplessness and destitution among the Greek population, especially the young, who see no way of even starting to build a family, then I can only say: Brussels is a bunch of criminals." Read full article

Those words were written before the EU announced another massive Quantitative Easing (creating money) program which will help the bankers but will be bad for Germany and force even greater austerity on basket case economies like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

So you see I'm not right wing, I love the ordinary working people of those countries which is why I want to see their nations and economies being run by their elected representatives in the interests of the citizens, not in the interests of international bankers and global businesses by elitist bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.


The European Union May Be on the Verge of Regime Collapse
Europe won the Cold War and looked set to become the global superpower. So where did it all go wrong?
Not long after the Berlin Wall fell a quarter of a century ago, the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States squandered its peace dividend in an attempt to maintain global dominance, and Europe quietly became more prosperous, more integrated, and more of a player in international affairs. Between ...

How do we go about saving democracy - part 1?
Democracy murdered by the media?
Declaration of interdependence - the philosophy of global fascism
Does democracy mean we get the government we deserve
The importance of free speech and access to information
Free speech attacked by globalists
">Daily Stirrer - January 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

People Are Waking Up To The Fact That The European Union Is On The Fast Track To Fascism.

Greece has a General Election and it looks as if the anti - EU, extreme left Syriza party will win comfortably. In previous elections that went against the Euronazis in Brussels, the democracy hating bureaucrats simply told the sovereign government of the member nation that the vote was not acceptable. If their try to overturn the Greek result in the same way it will trigger massive civil unrest. People Are Waking Up To The Fact That The European Union Is On The Fast Track To Fascism. RELATED POSTS:

Ten Truths You Can't Tell In Britain Without Being Accused Of Racism.
So Trevor Phillips. former head of the race relations commission tries to initiate a sensible discussion of race relation in Britain today with some very fair and balanced talking points. Immediately left wing extremist writer Dan Hodges screeches that anyone (including Trevor Phillips) who expresses an opinion the left do not agree with is a racist bigot. There is no point trying to talk to the left, maybe we should just dump them all on one of our antarctic territories

EU Cuts Growth Forecasts as Big Economies Falter
The EU has cut its optimistic forecasts of economic growth for all member states in 2014 and 2015 to less than 1% of GDP per annum. No surprise there to those of us who understand all the positive economic data we are fed is fake, and even if the figures meant anything at all, growth of less than one per cent when inflation is running at four to five per cent according to the most cautious estimates. In real terms the EU economy is contracting. Here's why.

If There Is An Anti EU Surge Across Europe What Should Cameron Do?
There is a solar storm of anti European Union feeling surging across the EU, from Finland to Greece. The integrationist bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels has devivered economic disaster, political chaos and foreign policy humiliation and yet they march on toward the abyss proclaiming theirs is the only way. As the UK Independence Party are one of the largest and best organised anti - EU parties, the shock waves of a protest vote will be felt more acutely in Britain.

So what can our government do if (when) the Greek vote triggers a rush for the EU exit? All three major parties in the UK are pro European integreation, pro - Globalism and anti - democracy, only the upstart United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has maintained the importance of national sovereignty. but with incresingly powerful anti EU movements not only in Greece (sic) but in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Denmark the future for political shills for a Federal European Superstate are looking bleak.

Friday, January 23, 2015

BBC Democracy Day: Europe 'faces political earthquakes'

PEGIDA march. From its birth in Dreden last October, the anti Islamification group is spreading across Germany (image source)

  After the political asteroid hit that saw anti - EU parties make enormous advances throughout the European Union in 2014's European Parliament election and with several large EU nation facing elections in 2015 and 2016, mainstream media are warning that political earthquakes could be in store for Europe. Reesearch by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the BBC's Democracy Day find that anti - EU feeling focuses on two issues, the flooding of European nations with third world immigrants by the ruling elites and the ongoing assault on national sovereignty and culture by the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels.

The report says the rising appeal of populist parties could see some winning elections and mainstream parties forced into previously unthinkable alliances. Europe's "crisis of democracy" is a gap between elites and voters, EIU says, adding "there is a gaping hole at the heart of European politics where big ideas should be".

Low turnouts at the polls and sharp falls in the membership of traditional parties are among the key factors in the surge of anti EU and anti - globalist parties.

The United Kingdom, which has a General Election in early May, is "on the cusp of a potentially prolonged period of political instability", according to political analysts.

They say there is a much higher than usual chance that the election will produce an unstable government - predicting that the populist UK Independence Party (UKIP) will take votes from both the Conservatives and Labour, with the Liberal Democrats losing votes and seats across the spectrum to open the way for a minority government propped up by several minor parties each with only a handful of seats.

This fragmentation of what was until 2005 a solid two - party parliament combined with Britain's first-past-the-post electoral system will, the EIU says, make it increasingly difficult to form the kind of single-party governments with a parliamentary majority that have been the norm.

The most immediate political challenge and the first test of how far the growing anti - European sentiment translates into success at the polls will be in Greece. A snap general election takes place there on 25 January. Opinion polls suggest that the far left, anti - EU party Syriza could emerge as the strongest party. If it did and was able to form a government, the Economist research predicts this would act as a catalyst for political upheaval elsewhere. Britain's election in May could throw up even bigger surprises, with Hungary and Denmark joining the UK in the race for the exit.

"The election of a Syriza government would be highly destabilising, both domestically and regionally. It would almost certainly trigger a crisis in the relationship between Greece and its international creditors, as debt write-offs form one of the core planks of its policy platform," the EIU says.

"With similar anti-establishment parties gaining ground rapidly in a number of other countries scheduled to hold elections in 2015, the spill-over effects from a further period of Greek turmoil could be significant."
'Immigration and austerity'

Other examples of European elections with potential for unpredictable results cited by EIU include polls in Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany and Ireland. The PEGIDA protests in Germany are facing offcial attempts to ban them, a move which violates Greman's right to protest and is likely to backfire on the Government.

"There is a common denominator in these countries: the rise of populist parties," the EIU says, "Anti-establishment sentiment has surged across the eurozone (and the larger EU) and the risk of political disruption and potential crises is high."

Opposition to governance from Brussels, immigration and austerity are key themes and rallying cries for many of these parties.

BBC and Savile: Phrases like 'Tip of the iceberg' come to mind
The threat to free speech

The plan to silence discussion

Our New Unhappy Lords
Corporate bosses want to be beyond the law

The corporate media is murdering democracy

If you don't conform its because you are insane

If you disagree they certify you insane. Is this democracy

European Union becoming a bureaucratic dictatorship

The tyranny of human rights law
Genocide of ideas as Though Police go on rampage

Don't call me a conspiracy theorist

EU Kommisar Admits Brussels Is At War With Democracy 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why the war on CO2 has done far more harm than good

Warmageddonists send a lot of time screeching and scaremongering about the potpentially catastrophic outcomes of increased atmospheric CO2 levels, exaggerating their claims wildly in order to frighten people into supporting their war on the oil and coal industries. Policies formulated to tackle the imaginary threat of anthropogenic climate change have in both the short and long term proved more disastrous that the wildest imaginings of swivel - eyed ecoloons could dream sticking with coal and oil ever would.
If challenged they often fall back on the precautionary principle: doing something has no negative outcome, whereas doing nothing might.
In fact the case is that doing something is far more likely to have negative outcomes. In a new paper for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Andrew Montford, author of the Bishop Hill blog on climate change, has identified quite a number of negative outcomes of environmentalist-driven climate change policies – or what William Happer, Professor of Physics at Princeton University, terms in the foreword “the jihad against atmospheric carbon dioxide”.
They range from the economic: market fixing and transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich; to the environmental: slaughter of wildlife and clearing of rainforests; to the human cost: hunger and starvation, and other human rights abuses.

Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Electricity.

Most of the hyped green energy solutions to generate electricity from wind or sunshine are so obviously flawed the only thing that makes them economically viable is that governments offer huge subsidies to generators. This in turn makes the sustainables so expensive that consumers cannot afford the intermittent energy they produce.
Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Electricity.


Green Energy Poverty Week
As the climate science research grant phishers, brainwashed socialist idiots, tree hugging, rope sandal wearing weirdie-beardies, and green energy subsidy troughers prepare to celebrate Earch day, supporters of the common sense lobby named the week following Earth day as Green Energy Poverty Week to show respect for those plunged into fuel poverty by green energy taxes levied to fund the wind farm and solar energy subsidy millionaires.

SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees "The Beginning Of The End" And 85% More Downside

Another item in the 'legacy' Barack Hussein Obama plannede to leave the world looks like going down the pan as a solar energy hedge fund he backed with $$$hugenumbers of taxpayers money prepares for bankruptcy.

Why are people sceptical about climate change?
Back to Contents table
Climate Lies - multiple posts with active contents table
Climate tipping point passed, nothing happens
Climate change and official scaremongering
Effects of Carbon Dioxide on climate overstated
Climate change scaremongering and economic realities
Climate change index
Latest Posts

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U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare
We said it was a scam, now a United Nations official has admitted the whole climate change scare was really about destroying capitalism. But what doo the elites plan to replace it with, A Corporaite Global Dictator ship in which the world is run by unelected bureaucrats selected from withing a small, elite class? Actually we predicted that as well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Je Suis Saussice (defending your freedom to eat pork sausages)

sausages an abomination
Sausages: I have eaten some abominable ones in motorway services but are they an abomination to God?

Does that headline mean Boggart Blogger are owning up to being a dish of sausages, you might well ask.

The answer of course is "No". Just as we showed solidarity with the publishers of Charlie Hebdo magazine after twelve staff were murdered by religious extremists and defended the right of citizens in democratic nations to criticize religion by saying "Je Suis Charlie" so we are now making a stand in support of the freedom to eat sausages (which is an abomination to Allah apparently, by saying "Je Suis Saussice".

Who has been oppressing sausages you might well ask. Well who do you think? Here's the story:

paraphrased from The Times (a paywalled website unless you know how to get in through the back door
Religious conservatives in Pakistan have been on the case of opposition leader and former cricket player Imran Khan's latest wife after TV pictures of her cooking and selling pork sausages found their way onto You Tube, the Times reports.

Muslim weather presenter Reham Kahn, a who worked on BBC regional news programme ‘South Today', was filmed handling a butcher's pork sausage as part of a package for the programme's broadcast from the South of England Show in 2011.

Part of the feature filmed at the fair in Ardingly, West Sussex, had Mrs Kahn being coached by sausage making champion David Bell, owner of Bangers Galore in the nearby town of Horsham in the ancient art of frying sausages.

The clip has been circulated and widely viewed in Pakistan, along with clips of her wearing revealing outfits.

But Mr Bell, who was the main subject of the sausage news item and rightly so, champion sausage makers are to be celebrated, spoke out against the controversy saying it was ridiculous.

"She didn't actually eat any of the sausages” he pointed out. (Apparently proximity is enough.)

Islam strictly forbids the eating and handling of pork under its religious laws and the footage has caused anger among conservatives who say the film shows her handling the meat, and therefore breaking the law.

Full article - paywalled

I hope some pseudo-liberal, crypto-fascist readers whose instinct is to defend this attack by Islamic extremists on our freedom to eat sausages on the grounds that we must promote diversity by showing sensitivity to other cultural traditions will remember exactly what diversity means next time they get the urge to throw a hissy fit over some truly liberal bloggers defend the right of Christians to oppose the latest demand for privileged statius from gays, or the right of pagans to oppose the introduction of Frankenstein foods to Europe.

How to make classic gravadlax (which is also an abomination) RELATED POSTS:

Another Blow To The US Dollar Reserve Currency Status As Russia Sings Up Turkey, India
The move led by Russian and China to dump the US dollar as global reserve currency continues to gain momentum. Most recent nations to sign bilateral agreements to settle cross border transactions in the currency of the vendor are India and Turkey.

European Union Euro - Nazis Block Democratic Challenge To TTIP Travesty
Yet again the news slowly leaking out of the Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnershi negotiations tess us just why there is so much secrecy surrounding this trade treaty being negotiated between the EU and the USA that even our elected governments are not allowed to know what the final treaty will include. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Another Big Result For The 'Conspiracy Theorists' - US CIA Corrupts Western Journalists.
Ever wondered why anybody trying to report news truthfully or initiate intelligent discussion is branded a conspiracy theorist, especially if their news or opinion is critical of the American government of American business interests? Read the content of this page and you will know a lot more about what is going on.

Vaclav Klaus, the free world's last honest politician: the West’s lies about Russia are monstrous.
There are few people in politics who will say in public the things that really think, thanks to the hypersensitivity of the American political establishment and their enthusiasm for bombing the crap out of anyone who upsets members of their anointed minorities. Its refreshing then to learn of comments made by veteran Czech Republic leader, putting the boot into the cowardly mealy mouthed sum who pass for conservative and libertarian politicians in the English Speaking countries.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Political Ineptitude Stirs Sectarian Tensions In UK

"Government minister"lards the lean earth" (almost Shakespeare)

Boggart Blog has reported recently on the abhorrence of Muslims to all things pig related. Amid the surfeit of scaremongering about Islamic extremist terrorism and attempts to secure immunity from attack by appeasement we have seen Oxford University Press ban all pig related words from its publications because pigs are an abomination to Allah and references to them will offend Muslims, while several restaurant chains have stopped serving any dish containing ham or bacon.

This barrel of lard isCommunities minister in the UK government (Image Source)

And yet, with typical ham (oops, pardon) fisted incompetence the government, in sending a letter to all British Mosques asking for their help in rooting out extremists in the UK's Muslim communities, appear to have made matters worse.

How so, you might well ask.

Well the letter, sent to establishments in which the mere mention of bacon butties, sausage and chips or spam, spam, spam, egg, beans and spam is liable to trigger apopleptic fits, was drafted and signed by that well known barrel of lard, Eric Pickles of whom Shakespeare might have written: "He sweats to death and lards the lean earth as he walks along."

Eric Pickles pictured outside his office recently. (Image source)
The barbarity of Syria's Obama -backed 'freedom fighters'
Western war crimes
War on terror - multiple posts
ISIS genocidal war in Iraq
Syria and ISIS
How the FUKUS axis tried to start WW3 in Syria
Obama allies with Al Qaeda
We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House Say ISIS Leaders

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Believe The Phoney Narrative Or Be Branded a Conspiracy Theorist

Right now the west is in big trouble, the move led by Russia and China to dump the petrodollar as global currency has provoked the Americans to lead the western allies into an economic war that we cannot win. Why not? One word: debt. Russia, while its domestic economy (GDP) is tiny compared with consumer led democracies, has very little debt, China has massive holdings of western debt and the third party in this anti american alliance, Iran, is an oil rich theocracy. A shooting war is the only option but it's by no means certain the allies would win that.

Read the full post: Believe The Phoney Narrative Or Be Branded a Conspiracy Theorist.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates

Today Natural News reported (channeling the UK's Daily Mail newspaper; "There are some big moves taking place on the global stage that you need to know about, as this could all lead to World War III. Yesterday Russia cut off its natural gas supply to Europe, "plunging the continent into an energy crisis 'within hours' as a dispute with Ukraine escalated. This morning, gas companies in Ukraine said that Russia had completely cut off their supply. Six countries reported a complete shut-off of Russian gas shipped via Ukraine today, in a sharp escalation of ..."

It is absolutely true but this blog and our parents Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer were reporting the death of the petrodollar several months ago, our favourite uncle Little Nicky Machiavelli ran this report in April 2014.

US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal

I'm really having trouble keeping up with what I posted where at the moment. Not so long ago The Daily Stirrer posted an article on how the west had much more to lose in an economic war with Russia. While the rent boy President, Barack Obama huffed and puffed and drew red lines (with a crayon) Putin grinned, flicked V signs westwards and sang "Who's got all the gas, who's got all the gas ...
And no wonder, things are progressing very quickly. The American economy depends on the 'petrodollar', while the US dollar is the global reserve currency in which nations conduct cross border business, the US can dictate what price it will pay for commodities. But once other nations abandon the dollar, the fundamental weakneses of the US economy are exposed.
I warned of this a long time ago: how Saddam May yet Win The War
We are a lot further down the line now and I can see how true my predictions were: USA, Russia, Economic War Over Ukraine - an explainer which shows how Russia need not fear western economic sanctions if they are not supported by China, India and the Islamic world.
It does not end there however. We also reported on Putin's plan, hatched with his Chinese allies, to ditch the dollar as reserve currency:
Putin Flushes The Dollar Down The Toilet - We Told You So
And now our always reliable friends at Zero Hedge are on the case too:
US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal

Just because something is ture does not mean it is news. Try to keep up Daily Mail.


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Today's Roundup: More corporate crookedness and mainstream media misdirection.

The cover pic, a portal in Whitby Abbey is more significant than most people will realise. In the seventh century Whitby Abbey was the scene of a meeting that shaped the future of Europe's political and cultural map.

As we continue to build this blog as a useful addition to our cluster of we site, t seems like a good idea to provide a daily roundup of posts to increase the significance of our most featured topics, political malfeasance, corporate corruption, scientific jiggery pokery, left wing hypocrisy and the insanity of politically correct, globalist thinking.
The page will be updated throughout the day as more posts are added.,/p>
Here we go then with the round up for January 17, 2014.
Seventy Years Down The Line And We Have Come Back To Appeasement As A Means To Peace.
As a spate of increasingly bloody and violent attacks on civilized values and the democratic freedoms of the western nations (free speech for example) continues to cause revulsion among the general population, our spineless leader are calling on us to be tolerant. The cowardly hypocrites who lead us may be ready to surrender, but anger is mounting in the cities and towns.
‘Uncaged Corporate Parrots’ Of The Political Elite and The GMO False Narrative
The Environment Secretary in the UK Coalition Government, Elizabeth Truss has argued that genetically modified (GM) food should be grown in Britain because it is more ‘eco-friendly’. She adds that steps should be taken to speed up this development.

Earth’s CO2 Levels Pass Global Warming ‘Milestone', Nothing Happens - Daily Caller.
After two decades of panic stricken scientists and screeching lefties wailing about the catatrophe that would ensue once the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere passed 400 parts per million, that figure was reached in December 2014.

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food I retired 10 years ago after a long career as a research scientist for Agriculture Canada. When I was on the payroll, I was the designated scientist of my institute to address public groups and reassure them that genetically engineered crops and foods were safe. There is, however, a growing body of scientific research – done mostly in Europe, Russia, and other countries – showing that diets containing engineered corn or soya cause serious health problems in laboratory mice and rats.I don’t know if I was passionate about it but I was knowledgeable. I defended the side of technological advance, of science and progress. I have in the last 10 years changed my position. I started paying attention to the flow of published studies coming from Europe, some from prestigious labs and published in prestigious scientific journals, that questioned the impact and safety of engineered food. I refute the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, that they require less pesticide applications, that they have no impact on the environment and of course that they are safe to eat. There are a number of scientific studies that have been done for Monsanto by universities in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Most of these studies are concerned with the field performance of the engineered crops, and of course they find GMOs safe for the environment and therefore safe to eat. Individuals should be encouraged to make their decisions on food safety based on scientific evidence and personal choice, not on emotion or the personal opinions of others. We should all take these studies seriously and demand that government agencies replicate them rather than rely on studies paid for by the biotech companies. RELATED:
Black Hat Biotech index
GMO corporate lies
Europe’s Intensifying Immigration Debate
In an absolutely gobsmacking psychological meltdown and an unparalleled display of bourgeois self hate, the former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt demonstrated how wide the gap between the political and academic elite and reality has become in the materially advanced democracies. He also made himself an early fron runner for the title "cupid stunt of the century.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Cockfish And The Conspiracy Theorists

A round up of today's posts from Bogart Blog:

Labour's Cockfish Reveals How Mainfesto Will Piss You Off.
All three main parties in the UK General Election are campaigning from a Politically Correct Consensus (i.e. Control Freak) platform. But when it comes to politically correct control freakery, the increasingly authoritarian Labour will always outdo the others. The main early thut of their campaign is a promise to criminalise sugary snacks and breakfast cereals, fatty foods and some fizzy drinks. And they're serious, they have handed the job of selling this idiocy to The Cockfish of British politics.

Charlie Hebdo: No Wonder There Are Conspiracy Theories
With a little distance between us and the Charlie Hebdo killings, questions remain unanswered and are likely to remain so. These questions inspire conspiracy theories, which in turn trigger authority worshippers to dismiss anyone who asks legitimate questions as 'right wing nut jobs'...

Economist: World Leaders Will Exploit Charlie Hebdo to Eliminate Internet Privacy
Economist Martin Armstrong warns that the twin attacks in France will be used by world leaders to push for restrictions on Internet privacy and the total elimination of encrypted communications. Armstrong writes that, “They are using this latest event precisely as they used 911 to strip us of all rights. David Cameron, PM of Britain, wants to block WhatsApp and Snapchat if he wins the next election, as part of his plans for new surveillance...

Millie Tant, Tatchell's Transphobia and Germain Greer's Big Hairy Smelly Vagina
The well of hypocrisy from which the left, champions of freedom, democracy, equality and free speech in their own estimation, draw their dishonest, self rightoeus views on the world is bottomless, it will never run dry. How else could it have continued to flow during this latest two-faced display of authoritarianism from the lovers of all minoities even when those minoritites hate each other. It is the multual hatred of minorities however that is fragmenting the left.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

While the world has been looking the other way, Boko Haram has been conquering Nigeria

One story that has slipped away from us recently as we have tried to bring you a fair and balanced view of the Ched Evans With Hunt, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, ships full of migrants abandoned in The Adriatic and the collapse of the Petrodollar amongs other catastrophe's that have happened, are happening or are waiting to happen, has been the progress of the Boko Haram rebellion in Nigeria.

Thought they were just another bunch of nutters who did a few kidnappings and a few bomb outrages and then went away did you. Well you thought wrong.

Boko Haram controls about 20,000 square miles of territory and is fast becoming a terrorist state razing villages and killing innocent victims

boko hram atrocity
The scene of yet another Boko Haram atrocity (source London Evening Post). People have complained this is a gut curdling image. We say it's justified, see final paragraph.
After days of razing villages and pitiless massacre, Boko Haram finished the first week of a new year week with its most horrifying atrocity to date.

As people bustled through the Saturday market in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, a device borne by a ten year-old girl exploded near the entrance.

A witness said the girl probably had no idea that a bomb had been strapped to her body.

The explosion just before lunch killed 20, including the girl, and injured 18, according to the police.

Boko Haram did not immediately claim the attack, but the Islamic insurgents have increasingly used young girls as human bombs as they carve an African "Caliphate” from the plains of northern Nigeria.

Today, Boko Haram controls about 20,000 square miles of territory - an area the size of Belgium. Within this domain, the black flag of jihad flies over scores of towns and villages scattered across the neighbouring states of Borno and Yobe.

The latest conquest was the fishing town of Baga on the shores of Lake Chad, which fell to the Islamists last Wednesday.

We should not forget that last year our friend Little Nicky Machiavelli reported on a Wikileaks revelation that Boko Haram was yet another terrorist operaton funded, armed and trained by the American CIA

We agree it is a gut curdling image. I thought it was time to remind those still singing the praises of multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration just what is waiting out there to be imported into our green and pleasant land. The politically correct though police will say it is not typical of Africa. True, in fact the Boko Haram scum aren't typical of Nigeria, I've read there are about 50,000 of them in a population if nearly 150 million. But that does not change the the fact that the terrorists are winning and Goodluck Jonathan's good luck has run out.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

In The War On Terror, Freedom Is Not Winning

Nothing to do with the article but I liked it - Je Suis Charlie (source)

While we would like to write about more positive things, protecting democracy and free speech, guiding people towards healthy lifestyles, how we the punters can save the planet (especially from the idiocies of the Warmageddonist lobby) and so on, we find far too much of our time is spent trying to get the truth about important issues in front of readers. Mainstream media has abandoned news reporting in favour of simply repeating government and corporate propaganda. Terrorism is one issue on which you will only finds out facts from new media.

All titles in this Category leading page:


The War On Terror That Freedom Is Not Winning.

French Legislator Proposes Alliance With Russia to Prevent More Attacks

After the terrorist bombings in Brussels yesterday Europe went into a kind of meltdown as various politicians competed to show who was the most clueless on how to deal with terror and Muslim extremism, which has been imported into the streets of European cities by the idiotic, politically correct, open doors immigration policy imposed on most member nations by the bureaucrats who run the EU.
Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

We reported several weeks ago that the French government was planning a clampdown on conspiray theories by shutting down certain dissident websites. Since then we have learned the French government have shown they are prepared to go even further in attacking citizens right of free speech

Boko Haram is now a mini-Islamic State, with its own territory
The Guardian Finally Wakes Up To Truth About Ukraine’s Genocide
Charlie Hebdo atrocity: They hate us all because of who we are, our views, our values and our history
The Hard-Core Nazis Who Rule In Kiev Were Put There By EU and USA
We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House Say ISIS Leaders
Truth Starts To Emerge About Boko Haram
Next CIA Target For Destabilisation And War - Nigeria
War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda
How did ISIS Islamist fanatics receive American weapons?
German Chancellor Lashes Out at Anti-Islamification Marches as Support Grows

Oxford University Bans All Things Pig Related In Support Of Free Speech
Free speech - most of our posts

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why Iceland Recovery Is Being Ignored In Mainstream News


 Iceland is a small country with less that half a million people so is not a good comparison with Britain. It's recovery from near bankruptcy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis however is due to the rejection of politically correct, globalist politics so in that light it serves to illustrate that to suggest Britain (60 million people) cannot survive outside the EU is just globalist scaremongering.

Follow the link and learn just why Iceland has recovered by severing its links with the European Union's bureaucratic dictatorship while other counties, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece foremost are still enmired in crisis and hamstrung by the membership of the European Monetary system (Euro)are unable to do the things needed to turn around their economies.

Why Iceland Recovery Is Being Ignored In Mainstream News

Oh, and a rather lovely thing about Iceland is the majority of Icelanders believe in Elves - they even feature on road signs (see above - although we cheated and superimposed English wording).


How the fall of France could accelerate the rise of UKIP
Don't hold French stocks says former broker Farage as our Gallic neighbour sinks deeper into the Euroshite

Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists' under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn

EU Cuts Growth Forecasts as Big Economies Falter
Will Anti European Union Feeling Lead To More Integration
British taxpayers give away £30million in benefits to other countries each year
If There Is An Anti EU Surge Across Europe What Should Cameron Do?
European Commission puts business profits before the needs of the world's poorest.

Friday, January 09, 2015

The Robotification Of Human Society Is being Implemented

the daily stirrer
A vision of transhumanism (source: redicecreations)

Are you ready to surrender your humanity to science, accept having computer chips implanted in your skull that will link your brain to the internet (via a Google server) and let your life be controlled by machines? That's what The Controllers are planning for you. Think of it, no taking a sick day off work and going to the beach or woods, no eating too much ice cream, no hooking ip with a totally inappropriate person for casual sex, or breaking speed limits just for fun. If you think being an automaton would be kool, think again ...

The Robotification Of Human Society Is being Implemented 

More on robotification:

When The Robots Rule The World

Economist and humanity hater (apparently) Paul Krugman takes up a subject that as a former Information Technology professional I have long been mildly concerned about. In these two blogs Futurism and Policy and The Conscience Of A Liberal) Krugman discusses the rise of robotics. How a big government authoritarian like Krugman can put a title that includes the words 'liberal' and 'conscience' to one of his justifications of economic Fascism is a testimony to the fact that you don't have to be either intelligent or even literate to be a university Professor

Transhumanism: The Elite's Agenda For Total Control
Robot lovers, indestrictible soldiers with no mercy or compassion, everlasting life for beings that are part human, part machine, genetically modified humans with supernatural strength and endurance competing in future 'hungrer Games' style Olympic tournaments: the plot of some dystopian novel? No, actual items in the elite's agenda for total control.

Why are scientists demaning human rights for non human robots
Human rights for robots? That's the craziest thing I ever heard, you might well be saying. but those unfailingly loony and dysfunctional fuckwits in the science academe are so convinced they can build machines (robots) with human attibutes they are demanding equal rights for animated tin cans. This over - the - top rant pusts a few things in perspective.

Transhumanism and Eugenics
We have said many times that the science community is at war with humanity. Scientists are out of control, evry day we hear of some new scheme to try to control nature, be it human nature or the climate. Given what we ought to have learned from all previous attempts to control nature we can only conclude that scientists are insane psychos willing to risk destroying life to show off how clever they are.

Transhumanism: Join The Resistance
Transhumanism, the creation of - or turning us into - part human, part machine cyborgs is generating a lot of discussion and a lot of spontaneous ejaculations in the scientific community as they contemplate having their brains replaced by a computer. There are no limits on the ambitions of scientists fantasies, they even envisage creating robots that can interbreed with us, but how much is realistic?

Transhumanism: They will get under your skin
We seem to be talking a lot about transhumanism, the process of turing us into human - animal or human -machine hybrids recently. The Daily Stirer thinks such technological visions are nothing more than the fantasies of sick minds, but politicians and corporate leaders, ever eager for more power and control, seem willing to stump up infintie funding.

Cellular Technology: Can Governments Use It To Rearrange Your Brain

The controversies around cellular technology and the cellular masts or towers that make up the network grids just will not go away. It is not just the issue of do cellphone damage brain tissue that concerns us now, but certain rumours about what might be transmitted from the masts into the electro-magnetic mush that surrounds us all.

Happily Ever After, You and Your Robot Fuck Buddy
It's one of those really bad ideas that scientists just can't seem to let go of (well male scientists that is). Just as they are covinced in a five years we will have computers that think like humans (although 50 years since it was first said, we are no nearer to that goal) so they like to insist every few years that in a few years we will all have meaningful relationships with robot fuck buddies

Slaves To The Machine
Some say technology is the new magic and are willing to believe every new gadget launched improves beyond recognition the lives of those who own one. Others say we are becoming slaves to our machines and losing the ability to think for ourselves as well as our social lives and cultural bonds.

It’s not just smart TVs. Your home is full of gadgets that spy on you
Smart television sets connect to the internet and it is both way data exchange. This blatant invasion of privacy is sold by claiming that on your spoken command your set can download programmes and films from content providers such as Netflix or catchup services BBC iPlayer. What the makers and network operators are not saying is that if the internet can be used to bring information into your TV, it can also be used to take it out.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Persecution Of Ched Evans: When Was Being A Scumbag Made A Crime?

by Arthur Foxake

Ched Evans - convicted, did his time, why can't the Screeching Sisters' hate mob lay off.

Sheffield United footballer Ched Evans was charged with rape, convicted and served his time. Now certain elements of society, the left wing, feminist screechers, the mentally castrated metrosexual males of the public sector, academia and the media leading them, want to deny him a chance to return to the game he played at professional level, yet when we look at the details of his crime, while Evans clearly acted like the lowlife spawn of a pox whore's scab lice, whether what he did was truly rape begins to look very debatable. Does he therefore deserve the witch hunt treatment to which he is being subjected. Let's put the screeching hysteria of the left wing lynch mob aside and look at the facts as established in the trial and conviction of Ched Evans.

The problem now you see is the facts have been swamped by the screeching of the hate mob. Several lower league football clubs have already been subjected to such intense media bullying that had pulled out of negotiations aimed at giving Evans a route back into the game that was his livelihood. Another club, Oldham Athletic is now getting the same treatment, an online petition with a claimed 20,000 signatures has been presented to club officials and several sponsors fearing a backlash have threatened to pull out if Convicted Rapist Ched Evans (the media have changed the footballer's name for him) is signed as a player by Oldham.

The first thing we should ask before proceeding to the actual rape is how many of those 20,000 signatures belong to genuine Oldham Athletic supporters. Very few, we suspect, if fact we would be willing to bet most have come from people who live in the London area and have very little interest in football. The people campaigning to prevent Convicted Rapist Ched Evans returning to the game are probably made up mostly of angry female Social Justice Warriors who are more likely to shave their chins than their legs like football about as much as they like UKIP, or metaphorically castrated male Social Justice Warriors.

These limp wristed fellows may have played football as boys but now, because they like shagging hairy legged, stubbly chinned plug ugly women, see it as a misogynistic, racist, disablist politically incorrect pastime played by Convicted Rapists, knuckle dragging thugs and wonderfully talented but unreconstructed African immigrants, watched by knuckle dragging, ignorant, working class thugs and a few women who only go to matches to
olge the black guys knobsadmire the talents of the African players.  Football is an illustration of why Britain such an threatening and intimidating environment for women, compared to enlightened societies like Somalia, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Tanzania. In all those enlightened places the (Western) Taxpayer funded National Heath Service will mutilate your daughter's vagina free of charge.

So that is a little background. Now we can move to the actual crime.

“Convicted Rapist” is the tag given to Ched Evans to suggest he was guilty of the very worst kind of sexual assault, the violent rape of a total stranger, perhaps even an under age girl. The facts paint a very different picture:

A few people in the media have been brave enough to risk the wrath of the screechers by actually referring to the facts (as recorded in court transcripts of the trial) Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson (not a writer noted for support of the ISIS, The Taliban or other anti - feminist organisations. Pearson researched the case in forensic detail from the initial complaint to the trial and conviction. Here is an extract from her article:

   Sensitive readers should look away now. Footballer Clayton McDonald, a friend of Ched Evans, picked up a 19-year-old girl who was drunk at 4am, and went back to a hotel room with her. McDonald texted Evans: “I’ve got a bird.” McDonald and the girl then had sex. Evans turned up, and the court was told that the girl asked him to perform oral sex on her, which he did. Evans then had sex with the girl, whom he claimed was enjoying herself. A hotel porter said there was no sound of distress or cause for alarm. A few of the footballers’ charming mates showed up and filmed through a window. The next morning, Evans departed via an emergency exit. The 19-year-old awoke to find she was naked, with, she says, no memory of what had happened to her. That evening, she reported McDonald and Evans to the police.

If you think that is despicable behaviour on the part of Evans and his friend (who was not charged) I'd agree. The behaviour was appalling even to me, a man who had, according to serious studies, more that his share of casual sexual encounters when young. Sexual assault? Maybe, but it rather depends on your definition of 'capable of giving consent'. In another report the hotel night porter said the girl was very drunk and did not appear to know what she was doing on arriving. That is his personal opinion and probably a very sensible one. My point is a hotel porter is no more qualified than I or Evans to know if the girl was capable of giving consent, because there is no suggestion anywhere that she was screaming "HELP! RAPE!" as loudly as she could while any of the alleged acts were going on.

Personally, I’d hope, and experience suggests it is not a vain hope, that the 23 year old me would have thought in similar circumstances, "Hey, this isn't right, the girl's off her head." What I know for sure is that if one of my mates had phoned and said, "I'm in a hotel with a girl, d'you fancy coming round and we can give her a spit roasting," (look it up, the word plus 'sexual slang') call me old fashioned if you like possums, but I would not have been interested. More to do with my self respect or ego than anything else, in the same way as I could never have got my ego round the idea of paying a prostitute for sex.

But then forty something years later, after four decades of the amoral, anything goes morality advocated by the 'progressive left' in the past, attitudes have changed. And footballers are no longer likely lads with baggy shorts and brylcreemed hair who played for the local team in the town where they had been born and where their family lived.

The killer detail for me is about the girl having no memory of what happened to her? So what evidence was there she was incapable of giving consent, having gone to a hotel room with a man she had met only a few minutes before.

Going back to Allison Pearson's article, she writes that on being asked, asked the girls in her local beauty salon weren't nearly so convinced as all the leftie screechers screaming for Evans’s to be crucified.

    “Sounds to me like she woke up, realised she’d been dogging, felt really embarrassed about herself and called the police,” Hayley, aged 22 told Pearson. My wife, daughter and daughter - in - law agreed. Another commenter on the case said that lots of girls from her school went to posh London clubs to try and bag themselves the ultimate prize: a footballer, and would go to any lengths, even agreeing to a gang bang (footballers are fond of such group action, one sport psychiatrist has described it as sharing an erotic experience with team mates without compromising their macho credentials - I was never into team sports, all that bonhomie in the showers always seemed suspect to me).

Let's be honest, Ched Evans’s persecutors are not interested in facts or real justice mitigating circumstances, nor in points of moral principle. They just want a new target for their hatred of the working classes. A question that is bothering me however is: "Where was the moral outrage from the screechers when the Jay Report into systematic abuse of under age girls in the local authority care system by Pakistani men was published? One girl victim of the gangs had her tongue nailed to a table as a warning not to tell anyone that she had been gang-banged and yet the screeching sisters seemed to go into collective denial, launching hate attacks on anyone who tried to raise the question of why the police, officials and the local council did not act. Apparently demanding justice for white working class people is racism in the warped minds of these politically correct lunatics.

Muslim Rape Gang Victim Talks: Girls Still Targeted Because Police Refuse to Act

Muslim men who groomed and violently abused young girls in a quiet English town have been left to carry on raping girls, despite being named to the police, one of their victims has revealed in an interview. Kaitlyn (not her real name) suffered years of abuse at the hands of hundreds of men in her home town, and in locations across the UK. Yet despite handing a list of more than 80 names to the police for investigation, her attackers are still working as taxi drivers, businessmen, and even on the local council.

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