Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The collapse of fascist regimes and fanatical cults never is simple. The New Normal is proving to be no exception.


Boggart Abroad his not commented beyond merely noting events in reltion to the Canadian Freedom convoy and the brutal and authoritarian measures taken by Canada's liberal - fascist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to suppress the protest and crush opposition to his totalitarian government. These measures have included enacting new laws by Prime Ministerial decree to by-pass the usual scrutiny by elected representatives of the people that is expected in a parliamentary democracy. After several weeks of citizens shocked and repulsed by Trudeau's heavy handed authoritarianism in response to the COVID pandemic exercising their legal right to express their opposition to government policy through non-violent civil disobedience, the gathering outside the Canadian parliament in Ottawa of truckers and other Canadian citizens struggling to uphold their right to not be subjected to forced “vaccination,” Justin Trudeau unleashed his Canadian version of Hitleer's SS. Thousands of militarized riot police (and other unidentified heavily-armed special ops squads) surged into the area, surrounded the protesters,and started breaking into trucks, arresting the occupants and beating them with batons and rifle butts. Yes, woke liberal - fascists like Trudeau, for all their hypocritical bullshit about inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism, do not tolerate opposition to their authority once their haver power. In a particularly ugly incident, the Trudeau's Stormtroopers deliberately spurred their horses into a crowd of protesters, trampling among others an elderly lady with a walking frame. She had been talking to police officers on foot, reportedly saying something along the lines of “you break my heart … this is about peace, and love, and happiness.” Then the monted squad knocked her down and drove their mounts over her. It could only have been deliberate because horses will instinctively avoid threading on an unstable surface such as a moving body. Despite an abundance of video evidence clearly depicting exactly what happened, the Neo - Nazi Ottawa city authority tried to spin it away as an unfortunate accident: Here’s an overhead photo of the incident …
The big red arrow (courtesy of Marie Oakes) points to the lady’s walker, or an alleged “horse-assaulting bicycle.” Presumably, in the eyes of Trudeau supporters of Ottowa police authority, the face of the gentlemen above her also caused the horse “to trip,” or was in the process of causing the horse “to trip,” at the moment that this photo was taken. After that particular show of callous brutality things only became worse. The “show of force” aimed at imposing the will of 'woke - liberal- fascist' dictator Trudeau on the people was just getting started. After all, this was not a “mostly peaceful” outbreak of legal dissent, including looting, mugging and arson similar to that witnessed in the USA following the death of career criminal, drug pusher,violent thug and otherwise model citizen George Floyd. The Freedom Convoy was a wholly unacceptable challenge to the rule of law involving was non-violent civil disobedience, children’s bouncy castles, makeshift saunas, horn honking, music and dancing, illegal barbecuing, and other forms of “terrorist” activity, which had to be crushed with an iron fist... MORE POSTS:

Government To Weaponise Welfare Benefits To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
As evidence piles up showing that the COVID vaccines have failed, or at least are nmot what we were told they are, because data shows that the vaccinated rather than being ptotected from infection are actually more vulnerable to COVID, government and Big Pharma are growing more desperate in their efforts to coerce people into getting vaccinated. Continue reading >>>

Why have we doctors been silent? — by Lucie Wilk

AS an NHS hospital doctor, I have had a front-row seat as the drama of the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded. It has been a year and a half of confusion, frustration and anger for me as I’ve watched our profession drawn into complicity with what I anticipate will be regarded as one of the most egregious public health disasters in history. I have watched as ‘the science’ has been presented on the national stage flanked by Union Jack flags as an unassailable truth. For something so apparently inviolable, it seems to shift and change disconcertingly from week to week ...

German Schoolchildren Subjected To 'Ritual Humiliation' Over Their Vaccine Status
December 12<
As this blog has been telling you for a few years now, The Nazis are back in Germany. With these sausage scoffing krauts it's not a case of 'do as we say, not as we do,' but "DO AS WE SAY OR WE WILL MARGINALIZE YOUR KIDS AND FINE YOU INO POVERTY. Only a matter of time until the National Socialist coalition's thugs start kicking door in and dragging those who are not fully vaxxed (two shosts plus all obligatory boosters,) off to internment camps. VACCINE MACHT FRIE.

Pandemic - The Thief Of Time
A pandemic polemic in verse. The narrative of an unseeable monster that poses and existential threat to humanity is eating the days and years of our lives ...

Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in “non-covid deaths,” nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room
Excess mortality in the United Kingdom is off the charts, and yet nobody is willing to call out Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit. Cancer expert and Prof. Carl Heneghan describes the current situation in Great Britain as a “national scandal.” A shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in the U.K. over the past several months, and officials are blaming everything else except the injections. Continue reading >>>

After a weekend of increasingly violent protests around Europe, similar to the one pictured above in London, against elitist plans to introduce new limitations on freedom, lockdowns and further steps towards compulsory vaccination (with a vaccine that does not immunise against a virus that makes very few people ill,) it is disappointing to see that in the US and UK, mainstream media is still doing its best to ratchet up the fear and panic ... Continue reading >>>

The Absurdity Of Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns and Segregating The UnvaxxedAfter reintroducing lockdowns from the beginning of this week in its two regions with the highest rates of COVID cases, Austria today became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full, national lockdown which will start on Monday, November 22. The Austrial government is likely to be quickly joined by neighboring Germany, a statement from Berlin warned [...] Some commentators in Austrian capital Vienna were cynical enough to ask if the whole point of this latest escalation is justify more restrictions
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Insulate Britain protesters jailed for defying an high court injunctionAnti-civilisation activists chant 'we are unstoppable, another world is possible', as police officers lead them from the court to the cells.
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The Betrayal Of Humanity By The Corrupt Medical Professions
From day one, back in March 2020 when the pandemic was declared, this blog has been questioning the fake statistics, highlighting the distortion of statistics to serve the scaremongering narratives of the elites and exposing the lies and dishonesty of politicians, sciencetitis (sic) and, surprisingly perhaps if you are of a credulous nature, doctors and the medical professions. ... Continue reading >>>

Austria Days Away From Imposing Lockdown On The "Shameful" Unvaccinated Says Chancellor SchallenbergAustria's globalist Chancellor Schallenborg said today that the government would shortly give the go-ahead for a lockdown of unvaccinated people, to be introduced in the two highest-incidence regions from Monday and possibly also nationwide [...] This would prevent people without proof of full vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 from leaving their homes except for essential reasons.
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In A Fit Of Honesty Italian Institute Of Health Reduces Official COVID Death Toll By 97%
Italian newspaper Il Tempo has published a shock report, claiming that the country's Institute has reduced the official figure for the number of people who have died from COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000. This may surprise many people who bought into the "killer virus" narrative and unleashed torrents of pure hatred on those of us who declined vaccination, having studied the figure for reported "COVID related deaths," and the methodology used to arrive at that figure ... Continue reading >>>

A newly published study from researchers in Sweden reveals that the immunity to COVID gained from vaccination, is dissipated by natural biological processes within months. Immunity, although it would be more honestly called temporary respite, from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections is short term at best, and completely gone within months, this confirming the doubts raised by vaccine sceptics (or Conspiracy Theorists as mainstream media likes to call us Continue reading >>>

Russia-Ukraine crisis will put more pressure on the global food supply chain, driving up prices around the world

  The escalation of what was a civil conflict Russias separatist rebels and the government in Ukraine, into what could become a worldwide conflict involving the USA, NATO and the European Union threatens to put even more strain on the global food supply, driving up prices of essential staples wheat, corn and sunflower oil. The UK has already sanctioned five Russian banks. The United States and the European Union are also getting involved with their own list of sanctions.  Worse, the USA and UK, having emboldened the Ukrainian government to embark on a programme of ethnic cleansing that has been top of their wish list since 1914 when the separatist regions of Lubansk and Donetz, which both have a majority of ethnic Russians in their population, unilaterally declared independence.

Due to the idiocies of being "led by science" throughout the pandemic, coupled with a global energy crisis resulting from loonytoons green energy policies, the world is now facing an energy crisis and a batch of food shortages due to chaos in distribution systems. As conflict  in The Black Sea region  escalates, the global food supply also now hangs in the balance.

In the vast weheatfields of Unkraine (Source: Wikimedia commons)

Russia and Ukraine produce for nearly 80 percent of all sunflower oil exported around the world. Approximately 29 percent of the global  wheat exports and 19 percent of the corn (maize) supply comes from the plains of Russia and Ukraine too. Wheat, corn and sunflower oil are common components of many everyday food products that populations depend upon throughout the world. Many smaller Middle Eastern nations rely on Russian and Ukrainian wheat for stability in their food supply. If Black Sea ports on Ukranian and Russian coastlines are cut off due to armed conflict, essential shipments of grain will not be able to leave their nations of origin.

Thus if the conflict escalates, as may well happen with the governments of USA and UK still indulging in sabre rattling and ofering pledges of military support to theauthoritarian government in Kiev,  food prices which are already spiralling out of control driving many low income families into poverty, are certain to increase further. After Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s R evenepublics and dispatched troops into those regions yesterday, U.S. wheat futures jumped 9.72 percent and corn futures spiked 9.34 percent from their recent low levels.

The regions that will be worst hit by food shortages, rationing, military conflict and port closures would include North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These regions depend heavily on Russian and Ukrainian grain exports. 

Russian wheat exports are mostly sent to Africa and the Middle East; approximately 70 percent of Russian wheat was sent to these regions in 2021.

Historically Ukraine was known as 'the breadbasket of Europe' for their wheat supply. Now, with population changes, much of the middle east looks to Ukraine for grain supplies. Lebanon receives half of its wheat supply from Ukraine. Libya imports 43 percent of their wheat from the same source. Other countries that will be impacted include Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Egypt. These countries receive anywhere from 14-28 percent of their wheat supply from Ukraine, which would make a significant enough shortfall to trigger a humanitarian crisis in those regions..

Even though Ukraine hopes to export 56 million tons of grain in 2022, many of their ports and shipping routes will inevitably be disrupted should the crisis develop into a shooting war.. Most of grain exports are transported from the Black Sea which can only access The editerranean and the world's oceans via the narrow strait known as The Bosphorus. If military conflict continues in the region, a naval blockade of this shipping routes may cause The Black Sea ports be cut off for an unknown amount of time.

The threat of war in the region is already causing disruption of food supplies. Buyers in international markets are already competing to buy from different suppliers, forcing up prices.  A buyer from Singapore told Reuters:“Ships are avoiding entering the Black Sea because of the war risk, Supply disruptions are already taking place.”

Putin, Macron To Hold Urgent Talks To Halt Military Escalation In Ukraine
Even though the leaders of Ukraine itself are talking down the threat of war with Russia over the breakaway region of Donbas, America and Britain are still beating the war drums and demonising Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Russia insists they have no plans to invade Ukraine and one western leader at least, France's Emmanuel Macron, seems to be listening to messages coming out of the East European trouble spot...

Germany News Mag. Spiegel Asks "Is Vladimir Putin Right?" About NATO Expansion
As the confrontation along the border between Ukraine and Russia has escalated to actual shooting with ethnic Russian rebel separatists in Donbas reporting intensified shelling and initiating a "general mobilization" of military-age males, with Moscow denying they plan to invade and Ukraine's leaders accusing US, UK and French leaders of hysteria for talking up the threat of war, Germany's leading newspaper Spiegel asks the question fundamental to the entire conflict...

While Crazy Joe Biden Claims Victory Over Russia, NATO's Expansin Plans Have Been Derailed By PutinJoe Biden (or his handlers because we all know Joe's mind is gone,) have been trying to spin reports of Russian troops withdrawing from positions close to the Ukraine border as a diplomatic victory for the USA over Putin but in the geopolitical game things are seldom what they seem to be ...

As the COVID narrative crumbles under the weight of evidence that the vaccines do not work, masks are useless and lockdowns kill more than they save a new scaremongering narrative - or a revamped old one - is emerging as the threat of war with russia is the latest fear and panic vehicle to scare the people into compliance with tyranny. Continue reading >>>

Currency Wars - Now The Euro Challenges The Mighty Dollar
Our http://www, wars feature has taken a back seat these past two years as the COVID pandemic (or propaganda pandemic as some people might say,) has pushed all other stories aside. In our opinion however, the pandemic has served as a convenient smokescreen behind which all sorts of elitist skulduggery has been going on, hidden from the view of the general population. ... Continue reading >>>

Russia - Ukraine crisis: Western foreign policy failures
Mainstream media's hyping of the threat to Ukrained posed by Russian aggression is the latest in a long line of attempts to lay blame for western foreign policy disasters at the fet of Russia. In fact had Joe Biden not started to babble about Russian aggression, talking up the threat of conflict, there would be no crisis ...

Is The Russian Threat To Invade Ukraine Real Or A Globalist Conspiracy Theory?
Continue reading >>>While Joe Biden's handlers in Washington and Boris Johnson In London talk up the threat of war should Russia invade Ukraine as they claim Moscow is preparing to do,Ukrainian leaders are dismissive, accusing the west of ramping up hysteria in a bid to divert attention from oither problems.

British Government Laundered Fake U.S. 'Intelligence' On Ukraine
The British government on Saturday accused Russia of organizing a plot to install a pro-Moscow government in Ukraine, as the Kremlin masses troops near the Ukrainian border. The U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office gave relatively little information about the intelligence unveiled Saturday other than to say that the Russian government was considering trying to make a Russia-leaning former member of Ukraine’s parliament, Yevhen Murayev, the country’s new leader. Continue reading >>>

British Government Laundered Fake U.S. 'Intelligence' On Ukraine
The British government on Saturday accused Russia of organizing a plot to install a pro-Moscow government in Ukraine, as the Kremlin masses troops near the Ukrainian border. The U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office gave relatively little information about the intelligence unveiled Saturday other than to say that the Russian government was considering trying to make a Russia-leaning former member of Ukraine’s parliament, Yevhen Murayev, the country’s new leader. Continue reading >>>

One Of The Weaker NATO Members Goes Off Message To Prevent War With Russia
Mainstream media has been singing in unison on the Ukraine crisis, just as it has been over the vastly exaggerated risks posed by the manufactured pandemic crisis. Russia bad, war good has ben the mantra throughout the last couple of weeks as the ruling elites tried to turn up the the fear-and-panic generator to eleven [...]The whole Ukraine scare is as false as the pandemic ...

Putin has got Biden over a barrel with Ukraine – and markets know it
We’ve had a number of armed kerfuffles in Europe fairly recently but these were mostly centred on The Balkans and were local affairs [...] The threatened bust up between Russia and the west over Ukraine is much more serious – potentially the worst inter-regional conflict since the cold war, with far reaching consequences for both geopolitical and economic stability if mainstream mediaeports are to believed.

Storm Clouds Gathering Over Ukraine - Or Just The Usual Geopolitical Games
25 January 2022: As the COVID-19 Killer Virus Pandemic narrative crumbles under the weight of evidence that the vaccines don't work and therefore vaccine passports are irrelevant, masks are useless, and lockdowns only trash national economies and destroy businesses, the elites are desperately looking for another scare story to distract public attention from the godawful mess they have made with their globalisation plans, green energy follies and open borders insanity.

Russia Responds To UK's "Very Dangerous" Coup Allegations
23 January 2022: Russia has blasted this weekend's allegations by the UK government that it's planning to install a pro-Kremlin puppet leader in Ukraine. "We have information that indicates the Russian Government is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine," the UK statement published Saturday began ...

Europe's Energy Crisis Exposes Green Fraud
Vladimir Putin has been celebrating the recent and much reported European energy crisis, knowing that withouout his doing anything, thanks to the obsessive pandrering to Greta Thunberg and the green lobby political leaders ion the UK and EU member states Russia has been handed control of European markets, with the option of manipulating supply chains and prices at the same time. In the meantime the European nations have failed to sufficiently diversify supply.

Recommded real news: Back to business as usual on COVID - 19 (8 April 2020)
Today: COVID-19 Computer Models Continue To Deteriorate; Covid-19 drags French economy into deep recession the likes of which it has not seen since 1945; Oil Prices Tumble As Russia Balks At Proposed US Production Cut; Kissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government,

I Have Seen The New Normal And It Is Not Pretty


  The collapse of fascist ideological movements and tyrannical regimes is never pretty. The New Normal, the World Economic Forum / United Nations bid to establish global governance was never going to be any different.

After three weeks of non-violent civil disobedience outside the Canadian parliament in Ottawa by truckers and other Canadian citizens struggling to uphold their right to not be subjected to forced “vaccination,” Justin Trudeau unleashed the goon squads. Thousands of militarized riot police (and other unidentified heavily-armed operatives) swarmed the area, surrounded the protesters, started breaking into trucks and arresting people, and beating them with batons and the butts of their rifles.

In one particularly ugly episode, the New Normal stormtroopers rode their horses directly into a crowd of non-violent protesters, trampling an elderly lady with a walker. She had just finished saying something to the police along the lines of “you break my heart … this is about peace, and love, and happiness.” Then they knocked her down and rode their horses over her.

The brutal smashing of the Canadian protests was obviously meant to send a media-salivating message to all of us that dissent was futile – when,of course the opposite is true. The political system is broken and judiciary largely corrupt. Our only recource is to public disobedience, dissent and demonstration on a huge national and global scale, which history shows worked for Gandhi and the millions of literally downtrodden Indian peasants who stood passively but resolutely shoulder to shoulder against the might of imperial colonialists and their stooges, Remember, we are many, and they are few. We are right and they are wrong. United we stand. Divided we and generations to come face the prospect of neo-serfdom and a transhuman existence dictated by heartless technocrats.

COVID was merely the excuse to ramp up a multi faceted dystopian technocratic neo-feudal global reconfiguration to sweep away the vestiges of the collapsing current order and usher in the Great Reset/New World Order the oligarchs have been planning for and simulating for (Swine Flu, HIV/AIDS, 9-11, Bird Flu, Zika virus etc.) for decades. The same cast of miscreants is behind all this reengineering (the European blue bloods, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families et al) with new front men like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and a host of acolytes and flunkies like Fauci, Trudeau and Johnson to do their handy work. Australia, Germany Austria and now Canada are the prototypes of our future unless we put a stop to it.

Many of us around the world have been suspicious for years about the plans that were creeping into sight, the webs being woven by the unseen arse-end of… Them. Even so, now that we are in full swing with the many strands of The Great Build Back Reset Better, I’m fairly alarmed at the lack of real options available to halt it. I honestly won’t make it in Dystopia.

Surely this over-arching, malevolent subjugation has been in the pipeline for many decades, perhaps longer?


Fascism is a real problem in the US– I expect it to formally take over come the next election cycle and once its entrenched it will not be removed easily. It won’t be Stormtroopers on the street, at least no more than we’re used to anyway. It will be an ideology dominated by faith and country for the masses (the American equivalent of “Kinder, Kucher, Kircher”) and complete corporate freedom. Corruption and insider plays will be the norm, the political stage being dominated by showboaters who treat the trappings of government as a reality show since the real business of government will be business, it will be carried out administratively. There may be a fig leaf of opposition but it won’t be allowed to impact the course of government with any challenges to laws being shot down by the courts and any administrative friction being dealt with by summary firing of any administrator that fails to please the party hacks brought in to oversee the various federal administrations.

Many of us will know that we’re nearly there already. A second Trump term would have sealed the deal. Like a magic show its difficult to look away from the action to see what’s really going on — all these noisy diversions (and I regard the whole anti-vax thing as a diversion — sorry) are distractions from the business of consolidating power. There’s a lot of Astroturf out there because the stakes couldn’t be higher but I figure that come the change I’ll be all right, more or less (old, rich, white), its subsequent generations who are going to have to deal with the fallout (which, given the way things are trending, may be literally true).

About the only thing upon which I fundamentally agreed with Christopher Hitchens was his contempt for wishful thinking (in that context, he was usually speaking about religion).

I think anyone who is trying to rally our spirits in this horrible catastrophe owes it to us to back up any statement to the effect that ‘the covid narrative is collapsing’ with some credible evidence, and not just an anecdote about their grandmother having suddenly seen right through Justin Trudeau.

The whole point of the official narrative is that it is a story – like “The American Dream” – which we are supposed to swallow without a second thought, and those who concocted the story don’t care whether we believe it or not.

The believing bit is not required – it’s only the obeying bit that’s required.

From that perspective, this is a sheer battle of wills. The psychopaths say, “Just do it!”
And we say, “No!”
But just look at which side has the numbers!
We do – unless of course we are all becoming psychopaths too…

Just saying, “NO!” is where I believe a solution lies – not in an attempt to make truth-tellers out of liars, sighted people out of the blind, and hearing people out of the deaf.

“Let those who have eyes to see” is a perfectly good attitude to take, and a tacit reminder that our current persecutors do not have those eyes to see.

We must stop trying to convince ourselves – who are already convinced – of the value of truth, and we must stop trying to convince those who don’t want to be convinced.
We just have to stop this insanity. With an endless list of initiatives like the truckers, more ‘Occupy’ initiatives, more stubborn refusals to lie down and let the mercenaries to stomp on our heads, we can surely do it.

We, here, know that large numbers of us are meeting and protesting all over the world, but the world doesn’t know it, on account of Public Enemy No. 1 – the media.
So the media must be forced, by our sheer numbers, to do their only legitimate job, which is to report what is really going on, instead of inventing narratives on the orders of their owners.

Just imagine if those truckers had shown up outside the BBC, or the Guardian offices, and refused to budge until the media did their job… That’s probably not enough on its own, but something like it needs to become our general attitude to the traitors who presume to represent us today.

Even Jesus was silent when Pontius Pilate asked Him, “What is Truth?”, although it was certainly a deafening silence.
Until the time comes when the only choice is between Him and satan, we need to focus on what is actually effective – for the sake of our children and grandchildren, who will not otherwise get the education they need to know the difference.

I’ll wind up with a rather wonderful statement by Rudolf Steiner:
“A time will come when truth will be more a matter of experience than of proof”.
His focus was upon mankind’s further evolution – not exactly a popular concept today, but I think many of us here already know exactly what he was talking about, because we are experiencing it right now.


The BMJ has posted a few articles railing at some of the inconsistencies and monkey business surrounding this catastrophe (e.g., Facebook censorship) but who among the general populace goes to their website, let alone knows the publication even exists? As for the FDA, they are completely compromised and corrupted, and thus completely useless – we won’t get anything out of them except for more lies and obfuscation.

Reiner Fullmich finally got his grand jury hearing going but he had to create his own court (the “court of public opinion” as he refers to it) to do it since no offical court would agree to take it on. I’ve watched a bit of it so far and it seems they have it together. But I don’t think they’ll accomplish very much. It certainly won’t get any coverage from the stenographers of the MSM.

The power to stop this still lies with the people. But unless a vast majority wakes up from their hypnotic state and recognizes what’s going down, this thing will probably just play out to its logical conclusion.


We live in strange times. Many whom we had assumed would choose freedom are choosing fascism and calling it freedom while calling us fascists. I ventured into the eye of the #BlackfaceHitler twitter storm where many are disgusted but few have answers or ideas for how to end the tyranny. Trudeau is just one of many elected fascists, and so it is good to see protests spread to other countries. In NewZealand the protesters are determined to hold the line until the mandates end. The politicians and media along with their flock cannot seem to come to grips with that reality though, and so yes I expect Adhern to use brute force fairly soon. Climate activists were discussing how they could learn from the protest in terms of what 𝘯𝘰𝘵 to do without realising that the core lesson is not to go home at the end of the day.
One missing ingredient in the global revolt though is a replacement political and economic ideology or framework. One detractor insulted the protesters by saying they are living in a stateless moneyless borderless commune without a leader as if that is a bad thing and on account of the protesters supposedly being “alt-right”.
All nation states are essentially totalitarian on account of there being no clearly defined limits on government power, and democracy in its current form always results in the same kind of people getting elected:people who will abuse that power. Democracy cannot work without an informed majority and yet how can we prevent the filthy rich from owning politicians and the media? If we

try to structure our economies purely with money we will have capitalists pushing us around. If we try to curtail capitalism we end up with governments pushing us around.