Tuesday, November 28, 2006

WMD in Mayfair

Alexander Litvinenko - poisoned in London (Image source)

Recalling yesterday's Machiavelli Blog which commented on events surrounding the unfortunate death of the alleged former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, it seems the murder investigation has now found evidence of many caches (well OK, traces) of radio active toxins in various fashionable establishments in London's West End frequented by former Russian intelligence agents. Clearly Russia's oligarchs were keen to silence anyone who can dish the dirt on how they acquired their money.

Far more evidence of weapons of mass destruction has been found by fat sweaty coppers investigating the Litvinenko affair than was found in the whole of Iraq, yet the WMDs not found in Iraq were considered justification for reducing a country to rubble.

So when can we expect Obama and Cameron, successors of the Bush / Blair axis of stupidity to occupy the area of expensive shops and restaurants bounded by Oxford St., Regent St., Park Lane and Piccadilly with a view to imposing regime change? Will they launch drone strikes on fashionable restaurants or demand the removal of the tyrannical regime of London mayor Boris Johnson?

A team of comedians wanting to launch a new television comedy show, a kind of updated Monty Python's Flying Circus would have no chance of getting their work commissioned. Python is much too realistic to be considered comedy these days.


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