Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bee Apocalypse: France Bans Bee Killing Pesticides

22 March, 2016

France is the first nation in Europe to act to ban the bee killing pesticides, neonicotinoids. While the EU's ruling bureaucracy has pressured member nations to go with the pesticides, and with glysophate (brand name Roundup) associated with Genetically modified food crops but recently named as a likely cancer causing agent in humans by the world health organisation, the French farmers, a powerful enough lobby to take on corporate fascism (and not adverse to spraying government offices with slurry from cattle and pig farms) have won the day on pesticides at least.

French legislators have just approved plans to totally ban some widely used pesticides blamed for harming bees, going above and beyond European Union (EU) restrictions.

Two years ago the EU limited the use of neonicotinoid chemicals, commonly known as neonics, produced by companies including Bayer CropScience and Syngenta, after studies showed the pesticides threatened bees, which play a vital role in pollinating crops. The agrotech giants have argued that the research blaming neonics is not backed up by field studies, and a worldwide drop in bee numbers in recent years is caused by a wide array of factors.

Bayer called the French ban a setback to farmers in a statement, adding: “Some farmers are going to find themselves in a dead-end regarding crop protection … and could see their harvests fall by 15 to 40 percent depending on the crop.”

France’s National Assembly passed the ban by a narrow majority late Thursday as part of a draft bill on biodiversity that also places an additional tax on palm oil. The bill would not go into effect until September 1, 2018, later than the January 2017 deadline that some lawmakers had proposed.

The proposed neonicotinoid ban, supported by France’s environment minister, must still clear the regulatory hurdle of passing before the French Senate, before a final vote in the National Assembly is expected mid-year.

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Brussels Bombings: Todays News, Old Headlines

We cannot really let today's terror attacks in Brussels go unremarked, even though such events are well covered and analysed to destruction by online and broadcast news and there is little an independent blog like this can add to the story.

 The scene in Brussels airport shortly after the bomb (screenshot from TV coverage)

One headline that did strike me as worthy of attention however was this from US news site Hot Air:

French PM after Brussels attacks: “We are at war”

It is worthy of attention  not because it is true (but everybody already knew that) or because it is not new (Boggart Abroad reported it December 2015 on M. Valls saying "We Are At War") No, what makes it noteworthy is that since the Paris attacks in November 2015 which saw Muslim extremists kill 130 people, and through the Brussels alert in December, various threats and minor incidents, the Cologne outrage at New Year in which hundred of recent immigrants went on a rampage, raping and sexually assaulting several hundred women, the ongoing migrant crisis and escalating violence and lawlessness in immigrant communities throughout Europe we have learned nothing.

Our political leaders and the hand wringing, breast beating, attention seeking supporters of the politically correct left still think the way to solve these problems and prevent further outrages is to invite yet more undocumented,  unvetted, uneducated, unskilled and uncilivised economic migrants into European societies.

Were this a problem confined by international law to the nations where refugees and asylum seekers (as our naive left wing cohorts insist the new arrivals are) it would be easily dealt with. Italy, Greece and Cyprus are not highly attractive destinations for economic immigrants (which is what the new arrivals mostly are), but thanks  to Europe's idiotic but politically correct experiment with 'open borders' and EU political leaders' idiotic obsession with prioritizing the interests of foreigners over established citizens, the illegal immigrants prove their status by heading for the welfare benefit utopias of northern Europe. And once they leave the country in which they arrive, they are no longer refugees or asylum seekers.

Even the phrase favoured by politically correct sentimentality addicted lefties, "coming to Europe to find a better life," gives it away. Unfortunately these people are now arriving not just from Syria (the majority of arrivals was never from Syria) but all over the middle east, Asia and Africa and Europe, suffering the same economic stresses as the rest of the world but managing them better than most paces) and we have no better life to offer them, only blood on the streets, lawlessness in ghettos such a Molenbeek (a run down suburb of Brussels and a hotspot for Muslim extremists), sexism and patriarchalism in the family and the return of medievalism to society. And they are coming in such numbers that some areas of European cities have already been taken over.

Yes, we are at war, and it is the fault of our politicians and the media, legal system, education establishment all of which have for many years been and still are in denial about the destabilising effects of mixing incompatible cultures.

We reported on the nest of Jihadists in Molenbeek back in December last year but you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to look first to the community, where Belgian counterterrorism operatives just captured the ringleader of the attacks in Paris, Salah Abdeslam. At the time, officials warned that another major operation had been in the works, but the rapidity in which it got deployed had to surprise them. If the Paris attacks first exposed Molenbeek as a threat to Europe, the Brussels attacks may take the mask off entirely about radical Islam in the heart of the continent, as the Daily Beast’s Nadette de Visser writes:
Belgium, wedged in between Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and France, has brought forth a disproportionate amount of jihadists. “The maximum number of Belgians who at one point were active in Syria or Iraq has climbed to 516,” Belgian Arabist and author Pieter van Ostaeyen said on his blog last month. Van Ostayen has been keeping a close eye on developments within Belgian minority groups vulnerable to radicalization. The number of jihadists, put into context, becomes quite alarming. “This number means that out of Belgium’s Muslim population of about 640,000 individuals, there is roughly one per 1,260 who has been involved in jihad in Syria and Iraq. At this point Belgium is, per capita, by far the European nation contributing the most to the foreign element in the Syrian war.”
Belgium is a small country with, sometimes, big problems. It even went without a cohesive government for a record 541 days in 2010 and 2011. Being a largely divided Flemish/French-speaking society to begin with, it had problems integrating its newcomers. Its second- and third- generation immigrants on average made little socio-economic progress, or had little chance to do so. Meanwhile, the security services in the city of Brussels have another significant issue: for a population of 1.3 million inhabitants, the local police force is divided up in six police corps spread over 19 boroughs. Sharing security information in that setting could only be complicated.
When one puts into a timeline the number of attacks in Western Europe over the past year and their relation to Belgium, it becomes apparent just how much of an outsized role the country is playing.
NBC’s look at Molenbeek shortly after the Paris attacks warned about Belgium’s lax response to the rise of jihadism in its suburbs.

Belgium,  with a population of just 11 million, has the highest number per capita of know militants fighting in Syria and Iraq, experts say. Many were domiciled in Molenbeek, which has a long history of links to extremism, while in Europe.

According to Claude Moniquet, a former Belgian intelligence agent and co-founder of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, poverty and segregation are feeding extremism in the area. …
On top of this, officials have not taken on extremist ideology, Moniquet said.

“They completely let the bad guys do absolutely what they wanted,” he said. “They have been too nice, too tolerant, too bland. They didn’t want to see radical Islamism in this part of the country because the only thing interesting for them is peace [and quiet] and to be reelected.”

That sounds exactly like what has happened in Sweden, another small country that though it could welcome all comers, no questions asked, not to mention Germany where Hausfrau - Voplksfuhrer Merkels legendary political skill has been exposed a a fairy tale, with a friendly, left dominated media having covered up growing social problems related to immigration for two decades? 

Perhaps Belgium has learned a lesson the hard way. If not, other EU nations may have and one way to measure that will be whether they ditch the no-borders policies of the past decade, and get back to securing their own nations properly. France moved in that direction immediately after the Paris attacks, and it’s time for the other nations of the EU to follow suit.

Black Belgians Refute ‘Poverty, Discrimination’ As Causes Of Arab Terror - It's A Cultural Thing

“You know, we hear a lot about how the Arabs are a fragile community that suffers, but we, ‘les blackies,’ are discriminated against, too, and we hurt nobody”, Nico Atoba, an African Christian living in Brussels told the National Post for a feature the Canadian newspaper was assembling.

We Will Never Defeat Terrorists While Idiots Like This Are Allowed To Hold Public Office
Lets face it, the culture of politically correct thinking and white guilt thar prevails in the public sector is the biggest factor working in support of Jihadism and the globalist elite's push to destabilise civilised nations as a means of smoothing the way to creation of a global government. Here's what I mean:

French Legislator Proposes Alliance With Russia to Prevent More Attacks
After the terrorist bombings in Brussels yesterday Europe went into a kind of meltdown as various politicians competed to show who was the most clueless on how to deal with terror and Muslim extremism, which has been imported into the streets of European cities by the idiotic, politically correct, open doors immigration policy imposed on most member nations by the bureaucrats who run the EU.

Britain’s report on Muslim Brotherhood contradicts U.S. views on group
A spate of warning on the imminent threat of more and increasingly bloody attacks on Britain and Europe by Muslim terror group Islamic State have been issued by British government security agencies in the past few days. As well as one from the Police covert anti terror unit, reported here, another, Muslim Brotherhood Review has been featured in the Washington Times

USA Extends Drone war To Africa
So why we wonder is the USA taking its drone war against the third world into deepest, sub Sahran Africa? There cannot be any reason for it, the cited aim of neutralising Boko Haram is not valid because boko Haram are not a standing army but a guerilla force that strikes and then melts away into the civilian population.

Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

We reported several weeks ago that the French government was planning a clampdown on conspiray theories by shutting down certain dissident websites. Since then we have learned the French government have shown they are prepared to go even further in attacking citizens right of free speech

Die Hard With A Tribal Mask: 23 Dead After Al-Qaeda Storms West African Hotel
The renewed turmoil in Burkina Faso the landlocked country which is Africa’s fourth-largest gold producer and which has been torn by civil conflicts since it gained independence from France in 1960. Coup d'etats in 1966, 1970, 1977 and 1983, with changes of political style from the new regimes each time destabilised the country and obstructed progress.

France’s Slide Into Martial Law
One of the stories we reported recently concerned the way the socialist government in France is using the November 2016 terrorist attacks to push the country towards Martial law and full government control of the media. This was initially disguised by Francois Hollande's government as a clampdown on 'conspiracy theories' that damage national security.

France is trying to create a coalition to destroy Isil, but President Obama isn't interested
With France leading Europe into a coalition with Russia against Islamic State, and Chia also giving its support to the struggle against Islamic extremism, why is Barack Hussein Obama still pussyfooting around and talking about the need to support moderate anti - Assad groups? Could it be his Saudi puppet masters agenda of overthrowing Assad is more important to him.

There's No Such Thing As ISIS": Whistleblowing Journalist Destroys West's Terror Narrative, Warns Of Crackdown On "Dissidents
A day after the massacre of innocent citizens by Islamic extremists that turned the streets of Paris into charnel house, the beleagured Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had a message for the West. While condemning the attacks and branding the perpetrators “savages”, Assad reminded the world that Syria has faced this brand of terrorism for five years. In what amounted to an "I told you so" moment, Assad, a civilised man, also said the following:

Terrorism: France Will Push To End Borderless Schengen Zone
Europe’s free movement zone is already under pressure due to the tide of illegal entrants flooding over the EU's external borders. Now, terror stricken French citizens will demand emergency border controls and the re - establishment of national borders at a summit on Friday." To all intents and purposes it will be a temporary suspension of Schengen,"

Who Runs America, The White House Or The Shadow Government?
Reports of President Barack Obama’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit over the weekend do not look right in the context of yet another blitz of provocative rhetoric from The Pentagon and the Department of Defence towards Moscow. In view of the USA's constant push towards all out war with Russia, one has to ask who is in control: Obama or the generals?

Paris Horror Demonstrates Limits On Tolerance And Need For Border Controls
As the lawless criminal scum imported by Merkel in her efforts to suck up to Obama threaten to turn Germany into a third world human cespit, it seems public opinion in European is waking up.

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