Sunday, January 11, 2015

In The War On Terror, Freedom Is Not Winning

Nothing to do with the article but I liked it - Je Suis Charlie (source)

While we would like to write about more positive things, protecting democracy and free speech, guiding people towards healthy lifestyles, how we the punters can save the planet (especially from the idiocies of the Warmageddonist lobby) and so on, we find far too much of our time is spent trying to get the truth about important issues in front of readers. Mainstream media has abandoned news reporting in favour of simply repeating government and corporate propaganda. Terrorism is one issue on which you will only finds out facts from new media.

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The War On Terror That Freedom Is Not Winning.

French Legislator Proposes Alliance With Russia to Prevent More Attacks

After the terrorist bombings in Brussels yesterday Europe went into a kind of meltdown as various politicians competed to show who was the most clueless on how to deal with terror and Muslim extremism, which has been imported into the streets of European cities by the idiotic, politically correct, open doors immigration policy imposed on most member nations by the bureaucrats who run the EU.
Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

We reported several weeks ago that the French government was planning a clampdown on conspiray theories by shutting down certain dissident websites. Since then we have learned the French government have shown they are prepared to go even further in attacking citizens right of free speech

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The Hard-Core Nazis Who Rule In Kiev Were Put There By EU and USA
We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House Say ISIS Leaders
Truth Starts To Emerge About Boko Haram
Next CIA Target For Destabilisation And War - Nigeria
War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda
How did ISIS Islamist fanatics receive American weapons?
German Chancellor Lashes Out at Anti-Islamification Marches as Support Grows

Oxford University Bans All Things Pig Related In Support Of Free Speech
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