Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cheaper Drugs Now

Cheaper drugs now! David Threlfall as waster Frank Gallagher in the original UK comedy drama Shamesless

Regulators are increasingly concerned about the availability of cheap, unlicensed drugs from websites. Anyone who has an e-mail account will be sick of sales pitches for cheap off-prescription viagra replicas (which, we are reliably informed, taste like blue Tic Tac mints) and bigger dick pills.

These are harmless enough. The latest worry concerns the appearance in spam campaigns of ads for a miracle drugs, the makers of which claim it will cure cancer, Delhi belly, athlete’s foot, tennis elbow and any inclinations to vote for John McCain or Boris Johnson.
“Self medication should not be encouraged in any circumstances,” a spokesperson told Boggart Blog.

We disagree. Web pharmacists may have hit on a way to cure not only the aforementioned diseases plus preventing random attacks of nurdling, prestadigitation of the hypophothomus and addiction to Rick Astley, but also all the ills of the NHS.

Allowing patients to self medicate is a stroke of genius even though unlicensed drugs may trigger a stroke of another kind. Self medication will reduce the workload, achieve instant cost cuts and if enough patients manage to give themselves lethal overdoses, enable hospitals to hit their targets on shortening waiting lists.

Compare to that the medical objections seem like self interest. Millions of people have been self medicating for years and they are not dead.
What do doctors have against death anyway? They behave as if dying is some kind of crime yet if we consider a future of rising inflation, an increasingly hostile climate, food shortages, house repossessions, old age, decrepitude and higher taxes, death starts to look like an attractive lifestyle option.

Governments of the market forces tendency come to power by promising freedom of choice yet in recent years they have taken away our freedom to smoke ourselves to death, made it more expensive to drink ourselves to death, lectured us on the irresponsibility of eating ourselves to death or starving ourselves to death and now they want to deny us the right to self medicate ourselves with unlicensed and untested drugs.
What kind of democracy is that eh? Where is the freedom of choice?


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First Post: Sweet and Sour, The Miracle Berry
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In the light of the current obesity pandemic the berry would be of enormous value. So why can we find out little about it, in whose interests is it to keep this potential life savers out of the public domain. We don't think you will need three guesses.

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Prominent Oncologists says Expensive Cancer Thrapies Are About Profit Not Cures

Tullio Simoncini (1951) is a doctor based in Rome who specialises in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders (cancer research and treatments to us laymen). Dr. Simoncini has a track record for opposing the type of intellectual conformity demanded by the academic community and enforced by the media, which, he says, is often based on suppositions without foundation or worse, on lies and falsities.

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