Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Unreported Scandals Of The Obama Administration

by Arthur Foxake.

To the very end, as they grow more hysterical by the minute in their attempts to demonise Donald Trump, blame Vladimir Putin for all America's problems and escalated the middle east conflict into a global war, the brainwashed sycophants of mainstream media continue to praise Barack Obama to such an irrational and totally idiotic extent, a visitor from another planet who had not read alt - media might easily be led to believe the Cocksucker - In - Chief had been a half - adequate president or something.

from Newsbusters:

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw, after Obama’s January 10 farewell speech gushed: “He’s been scandal free, frankly, in the White House. We haven’t had that what for a while.” Time magazine’s Joe Klein, back in December declared there has been “absolutely no hint of scandal” during his eight years. And in 2013 reporters first took up this line when the GOP Congress began investigating the myriad of scandals from Obama’s first term. At that time ABC’s Jon Karl noted that this was “a White House that takes pride in being scandal-free.” NPR’s Steve Inskeep asserted “This administration has been described, I don’t even know how many times, as remarkably scandal-free,” and Time’s Rana Foroohar noted “the President has been very rightfully proud of the lack of scandal in his administration so far.”

These liberal reporters have the audacity to bless this administration as scandal free, because many of Obama’s controversies were either ignored or barely reported by the establishment media.

The following is a look through NewsBuster's parent site MRC’s archives shows how disgusting some of the scandals involving the most corrupt and opaque administration ever, actually were. And yet even the worst scandals and gaffes made during the Obama administration were hardly mentioned at the time by mainstream media:

1: IRS politicised, told to target Tea Party supporters with full tax audits

2: Fast and Furious - the Federal government committed Federal crimes to help people traffickers, gun runners and drug dealers

3: VA Scandal - Obama administration active in preventing US military veterans from getting proper medical treatment
they were entitled to.

4: Obama aides admitted they were "Relying on “Stupidity of the American Voter” to Pass ObamaCare"

5: ObamaCare scheme failures, soaring premiums and insurance companies withdrawing participation

6: Solyndra - despite $500 million in stimulus money the solar panel maker never made a single solar panel.

7: Ransom for hostages: In spite of UN rules forbidding it, the Obama adsministration paid ransoms to terrorist

Read the full exposé scandal by scandal on NewsBusters site

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Hollywood Luvvies Line Up To Express Hatred Of Trump

When I saw a headline which promised to present political profiles of showbiz luvvies who hate Donald Trump, puirely from curiosity I decided to check it out. Unsurprisingly the has beens and Z listers read like a line up for Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity name

Andrew Garfield
Charlotte Church

Meryl Streep
Lady Gaga
Green Day
George R R Martin
Bryan Cranston
Bruce Springstein

John Stewart
Zachary Quinto
Martin Amis
Jennifer Lawrence

Jerry Springer

Stephen King

John Legend

Claim to fame

Could be a childen's entertainer or a cartoon cat
Being a bit of a dick
Silly fat tart who blew her fortune, talent and the Pontypool Male Voice Choir
Actress - thinks her opinions matter
Made insanity into an art form
Had a hit record twenty years ago
Game of Thrones author - lost the plot after volume 4
Said he'd move to Canada but hasn't
Said "He's a con man". Could have been talking about Trump, Obama, G Dubya Bush or 'Sick Willy' Clinton
Thinks hating Republicans makes him a comedian
If there was an Oscar for having a silly name he'd be a contender.
His Dad was a decent novelist
Kantriss in The Hunger Games, probably confused Donald Trump with Donald Sutherland
Politician turned freak show owner. Resents Trump for moving in the opposite direction?
Curmudgeonly novelist. Got rich by writing the same story twenty times.
Said she'd rather stick needles in her eyes than appear with Trump. No big deal, someone already stuck needles everywhere else in her face.
John who?

(Excluded - The Dixie Chicks, nominated for making a funny joke about Trump's hair; Mohammed Ali, merely complained when Trump tweeted he could not think of any American Muslim sporting stars; Susan Sarandon, dislikes Trump but hated Hillary Clinton more, a perfectly reasonable position. Also a number of British stars because they are embarrassing our country by jumping on a bandwagon, thus showing British luvvies are as shallow, stupid, self regarding and pointless as the Hollywood gang.) For the full list CLICK HERE

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