Saturday, May 20, 2006

Before We Forget How To Be

Have you forgotten how to be? Not do, just be. We are all encouraged to identify ourselves by what we are doing but I think that's what is driving us crazy. Spirituality to be is being connected. The English writer D H Lawrence summed it up when he penned this line: Mankind needs to get back in touch with the rhythms of the universe.

before we can do that I believe we have to stop frenetically 'doing' and learn once more how to enjoy simply being. Unless we can break out of the cycle of doing we risk losing our freedom to make choices.

Read Before We Forget How To Be and maybe you will find out how to get a different perspective on life.

And as that is a tad serious by my standards why not check out What The Dickens, a surreal comedy tale in the style of Charles Dickens.

The secret of invisibility A poem about a different state of being.


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