Saturday, December 03, 2016

Migrants Insulating Themselves From European Culture

Immigrant communities in Germany, especially in Muslim dominated areas, are becoming more isolated and resisting attempt to encourage integration with western society according to a new study.

The biggest contributory factor in current wave of lawlessness and civil unrest  in Muslim areas, and the increasingly confrontational situation between recent migrants and Germans has been the inability of the German government to properly integrate migrants from the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere into German society. 

These uneducated and often illiterate immigrants are not only virtually unemployable, they seem to think they can cling to Sharia Law and other values and traditions of their homeland which are totally incompatible with European secular values. This is particularly apparent in their attitude to women. Many of these migrants think it is OK to rape a woman who goes out in public wearing a short skirt, or with her head uncovered.

 The study, carried out by by the German Association for Housing and Urban Development (VHW),  shows that migrants, especially those of a lower income bracket, are becoming less integrated and some outright reject the culture of Germany entirely according to a report in Die Welt .

The study, titled "immigrant worlds in Germany 2016," looks at migrants within the major cities and municipalities of the country and  shows many migrant groups choosing to isolate themselves rather than establish links with those of other backgrounds. Bernd Hallenberg, who works for the VHW, said, “The migrant milieus are developing apart.” Many migrant communities are retreat into themselves on a social and cultural level, refusing to mix with people of other cultures and refusing to tolerate the values of other cultures.

The study shows a trend of migrants, who once saw themselves as Germans, identifying more with the ethnic and cultural background of their origin. A similar study carried out in 2008 by the VHW shows a trend among migrants to Germany towards segregation, rather than integration.

It is not helpful when academics such as sociologist Annette Treibel publicly state that Germans should  integrate into migrant culture  and adopt the bahaviour and lifestyles of  migrants to make the newcomers feel more welcome in Germany. Similar proposals have been made by other academics who see the idea of an overarching German culture as  “proto-fascist” notion. They have called for mandatory Arabic lessons for Germans in the public education system. Such interventions are seen by German nationalists as fanning the flames of civil unrest.

Germany is set to spend € billions on the integration of new migrants per year, but if the VHW study is any indication, the money may be largely wasted.  Some more conservative and nationalistic academics have urged the German government to take a radically different approach and encourage the further ghettoization of migrant groups. While this is popular with rank and file voters, the political and social establishment are horrified by such ideas and dismiss them as racist.

An even more radical proposal was made by Salafist expert and Green party member Kurt Edler who said that Syrian asylum seekers shouldn’t be expected to integrate into German society and should instead be given their own city, which he called a “New Aleppo.” The glaring folly of that idea is it takes the first step towards the disastrous development of establishing a state within a state.


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