Friday, June 27, 2014

The Authoritarian Left And The Threat To Personal Liberty

Ian reflects on his political position, has he really moved from near anarchist left to reactionary right on the political spectrum without changing his opionions, or have authoritarians hijacked the language of liberal and libertarian philosophy and perverted it to serve a neo fascist, big government agenda?

But as well as questioning his own journey from being an anarchistic young rebel who believed in the equality of all under a single law, freedom of speech, thought and religion, personal liberty combined with personal responsibility, small government and minimal official intrusion into private lives, the common law  and a democratic society in which power is derived from the bottom up (by majority vote) rather than top down, the will of a small unelected elite, to being a swivel every right wing nut job who believes in  the equality of all under a single law, freedom of speech, thought and religion, personal liberty combined with ... fill the rest in for yourselves while those who call themselves liberals and radicals talk of criminalising dissent, passing laws to restrict freedom of thought, making it a felony to challenge certain ideas and ... well you know the rest.

The Authoritarian Left And The Threat To Personal Liberty

BBC’s Fawning Tributes To Brutal Dictator Castro Sicken Many British Taxpayers.

The Post Modern Thought Police
Champagne Socialists

The Left In Meltdown
As the UK Labour Party crumbles into complete disarray with it’s leader, the sixty – eight year old perpetual student protestor Jeremy Corbyn proving a more divisive figure than any of his predecessors, as he sacrifices more and more votes on the altar of fashionable causes, and the EU, natural successor to Hitler’s European unification project falls apart in the face of resurgent cultural nationalism, it is quite satisfying to see ...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's Anti Corporatism Week

It wasn't planned (nothing on this or my other blogs ever is) but this has turned out to be anti - corporatism week - really folks, it has never been more clearly demonstated than over the past few days that the corpoate state and the corporate banking cartel are collaborating to crate a global government:

One day we posted a long article on how the corporate cartel is taking over the world, the next we read very credible information showing the corporate businesses that make up the cartel are being bought up by the central banks. Now nominally the central banks are owned by government, i.e. we the people. In reality however most central banks are controlled by the Rothschild banking dynasty which hold jaw dropping amounts of government debt. WTF is going on?
Read more:
If Free Market Capitalism Is The Global Economic System, WTF Is This All About?

While the left wail and gnash their teeth over the evils of capitalism and when they need a change scream and shout accusations of 'racist' and 'bigot' at those who try to enlighten them, the problem in the world is not capitalism but corporatism. And as Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini said, corporatism is fascism. Learn how the dupes who think they are left wing are helping fascim succeed in the article below.
Read more:
Corporatism: Government of The People By The Technocrats For The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bring Back Our Hummer, ISIS Mocks Obamas’ ‘Hashtag Diplomacy’

The ISIS forces fighting for the cause of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria are being demonised by western mainstream media but reports say people living in the occupied areas of iraq are quite comfortable with the new rulers, and the mocking by ISIS of Barack and Michelle Obama’s hashtag diplomacy shows they have a sense of humour.

Read the full post on Barry and Michelle’s hashtag diplomacy and lots more irreverent, politically incorrect and gleefully evil satirical posts at our long running home Boggart Blog. Everybody is fair game, we do not discriminate on grounds of colour, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or social status, if you’re in the news, you’re in our sights.

Bring Back Our Hummer, ISIS Mocks Obamas’ ‘Hashtag Diplomacy’

Friday, June 20, 2014

Climate change is a theory for which there is "no scientific proof at all" says the co-founder of Greenpeace

As the science behind the great global warming scare is exposed for the complete fraud it always was, the zealots of The Church Of Climate Science are getting more fanatical in trying to impose their crackpot religion on the gullible and weak minded (aka politicians). Trouble is nobody trusts either politicians or scientists so all that is achieved is to keep attention focused on  the bullshit of a bunch of crooks  a bunch of and liars while serious environmental issues are ignored.

This article is an antidote to the lies and misrepresentations still being peddled by the reasearch grant troughers of the academic world as they try to cling to a little credibility.

Pentagon wrestles with bogus climate warnings as funds shifted to green agenda


The ‘Colossal Unmentionable’ of the Climate Fraud

An incisive analysis from The Wall Street Journal that shows who and what will benefit from the great climate change scam (clue, it will not be the climateor the environment and it will certainly not be people like you and me.)

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Has Human Evolution Stopped - Are We Now Masters Of Our Own Destiny

The usual arguments around the topic of evolution revolve on the science versus religion war, did we evolve or were we created? That is really an unsatisfactory debate because unless the ancient texts of many religions are interpreted literally then the Big Bang could have been the result of an act of creation while evolution addresses the diversity of life, not its origin.  When we consider the question of whether modern biology has made evolution obsolete however, that is fertile ground for those who like to speculate.

Read a considered article on the question of evolution: are the current generation of humans the end of evolution, will science now determine what we become in the future, or have the scientists got it horribly wrong in trying to control nature and will future generations pay an enormous price for their hubris.

Has Human Evolution Stopped

Monday, June 16, 2014

Warmageddonist Intolerance Increases As The 'Science' Their Case Was built On Collapses

This publication has always denounced the scaremongering that surrounds the climate issue and the blatant lies being told by scientists and politicians. Even thoght the global mean temperature has not risen for hearly twenty years, climate scientists and green activists claim rate of increase is accelerating, catastrophe is almost upon us and huge tax increases are required. It's all bollocks of course, but that does not stop the witch hunts.

The latest instalment of the medieval bloodsport saw a Dr. Rossiter, a man of undoubted liberal tendencies summarily sacked and humiliated for going 'off message'.

Read full article

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Want A Good Laugh? Try This: Tony Blair Says Invasion Of Iraq Did Not Trigger Current Crisis

Iraq under the very unpleasant (to western minds) dictator Saddam Hussein was the most prosperous and secular on muslim states in the middle east until Saddam fell out with the USA. The first Gulf War of 1991 and sanctions that followed ruined Iraqi prosperity but the people remained loyal to Saddam until the Bush administration, aided by the British Labour government of Tony Blair invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam. Since then the nation has slid into dystopian chaos and has now broken up into tribal and sectarian mini states

Read full post on Blair justifying his bloody war

So is Blair trying to be a bigger comedian than Obama who recently told Tumblr users that the world has never been less violent or more tolerant than it is right now. Yeah right Barry, hows that DARPA project to create genetically modified pigs with wings coming on. (Meanwhile on another planet)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iraq's borders are crumbling: this is a disaster for western foreign policy

It was inevitable. I started commentating on world affairs in 2005, a few years before The Daily Stirrer was set up. TRhe Iraq conflict was still going on at that time, George W Bush was boasting 'mission accomplished' and the Islamist militias were positioning themselves for the moment the Americans withdrew. Bush's even more inept successor withdrew occupying troops for purely political reasons and since then Iraq has slid into the grip of fanatics who would establish an Islamic theocracy.

Follow the link below to read a more complete analysis of how the western powers have failed the people of Iraq and how the current situation will escalate into a catastrophe for the west.

Read longer article on Iraq disintegration

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Insanity Of Those Who believe Genetically Modified Foods Are Safe

Some people will tell you that everything we eat is genticically modified as a way of trying to persuade you those of us campaigning against government / corporate efforts to force GM foods into our diet are just scaremongers. There is a big difference however between selective breeding which farmers have done foir thousands of years, and re-engineering plant DNA so the plant still produces its foodcrop even efter being splayed with weedkillers and pesticides deadly to humans in very small quantities.

Read longer article on the obfuscatory tactics used by the biotech lobby to make genetically engineered foods (i.e. those with genes inserted that are taken from completely different species - spider genes inserted into tomato DNA for example) to make it sound as if these Frankenstein Foods are produced by methods no  different to the selective breeding farmers have used to improve crops since the stone age.

The Insanity Of Those Who believe Genetically Modified Foods Are Safe

Monday, June 09, 2014

Barack Obama: A Pacifist Turned Warmonger Threatens Nuclear Holocaust

Barack Hussein Obama, the first African American President Of The USA, elected on a promise of hope and change, was presented to the world as the peacemaker and joybringer, the healer of nations who would lead humanity to an era of peace, prosperity, cooperation and good will, building a world in which any problem, no matter how intractable, could be solved by joining hands and singing Kumbaya.

These were among the less hyperbolic claims made for Obama by sycophantic media luvvies and his besotted supporters.
In spite of all the hype however, six years into his Presidency Obama is the most unpopular President ever, his disastrous foreign policy has twice brought the world to the brink of war while loonytoons economics have driven many middle class Americas into penury. Problems like education, joblessness, food cost inflation, wage stagnation and inner city decay remain unaddressed and the USA is more bitterly divided than ever.

So where did it all go wrong? And will the legacy of Obama's failed presidency be to go down in history as the president of whom the most was expected and by whom the least was delivered?

Read a longer article on Obama the career failure

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What exactly do we know about Obama's background?
Is Obama trying to create a Big Brther total surveillance regime
Celebrity politician Obama accused of hashtag diplomacy
Obama regime has been the instigator of many civil conflicts
Obama the real danger to world peace says European leader
Obama administration trying to kill free speech on the internet
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Saturday, June 07, 2014

What if man-made climate change is all in the mind?

If our view of reality is shaped by the mind and our perceptions of information, how successful are attempts to manipulate the perceptions of the whole populations through manipulated data, spin and assertions of authority likely to be. As scientists and politicians moan that the public no longer take sertiously climate change scare stories, we have to conclude, not very.

there is only one way to determine what impact we are having on atmospheric conditions and that is by looking at the pre-human record and comparing it with the human record.
If it can be shown that during the pre-human record there have been periods of climate change - and there undoubtedly have been - and that these were markedly different from what is happening now, then it would be reasonable to assume that human activity is having an impact and vice versa.unless and until this data becomes available it is impossible to be dogmatic one way or the other.

In other words, the whole anthropogenic global warming scare was based on guesswork and wishful thinking.

Read more:
What if man-made climate change is all in the mind?

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Liberal Thinker Noam Chomsky Says Obama Is Abolishing Civil Liberties. WTF Is Going On In America?

WTF is going on in America? Obama's most enthusiastic and highest profile supporers are deserting him in droves as the President drives his aministration faster and faster towards fascism. A planned executive order to shut down coal and oil fuelled power stations will dive electricity and food prices up and force millions into poverty. The nation isd hopelessly divided. And Obama's answer: more surveillance, more strong arm tactics from the authorities. Well some of us did warn you in 2008 of what was to come ...

Read more:
Liberal Thinker Noam Chomsky Says Obama Is Abolishing Civil Liberties. WTF Is Going On In America?

Servergate: 'Immune' Hillary IT-Staffer Reportedly A "Devastating Witness" - FBI
We reported a little while ago, in our series of posts chronicling the downfall of Hillary Clinton after the story of how, while Secretary Of State, she made use of personal IT equipment to handle top secret government material. The story broke just as Hillary's campaign ran into stormy waters when Bernie Sanders, originally written off as a fringe candidate began to gain momentum ...

US Supreme Court Judge Found Dead 'With A Pillow Over His Head'

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Will Bilderberg End Privacy As We Know It? Agenda Suggests The Elite Will Know Everything About You

The sinister and secretive Bilderberg Group are meeting in Copenhagen this week (June 1 -8, 2014).

Forced by pressure from new media and public opinion to reveal some details of its proceedings the group, the existence of which was denied from it's inauguration in 1952 to the beginning of the current century, seems set on a course of increasing surveillance of private individuals legitimate activities. It seems the less of a threat you pose to society, they more these bastards feel they can exploit your very natural fears. It is not al Qaeda you need to fear, but the elite.

Read more on the elite's plans to record everything you do:
Bilderberg Agenda Suggests The Elite Will Know Everything About You

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree
US Supreme Court Judge Found Deat 'With A Pillow Over His Head'
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