Friday, March 10, 2023

Amid Latest Attempts To Spin Defeat As Victory, NATO Proaganda Revives Tge Old Yellow Peril Scare


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reported this weekend that China could be on the verge of providing “lethal” support to Russia. In comments to CBS, Blinken said that such aid would cause a “very serious problem” between the U.S. and China. If China provided arms, it would still not overcome serious problems in the Russian military, and Beijing would directly position itself as an adversary of the West.

Appearing on Face the Nation, Blinken asserted that China has already provided “non-lethal support” to Russia 's military campaign in Ukraine. The aid was provided by Chinese companies, but as Blinken noted, “there’s really no distinction between private companies and the state in China, the concern that we have now is based on information from our intelligence services is that they’re considering providing lethal support.”

“The west will punish China accordingly”: are they having a laugh? 

This same 'west' as is going to punish China if it crosses the wobbly and constantly changing redline drawn by Joe Biden (with wife Jill guiding his hand of course,) has over the past twenty five years been infiltrated by the Chinese at all levels. Starting with the offshoring of a majority of our manufacturing industry as political leaders fell over themselves to pander to the communists and misantropes of the Green lobby, we also exported our advanced technology and know-how there. And at the same time China accrued vast amounts of US, EU and UK debt buy buying the treasury bonds that were issued will nilly to fund ridiculously generous welfare and foreign aid policies impemented by virtue signalling left wing politicians.

This punishment on China is to be delivered by the same west that did and does nothing as China builds a worldwide empire (even under the nose of the US in Middle America and Caribbean ) gaining military control step by step over all major shipment routes (ever thought of a Chinese military base at the Falklands just as in Djibouti or Sri Lanka and others), has bought up most of the world's major mines and so on. The west is not even capable of enhancing production of one sort of ammunition  for a war which has lasted a year now. It needs a half a year to organise itself get the heavy battle tanks pledged to Ukraine out of their depots and then half another year until they are refitted for usage:

How successful does anyone think 'the west' can be in punishing China, even in the USA, NATO members and outlying farmsteads like Australia and Japan can get thir arses in gear and actually agre on what to do? 

And should they ever be in a state of readiness to act, they need to be minful of the fact that China is not Russia, and that Russia, so far, has been very restrained in its war in Ukraine. If Moscow had adopted NATO tactics for overthrowing governments it does not like, carpet bombing, use of depleted uranium shells, shock and awe bombardments etc. the only reason that Ukraine would not have been reduced to a bankrupt, corrupt, lawless failed state like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya by now is that it had been a bankrupt, corrupt, lawless failed state since the US led coup of 2014 replaced a democratically elected government with a pro - western, neo - Nazi regime. 


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