Thursday, May 22, 2008

Denying Lesbian Couples IVF Treatment Will Lead To More Pub Closures

All this week the issues surrounding human fertility and embryos, including stem cell research and abortion have been debated by out elected representatives. This has thrown up more potential for humour than any other topic I can remember. Take this clause on the availability of IVF treatment for lesbian couples.

Former conservative leader and front runner in the race to be the baldest politician in Britain, Ian Duncan Smith who is perhaps even better known because his initials are almost the same as an embarrassing medical problem has put himself back in the news. He thinks children need fathers and so has tabled an amendment to the Human Embryo and Fertilisation Bill requiring that fertility clinics be prevented from offering IVF treatment to lesbian couples who want to have a baby.

"Girls brought up by a traditional heterosexual couple are less likely to become pregnant in their teens because they learn from their fathers it is possible to have a loving relationship with a man without sex being involved," IDS said while speaking in support of his amendment. poor chap, he has never really been in touch with what is going on in the world and has obviously not heard about the bloke with in Austria who kept his daughter as a sex slave for thirty years.

Enough of poking fun at the ineptitude of former politicians though. You want to hear about pub closures.

Another Conservative, John Bercow, who does not belong to the party’s Not In My Back Yard tendency probably because he spends most of his time at his second home, a small farm in the country, and so does not care what is going on in his backyard, had this to say:
"I know of a lesbian couple who went to a clinic to ask about IVF and were told to go to a pub and find a man."

This demonstrates how important it is to grant lesbian couples access to IVF treatment as once in order to save the livelihoods of many pub landlords. What man in his right mind would want to drink in a pub if he was in constant fear of being molested by rampant lesbians intent on extracting a sperm sample.

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