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American Truckers BOYCOTT New York In Protest Over Democrat Judicial Witch Hunt Against Trump


Picture source: New York Post

We noted reports of an upcoming truckers' boycott of New York City, in protest at the ludicrous 'crime'  of overstating the value of some of his assets. The boycott, though it does not involve farmers or farm vehicles is organised along the lines of recent farmer's protests in Germany, France, Spain and around Europe over rising costs and 'net zero' policies in Europe and according to reports in US alt_media has commenced this week making "Boycott New York" one of the top trending topics on X.

Google searches for "trucker boycott" are  also surging as the nation avidly consumed print and video news about a boycott that could bring business and normal life to a standstill in the Big Apple.

So-called "MAGA truck drivers," always known to be big supporters of the former president, whom most believe was cheated out of a second term by Democrat vote fixing in favour or the blundering, demented Monarch of Mediocrity Joe Biden.  They are making their feelings known about the apparent withc hunt in states and cities run by the Democrats, which has seen 'trumped-up' charges brought against the  former president and ludicrous damages awards made against him by Democrat activist judges in civil lawsuits based on very dubious evidence. By refusing to deliver food and other goods to New York City following a court ruling over alleged fraud and what the New York Daily News describes as "a history of fraud and sexual abuse." 

The verdict that triggered the New York boycott and more unrest around the USA is a Manhattan judge's  with a well documented record of far-left activism, ordered that Trump pay $355 million for shady business practices that include inflating and deflating the value of his properties to suit his desires.

In another recent case a jury packed with left leaning jurors agreed that Trump should pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million for defamation after he spoke ill of the woman, whom he was found to have sexually assaulted almost 30 years ago. The strange thing about that case is that Ms Carroll did not bother to report the alleged assault to police at the time and when she did decide to take legal action her decision was to sue Trump for defamation of character because when she had gone public on the alleged incident, he denied ever having met the complainant.

By depriving New York City of necessities, truckers aim to punish the city's residents and teach them a lesson so they will leave Trump alone. When protesting French farmers recently blockaded Paris the authorities predicted that the city would start to experience shortages of fresh food within three days. The French government quickly caved it and granted some of the farmers' demands.

My advice for New Yorkers is start stocking up," one of the truckers leaders wrote in a post on X, "there's [sic] millions of Truckers for Trump millions of us ... leave Trump TF alone."

(It was: We recently revealeded that the U.S. Treasury targeted "MAGA" finances without due process – check out the link.)

Not only is New York City the target of a boycott on goods deliveries, so are other Democrat-run cities across the USA.  There could be a lot of hungry American's in the coming days.

"Liberals laugh at the thought of a trucker boycott of NYC," another trucker posted on X. "A few years ago, a trucker boycott brought the state of Colorado to its knees. MAGA patriots make this country run. Liberals make our coffee." The last sentence may be a reference to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez, a former waitress whose far left views and volubility got her elected to congress where she regularly proves one does not need to be intelligent to be a politician.

Without truck deliveries, New York City and other targeted cities will no longer receive medical supplies, fuel, food, package deliveries, new automobiles and cash for ATMs. Trash collection and removal could also be affected.

The shortages that will result if boycott lasts more than a few days are likely drive to prices of essentials even higher reports indicate, though this could be a smokescreen for a fast-failing economy that is already in freefall due to the ongoing money-dilution and other corrupt financial endeavors of the Biden Administration and the Federal Reserve central bank.

Some shipping companies are also reported to be joining the trucker boycott as well, which if true will mean problems for interstate commerce in the coming days and weeks.

Between 70 and 73 percent of all freight in the United States is delivered via trucks. This means the entire U.S. economy is at risk of coming to a screeching halt should the trucker protest escalate in the way the European Farmers' protests did.



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As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

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