Friday, May 20, 2022

Back in business

 Our recent enforced break was not due to lack of enthusiasm, good grief there's so much geopolitical jiggery pokery going on its had to filter out what we want to write about. Unfortunately about three weeks ago I injured my one good arm, (the other hasn't worked properly since 1997,) and found it difficult to type more than a few lines without experiencing severe discomfort. My two colleagues in Boggart Blog / Greenteeth Digital Publishing, being well past the first flush of middle age like myself, life to take holidays at this time of year when the beaches on The Mediterranean shore are not too crowded and the weather is not oppressively hot (and the hotels are not full of screeching children but they don't say that out loud,) so it has ben an enforced break for Boggart Abroad.

But now we are baxk, On With The Motley as they saying goes.

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