Saturday, June 03, 2017

US Democrats Shamelessly Admit To Rigging Primaries For Hillary Clinton

Even without what we learned from Wikileaks it was obvious the Democrat National Comittee (DNC) rigged their primaries process to ensure former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the party's 2016 presidential candidate. Supporters of her rival Bernie Sanders and Democratic donors have sued the DNC alleging it defrauded its constituents.

During the primaries, the system was not only stacked in favor of Clinton, there was actual electoral fraud during the counting of votes. The DNC chair at the time a Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was castigated for trying to make the Democratic Party presidential debates as few and low-key as possible, knowing that Clinton is a poor debater and Sanders would excoriate her. Wasserman - Schultz was later forced to step down when she was blamed for misdemeanours that should have landed Clinton in trouble.

Regardless of Sanders’ victories during the primaries and caucuses, superdelegates (appointed by Democratic parties in the states) lined up behind Hillary, guaranteeing Sanders’ defeat, even without the enormous voter fraud in California (reported elsewhere on this blog). Defeat by Sanders in California would have demolished Clinton's credibility as a candidate, so thousands of Sanders supporters throughout the state were removed from the voters' register.

Internal DNC emails leaked by the late Seth Rich, the campaign worker who was murdered in very suspicious circumstances shortly after being identified as the main suspect for leaks the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee have consistently tried to blame on Russia,  only confirmed allegations of the DNC’s rigged primary system, underscoring deep-rooted corruption in the party.

The trove of DNC emails made public by WikiLeaks revealed top officials within the Democratic National Committee privately conspiring to undermine and antagonize Sanders’ campaign, ultimately resulting in Wasserman-Schultz quitting her post in July 2016. Until now however Democratic Party managers have not commented on the alleged vote rigging in the primaries. Now however, senior figures in the party are openly admitting that yes, Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the nomination.

Wasserman-Schultz rescinded a ban on donations from lobbyists and PACs when Sanders emerged as a viable challenger to Clinton in late 2015.

The rule change paved the way for the establishment of the Hillary Victory Fund, which Politico uncovered was laundering money to the Clinton campaign under the claims of fundraising for state Democratic parties. The Clinton campaign would have been outpaced by the Sanders campaign in fundraising if it were not for the rule change.

Current DNC Chairman and former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, while campaigning to become the DNC chairman, even admitted in February that the Democratic Party primaries were rigged in favor of Clinton.
The class-action lawsuit, Wilding et al v DNC Services Corporation and Deborah “Debbie” Wasserman-Schultz, alleges the DNC violated its own rules on neutrality, presenting itself as a neutral political organization while it elevated Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominating elections.

During an April 25 hearing, the DNC argued the case should be dismissed. Judge William J. Zloch, a Reagan-appointed senior federal judge for the United States District Court serving the Southern District of Florida, heard oral arguments pertaining to the DNC’s Motion to Dismiss request on April 28.
DNC lawyers justified the party’s right to select candidates through “back-room” deals and tip the scale for the establishment’s preferred primary candidate.


The FBI Just Indicted Hillary Clinton over Libyan War Crimes - sadly this article was an April Fool

Unfortunately its only an April fool joke but this article provides are rare chance to see all that despicable, arrogant, spoiled bitch Hillary Clintons recent ethical violations catalogued so people can see she really thinks she is above the law. The USA is on the road to tyranny, thankfully we have Vladimir Putin to defend freedom.

Republican Party Hierachy Meltdown Over Trump?

Whatever it may or may not have achieved, the obviously management - approved intervention of 'Captain Underpants' Mitt Romney who urged Republicans to unite against Donald Trump did not go down well with some parts of the US Media. Here's an extract of somebody called Judge Jeanine, letting rip at the Party's ruling cabal for simply not getting it.

US Polling Expert Finds Young Americans Atre 'Terrifyingly Liberal'

Like 'science' the word 'liberal' has become totally misused, those who call themselves now are bigoted, authoritarian and and ill informed. And they do not tolerate those who express opinions differing from theirs. And it seems, the American ones are worse.

Death Of Democracy: Why We Can’t Get The Government We Deserve And Vote For.

In every election campaign, in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France etc. politicians spout about delivering 'change'. And yet every government we elect, no matter what label they wear or what coulour the use on campaign materials, seems just the same as the last, making the same promises and mistakes. Ever wondered why?

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FBI Drops Hints They Are Ready to INDICT Hillary Clinton

Sources close to the FBI investigation into Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's offences relating to national security when she was Secretary of State say the Feds are ready to indict the frontrunner in the nomination process on charges relating to classified information.

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