Friday, March 10, 2017

VAULT7 Leak: ‘There is Heavy Shit Coming Down says CIA contractor

A few years ago when Wikileaks released the Bradley Manning data dump we Boggart Bloggers considered the whistleblower site had been irresponsible because the information released included names of government agents and operatives, and we said so in our posts. The latest Wikileaks release, the so called Vault 7 leaks are being denounced by people involved in the Deep State as a threat to national security, but we reject this. The information in Vault 7 documents exposes how the CIA developed tool to spy on US citizens through their computers ans smartphones and also reveals collaboration between government agencies and powerful technology corporations. In fact it confirms that the success of these corporations is more due to favours granted by the US government than to the quality or usefulness of the products and services they trade in.

Over the past year every secret Wikileaks has revealed hurt both the integrity and honor of the United States. But it has also exposed the culture of corruption deeply embedded in the political system of the USA. They have also proved that many new media journalists dismissed by those frauds and poseurs employed by news organisations like The BBC, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post as 'conspiracy theorists' are in fact far more diligent investigators and reporters than their counterparts in mainstream media.

The question Americans have to grapple with, although the election of Donald Trump last November suggest many have answered to their own satisfaction is "Does the US government deserve the level of scepticism it faces?" After all, living inside of a vast and powerful, if increasingly authoritarian empire has its benefits. As the empire expands, so does the wealth of its citizens. Well that's the theory. In practice it has never worked out that way. Persia, Rome, Ottoman Turkey, Britain, they all failed. And now America has too, the dream has died, the gap between rich and poor has never been wider, upward social mobility is only possible to those willing to see their souls to the power brokers. Paranoia has infected the establishment. The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they serve — using third world banana republic tactics to silence opposition, take down regimes not beholden to their world view, using internet technology to both spy on and monitor on American citizens, infringing civil and constitutional rights to an extent the other wannabe empire of the 21st century, the bureaucratic dictatorship that is the European Union never dared to attempt.

Fox New sources inside the CIA said the agency was running around like headless chickens, saying ‘there is heavy shit coming down.’ Is it any wonder when we consider the crimes the CIA have committed against citizens of their own nation as well as the regime change and destabilisation operations they have engineered around the world?

The reason for the rise of 'populist' politics, In Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain as well as the USA and the alienation among those usually supportive of the CIA lies in the disengagement of the political elites from the masses. The only return the average American has seen from the $10 trillion in Obama has added to the deficit is American casualties of war, jobs lost to cheaper labor overseas, expensive oil prices, expensive healthcare, and run away education and health costs, along with a wave of social disturbances that have people feeling fearful and insecure.

While the elite flaunt hedonistic lifestyles, eschewing basic decency for perverse lifestyles, ordinary punters are fobbed off with talk about the need for austerity, even as they watch government spending grow more profligate. After electing a true agent of change in Donald Trump, the people are laughed at and impugned by the elitist media. Their President is set upon by ‘permanent government’ officials in the intelligence agencies — whose only goal is to derail and destroy his term before it even begins.

Then we come to find out the same people who told us the Russians were our enemy, revealing corruption and depravity on a monumental scale via the Podesta emails, they were, in fact, the ones spying on us all along — both lying and mocking us like Lords in a fiefdom. They even developed a piece of software to disguise their clandestine snooping as the work of foreign powers.

Yes the US establishment does deserve the crap Wikileaks has thrown at it. In the 'fair use' clause of copyright law, which covers the use of copyright material without licence from the originator in certain circumstances, there is a phrase "in the public interest." It is surely in the public interest to know that their own government, rather than any foreign power, is their greatest enemy.

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