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Protest Becomes Open Rebellion In Europe As Farmers Uprising Against 'Green' Policies Spreads To Other Industries.


1 February 2024

As this blog has been reporting since the late summer of 2022, farmers across many european Union member states including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Romania, have been gradually esclating a campaign of protest against the globalist policies beimg imposed by the EU and implemented by far left governments. The campaign started in Netherlands when the recently ousted government threatened compulsory puchase of farms that did not reduce nitrogen emissions by culling livestock. The Dutch farmers protests mainly took the form of obstructing major transport networks with tractors. 

Over the past eighteen months this campaign has become a widespread populist movement and is sweeping Europe at a time when over-regulation, high taxes, nonsensical 'net zero targets and the climate change agenda threaten the livelihoods and living standards not just of farmers but of working-class people in a wide range of industries. An even bigger worry for the now - panicking elites is that the transformation of a campaign by disgruntled farmers into a widespread non - violent (so far) comes several months before the campaigning for election to the European Parliament gets under way in in June. 

Some countries hit hardest so far by protests have been Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France. Protests have already spread to Poland and Belgium and are expected to reach Spain and Portugal within the next few days. 

On Tuesday (30 January,), France's new prime minister, Gabriel Attal, promised farmers emergency funds and stricter trade controls on foreign products to guarantee fair competition but the farmers' union said it was to little too late and encouraged their members to continue the fight which the protestors appear to be doing with considerable enthusiasm. 

"I'm so proud of you," Serge Bousquet-Cassagne, head of Lot-et-Garonne department's farmer's association, told protesters in the south of Paris, adding

"You are fighting this battle because if we don't fight we die." 

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told local TV station France 2 that police were preparing to defend strategic areas of larger cities. 

"They can't attack police, they can't enter Rungis, they can't enter the Paris airports or the center of Paris," said Darmanin, adding, "But let me tell you again that if they try, we will be there."

One gets the feeling that the minister may prove to be disastrously wrong. Will French troops fire on French citizens if ordered to do so or will they mutiny. This is how close EU member states have come to civil conflict because of the ruling elite's disregard for the welfare of the people and obsessive commitment to loonytoons ideologies like net zerom critical race theory and transgenderism.

According to Armstrong Economics:

Farmers throughout the world have been protesting the increasing regulations on agriculture. The media is barely covering the story, and when they do mention it, they say that the farmers are protesting due to Russia blocking supplies from Ukraine. This is simply untrue. The farmers are protesting against over-regulation, taxes, and the climate change agenda that is making it increasingly difficult for them to make a successful living.

EU farmers' complaints are very basic:

  • Out-of-control energy prices (thank whoever blew up the Nord Stream).

  • Disastours carbon-cutting targets.

  • Overall inflation.

  • Bureaucracy from radicals in Brussels.

  • Ukrainian grain imports. 

The demonstrations, which could soon consume Europe, come ahead of the June European Parliament elections.

 The farmers are protesting against over-regulation, taxes, and the climate change agenda that is making it increasingly difficult for them to make a successful living.

EU farmers' complaints are very basic:

  • Out-of-control energy prices (thank whoever blew up the Nord Stream).

  • Disastours carbon-cutting targets.

  • Overall inflation.

  • Bureaucracy from radicals in Brussels.

  • Ukrainian grain imports. 

The demonstrations, which could soon consume Europe, started off with some humour, such as French farmers in Toulouse dumping dung on the town hall steps, but as steadily edging closer to violence with lorries and cars being overturned and burned and reports that police in some places have opened fire with rubber bullets on protestors.. 

As well as rge big issues listed abover, small farmers are upset that billionaire psychopaths linked to the WEF elites, such as Bill Gates whose agenda is to control everything he does not actually own, are aiming to reset the global food supply chain, a move that could render small-scale farming obsolete in favour of global 'Big Ag' corportations. If We The People are stupid and cowardly enough to allow that to happen, the recent increases in living costs will soon seem like insignificant small change.




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