Monday, November 14, 2016

USA Trumps Brexit: Next Quitaly or Eirexit?

After another weekend of bad news for globalists, with US President Elect Trump getting to grips with the task of taking over from the Obama Administration while in Europe both Bulgaria and Moldova have taken steps away from the Brussels Bureaucrats dream of a Federal European Superstate by electing pro - Russian, Eurosceptic Presidents, it seems the race is on to be the next EU member to leave the Union.

(New X Factor Double Act? - T to the R to the U to the M to the P
I say Donald, You say Trump

And just in case you are not in Britain (or you are sane enough not to watch The X Factor,) here is a video of this year's comedy act, 'rapper' Honey G

OK, fun over, here's the serious post:

With an anti - federalist candidate leading in opinion polls in the Austrian presidential election rerun, following the original vote being declared void when the pro - EU side was found guilty of massive electoral fraud and Eurosceptic parties on the rose throughout the EU, the future looks bleake for the putative bureaucratic dictatorship

In a year of confounded expectations, another allegedly unthinkable idea, the break up of the EU is gaining momentum. But who will be first to follow Britain?in a referendum on constitutioonal reform in Italy the campign led by Eurosceptic parties Five Star and Liga Nord looks like securing a NO vote in what is being seen as a referendum on the pro - Federalisation government's subservience to Brussels We have already reported on the growing liklihood of  Quitaly but Eirexit, has been quietly gaining traction according to the Irish Times.
Could Ireland follow Britain out of the EU?
Until very recently, the very notion of Ireland leaving the EU was so outlandish and marginal that it did not feature in any public discourse in a meaningful way.

But it has now been thrust more into the limelight by a combination of Brexit, the Apple case, fears of an EU stealth attack on Ireland’s most sacred cow, corporation tax; and now, the election of Trump.

Certainly, Eirexit has gained some momentum of late. There is a small but growing band of public figures questioning the basis of Irish EU membership. Some are opposed to any notion of a federal Europe or EU superstate.

Others think Eirexit might turn out to be inevitable if circumstances change. And the public might be with them on this one more than politicians think.

Over the course of 55 years, one person has been almost a voice in the wilderness in his consistent opposition to the EU.

In October 1961, Anthony Coughlan returned to Ireland to lecture at Trinity College Dublin.

A month later he was one of seven people – along with Noël Browne and future Labour TD Barry Desmond – who signed a letter to The Irish Times opposing Ireland’s application to join the European Economic Community. The idea was being mooted in political circles at the time.

“Our supreme folly is having joined the eurozone without the UK doing it,” he said. “It was lunacy for us to join. I cannot see us staying in the EU if the UK leaves,” says Couglan.

Left-Wing Argument

Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy holds the same view. It’s not a “foreground” issue but if a referendum were held, they would support a Leave vote.

“The EU has championed austerity and neoliberal policies, and right-wing governments who won’t deliver for ordinary people.”

Sinn Féin’s analysis of the shortfalls of the EU would not differ too much from Murphy’s. MEP Matt Carthy lists its treatment of peripheral countries such as Greece, the TTIP trade deal, and what he calls its anti-democratic institutions.

However, the party wants Ireland to stay in the EU. “Our view is the EU needs fundamental reform rather than an exit,” says Carthy.


Those on the right are suspicious of what they see as a creeping move towards a superstate and the repercussions this might have for Ireland’s sovereignty.

Former Progressive Democrats leader, Senator Michael McDowell is a sceptic but one who wants to remain in the EU.

He said he believes in a confederal EU, not a federal one and is completely opposed to an EU superstate.

His former adviser Cormac Lucey, a Sunday Times columnist, has written that Eirexit is an option that ought to be considered, also arguing that the bulk of Ireland’s trade is with the English-speaking world and not the EU.

Micro parties such as Direct Democracy Ireland, and other splinter groups, have set up social media platforms calling for an Eirexit.

Renua councillor Keith Redmond, a member of the right-leaning think-tank Hibernia Forum, says if the EU presses ahead with any plans for a superstate, or introduces customs tariffs on UK trade, then he will support Eirexit.

Coughlan has remained consistent over a lifetime, still holding to the view the EU has not really benefited Ireland as a whole, but rather a few bigger players.

He recalls Charles de Gaulle’s famous remark: “Europe is France and Germany; the rest is just the trimmings.”

It is hard to see what is unthinkable about an Irish exit. as Anthony Coughlan says it was supreme folly for Ireland to join the European Single Currency (Euro) when the UK did not, and Ireland has twice seem the Euronazis wipe their arse on the Irish constitution, once by refusing to accept the result of an Irish referendum and once by bulying little Ireland to violate its own constitution by transferring sovereign power to Brussels. The Irish Times noted the rising support for Eirexit from small political parties and  various fringe groups and asked “Are these a collection of disparate and peripheral voices, or do they reflect a population far less enamoured of Brussels than its political leaders?”

It seems safe to say we already have the answer to that. Look at Brexit, the rise of AfD in Germany, Front National in France, branded right wing extremists; or socialist parties PODEMOS and Syriza in Spain and Greece. For Brexit, the left was supposed to vote vote overwhelmingly “Remain”, instead, only the big, labour dominated cities did. That killed the m=yth that Labour was the party of the working class, since before World War Two Labour has not given a damn about the working class, but has taken for granted the working class vote as it became the party of the metropolitan elite.

Look at the US. Working class people, men and women voted hugely for Trump, a billionaire but a man who spoke of their concerns rather than pontificating about the problems of Africa, South East Asia and South America, or Marxist bollocks such as redistrubtion of wealth and dree movement of labour around the world. All this benefits the wealthy elite, the 0.001% while making things harder for the bottom 90% by net income.


After Brexit European Union Moves To Abolish Free Speech!

While European citizens are increasingly at risk of arrest for "hate speech" and "xenophobic remarks" (both terms for which there is no legal definition in any state of Europe,) the law does not apply equally to all Europeans, the ruling elites it sems can say what they like about whom they dislike.

If You Look At How Fast Global Trade Is Unravelling, You'll Get Dizzy
Governments constantly make positive noises about the health of their economies although most people who are in work have felt no improvement on the position they were in after the crash of 2008. Wages are stangnant, employment has reduced somewhat (see below) and while the banks are printing money and the super rich are widening the gap between themselves and ordinary people faster than ever, the real situation is frightening.

Democracy Murdered In France
I'm hearing very disturbing news from the French regional elections, predicting that the Front National, comfortable winners in last week's first round of regional elections, hasve been routed in all regions. For that to happen, and to happen through a massive increase in turnout, suggests electoral fraud on a hughe scale. Or has France joined Britain in adopting the Islamic version of democracy, which is one man one vote, one Imam one thousand votes.

Who Runs America, The White House Or The Shadow Government?
Reports of President Barack Obama’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit over the weekend do not look right in the context of yet another blitz of provocative rhetoric from The Pentagon and the Department of Defence towards Moscow. In view of the USA's constant push towards all out war with Russia, one has to ask who is in control: Obama or the generals?

Trump catches attention of CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral

Donald Trump is portrayed as a clown by mainstream media and his combover is the silliest I have ever seen. Still, he's a billionaie so I don't suppose he gives a flying fuck what The Daily Stirrer thinks of him. Not that we think he is all bad, anyone who attacks Obama's global naziism trade deals, TTIP and TPP mush have some good points.

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US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government.
By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government's policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

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As racial and sectarian tension increase on the streets of britain while politicians gear up for the election campaign, we take a look at the state of Britain today, Imigrant child abuse gangs, Clerics of alient faiths dictating moral strictures, and everywhere we look, foreigners being given provieged status. Is it any wonder the voters are angry?

Quitaly Begins: Italy referendum: ‘People don’t trust establishment, want big changes’

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