Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Panama Papers and the real news this story is hiding.

What sort of coverup us hiding under the Panama Hat

Big news of the day has been The Panama Papers, the supposed leak of eleven million documents revealing how rich people used the tax haven of Panama to (perfectly legally) avoid paying tax on their wealth. It is a non story of course, not only did these people do nothing illegal, but the legal use of tax havens by rich people has been well known for many years (at least as long as I can remember and at the time of writing I'm sixty seven.

All the usual suspects, the neo - fascists of the left, the media and showbiz luvvies and the hand wringing, breast beating, emotionally needy losers who rely on the latest batch of Facebook memes to do their thinking for them are horrified of course. "Oh woe, woe," they cry, rich people used legal loopholes to keep hold of their wealth. It's soooooo unfaiiiiiiiir."

The screeching has been so intense one can only wonder what pile of dirt this non - story was used to cover for.

Following Dr. Udo Ulfkotte’s confession that for decades he had put his name to CIA propaganda (YouTube video or if you prefer, in text HERE) comes the revelation that he finally refused when he realized that the material he was given was aimed at starting a war with Russia, in line with the interests of Geoge Soros and several people with names like Rothschild, Bettancourt, Buffet, Gates, Bush, al Saud, Orange (i.e. The Dutch Royal Family), Tata, Rockefeller. If you have heard of all of them you are well informed.

Clearly, the German journalists involved in the Panama Papers revelations are the kind of obedient presstitutes that Dr. Ulfkotte describes in his video.

As with the shooting down of MH17, the entire Western media has gone absolutely apeshit trying to connect Russia's President Putin with the scandal, although his name doesn’t actually figure in the Panama dump and the best the demonizers of Russia can offer is 'associates of Putin'. Conversely the names of US political figures have not been mentioned at all, although 441 US clients are involved along with thousands of US companies, beneficiaries and shareholders including 'associates of two people currently figuring in the presidential election primaries to choose the respective party candidates.

We could not possibly say with certainty that Ulfkotte's disclosure of the CIA and the Amertican Government's manipulating news in order to manufacture support for its perpetual war policy and global hegemony geopolitical ambitions is the reason why the Panama tax haven story has been given prominence now, but clearly the US desperation for war is getting out of control. The New World Order puppet Obama must leave office in a few months and with the Republicans so determined to stop Trum they are talking of replacing him with a dummy like Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton's crimes and history of cronyism catching up with her, they could end up with the superannuated peacenik Bernie Sanders as President.


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