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As The COVID Narrative Unravels The True Extent Of Vaccine Related Heart Problems Is Becoming Clear

14 February 2024

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Not many of us had heard of myocarditis before the great COVID hoax, I certainly hadn't and my family has had its share of heart problems, heart attack, cardiac arrest and coronary heart disease. But I was not alone, the disease is not even included in a list of common cardiovascular disorders. Until 2021 it was an extremely rare problem.

The reason why we are now was so familiar with the term myocarditis is highlighted by Dr Peter McCullough in a recent interview. Basically it is no longer a rare disease. Responding to a question from his interviewer McCullough said: 

‘Prior to the pandemic myocarditis occurred at a rate of somewhere around four cases per million per year. In the United States that means about 1,200 cases in the entire country in a year. Prior to the pandemic I had only seen two in my entire practice, one sadly passed away. So we rarely encountered it. Let me tell you something else. Prior to the pandemic we had guidelines written in cardiology that exercise or the surge of adrenaline could be the trigger for cardiac arrest. We immediately took people with myocarditis out of sports or out of athletic competitions. That was in all the guidance. So we know that myocarditis, if it existed, could be fatal largely due to two things – one during exercise and the other in the waking hours, 3am to 6am, in sleep, because again there is a surge of adrenaline during the normal waking process.’ 

McCullough was speaking in an interview with Dr. John Campbell in which they discussed findings of as a study Dr McCullough has just published on autopsy findings in cases of fatal Covid-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis. Casting himself in the role of devil's advocate Dr Campbell asks ‘surely if we have had a pandemic isn’t this going to account for these cases – the cause is the viral infection itself?’ which has basically been the official narrative used to avoid the difficult questions arising from the shocking numbers of excess deaths recorded in nations with high vaccine take up since the COVID MRNA vaccine roll out in 2021.

viral McCullough’s answer destroys that narrative, pointing up quite fascinating academic/medical search that took place in 2020 to explore this very possibility. One Michigan study scrupulously evaluated thousands of athletes to see if they had myocarditis, he relates. What did they find? Out of thousands of possibilities of people who had got covid, they came up with just 36 possible (but not proven) cases and not a single hospitalisation or death. McCullough proceeds with his evidence.

It’s widely known now that the spike proteins from either the natural virus or the injections, can cause harm throughout the body. The injections of course contain lots of added toxic extras to keep it viable and enhance entry into the cells, also the distribution and numbers of spikes throughout the body differs between natural infection versus injection induced.

As the (alleged) virus predominantly negatively affects the elderly then they should, should they not, have been the only target for injection, but because of the toxic properties and the known distribution of the spike proteins throughout the body from injection, any benefits are completely cancelled out by injection induced damage. My brother-in-law, resident in a care home and though aged 89 in relatively good health, fell ill a few hours after receiving the first shot, slipped into a coma the next day and died four days later. Several other residents died within 14 days of vaccination. On the other hand my mother (93) was being looked after in a nursing home where all the residents were considered too frail to be vaccinated (to put it bluntly they were at death's door,) but they had no COVID deaths and the only COVID cases were among staff.

Likewise nobody in my family or social circle who refused vaccination has been diagnosed with COVID or even tested positive, while everybody who has been vaccinated either once, twice or fully boosted has had COVID, in many cases several times. This is personal recollection of course by my observations were repeated all over the UK, the worst case being at a care home where a third of the 70 residents died within a few days of vaccination. A further coincidence (if you believe in such things,) was that the home had been COVID free until vaccines began to be administered. In that case, which should at the very least have triggered suspension of the vaccines pending a full investigation, was casually and cruelly dismissed by government agencies and health authorities as a series of unfortunate coincidences.

The only conclusion any rational person can come to based on Dr McCullogh's comments and the examples above is that nobody should be injected EVER again be injected with any medication which relies on the mRNA (DNA editing) technology. Here’s the killer for me though, the ghouls in white coats from big pharma knew all about the dangers of mRNA injections, the government knew about this, and the likelihood of huge numbers of adverse reactions. They even published it on the UK GOV official government website FFS.

This whole evil saga has been a live test, to introduce a new method of controlling population maybe, and to line the pockets of the usual suspects via big pharma and investors in vaccine manufacturing companies (these investors are suspiciously often 'charitable foundations' run by billionaire psychopaths who pose as philanthropists to advance their world domination agendas. The worst thing about it all is despite the lies, blame shifting and finger pointing this virus was not a natural occurrence, Patents Office records show the pseudovaccines were in development before the virus had been engineered. And now the same players are openly warning that they plan to do it all again soon. Disease X will cause the next pandemic, the next generation of mRNA injection is in development. planning. Stand by for pandemic of something or other '20 times more deadly than COVID' from Autumn this year onward.

Do not comply, do not accept vaccination, do not put yourself under house arrest, do not wear a mask. Non compliance is the only way to preserve our freedom.


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A few weeks ago this blog reported a Swedish study which showed that natural immunity provides much better protection against infection by the SARS2-COV virus which causes COVID (COrona VIrus Disease,) than the Pfizer vaccine which is currently hyped as the most effective on the market, though it is no more effective than the others at provinding immunity. The more responsible voices in mainstream media that actually reported the story described by the news as “a bit of a bombshell”.

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