Monday, September 21, 2015

Merkel’s Conservative Allies Declare ‘Islam Not A German Tradition’

The crisis that has torn Europe apart is now threatening to tear Germany apart.

Has Hausfrau Merkel converted to Islam or is she just importing cheap labour to prop up the German economy as its ageing population becomes economically unviable.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU), have rebuffed her “open door” approach to the European migrant crisis, echoing the concerns of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban who has very stridently declared his opposition to the huge numbers of Muslim migrants entering European countries illegally.

In an interview with Bild newspaper, Edmund Stoiber, the Chairman of CSU – the Bavarian federal province political party Merkel relies on for her coalition’s parliamentary majority, said he didn’t recognise Chancellor Merkel's comments when she said “We can do it” about Germany’s 'open doors' policy on the migrant crisis.

In January 2015, Mrs. Merkel said “Islam belongs to Germany” in a speech aimed at rebuking anti-immigration protesters.

“Former president Wulff said Islam belongs to Germany. That is true. I also hold this opinion,” she said, reacting to protest marches by the anti-immigration group PEGIDA in several German cities.

But the Chairman of her sister party the CSU said he disagreed. “I don’t adopt this proposition”, he told Bild. “The Muslims belong to Germany, not Islam. Islam is not a core element of German culture and also is not part of our history and tradition.

“When people talk about the fact that changed Germany, then one thing must be clear: we Germans have grown a dominant culture, which is also enshrined in Basic Laws: tolerance, press and religion, and in our relationship to Israel. This dominant culture of the Basic Law cannot be for disposal, no matter how many immigrants come to us”.

His remarks, especially those about Islam and Israel, are calculated to stoke tensions in the alliance between the two parties and are possibly an attempt by the smaller CSU to exploit the strength of their position and bring Merkel's CDU to heel on the immigration issue, as Mrs. Merkel is under fire from local authorities all over Germany but especially in Bavaria, where the politics are more conservative and Christian-dominated than that of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

CDU elder statesman, Kurt Biedenkopf, acknowledged that her thoughts were focused on Germany’s long term economic plan but she risks overlooking the cultural impact of mass migration by a single religious group on German society, something her CSU colleagues appear to be mindful of.

Mr. Wulff’s comments come shortly after Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban warned that Christianity could become a minority religion in Europe if the current migration wave were to continue. He was pilloried by the liberal-Left and mainstream, Western media for his comments.


Muslim Only No Go Areas For Police And Emergency Services In Our Cities? - It Already Happened In Sweden.

Sweden continues to lead the way in surrendering its nation, culture and self respect to exremist Muslim dickheads, reasoning that the violent rapists and murderers of the relion of peace will thank them rather than kill them all. but the people all over Europe are waking to the betrayal of their elites.

Syrian Girl's Video exposes western Politicians and Media Lies About Refugees

This girl makes more sense than Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and all other western criminals and corporate hirelings put together, Maybe one day they will realize that their subservience to zionism only leads ruin of their individual characters!

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