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The Day The EU Died - Destruction Of Greece Shows True Fascist Nature Of The European Project
Some inside information on the political stitch up that has turned GreekThe Day The EU Died - Destruction Of Greece Shows True Fascist Nature Of The European Projectce into a vassal state and humiliated the Greek people for the purpose of furthering the neo-Fascist 'ever closer union' agenda of the bureaucratic dictators in Brussels.

Athens Today

Tsipras reports: Ahead of referendum creditors Said "There Is No Point In Holding Elections" In Bailed Out Countries

While Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schauble will be bursting a few blood vessels over the latest provocation from the impish Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who according to Reuters, said after caving in to EU threats to engineer a humanitarian crisis much greater than that currently being experienced:


But while Germany blusters, France vacillates and the Euronazis in Brussels sing "Tomorrow Belongs To Me", it is the Greek people we should be thinking of, in view of another stunning statement made this mortning by their elected leader. During a Television interview he said that Greece, as a sovereign nation, no longer exists:


The Troika (EU commision, European Central Bank and IMF) have made it clear that nations under a bailout agreement, such as Greece was and is about to be again, indefinitely this time as the IMF admits the debt cannot be repaid ever, democracy is finished and the country becomes an EU province run a few unelected bureaucrats and Gauleiters. The Greek "prime minister" admitted he is now nothing but a puppet of Greece's new unelected leaders and is Ok with this.

We are not writing Tsipras and Syriza off just yet, he has shown himself to be a consummate politician and may yet have a few surprises in store for The Troika and "We The Punters."

The good news, at least for those who are sick of hearing the neo-Fascist left screaming 'conspiracy theorist' at us, is we can bask in self satisfaction as once again we are proved right and the screechers are left looking like idiots. To underline how only a wilLfully ignorant idiot could have mistaken the Euro project for anything but an atempt to create a pan European Bureaucratic Dictatorship, we remind you of what Wolfgang Scahauble said in 2011, in this 2011 interview with Welt am Sontag: "Aber glauben Sie mir, das Problem ist lösbar" (But believe me the problem is solvable.)


Schauble was not talking about Greek debt however but the problem the Greek debt crisis was engineered to solve. This becomes clear when we read what he said next.


Schauble: "We decided to arrive at a political union via an economic and currency union. We had the hope - and we still have it today - that the Euro will gradually bring about political union. But we're not there yet, and that's one of the reasons why the markets are distrustful.

Welt am Sonntag: "So will the markets now force us into a political union?"

Schauble: "Most member states are not yet fully prepared to accept the necessary constraints on national sovereignty. But trust me the problem can be solved."

At this point it is probably also worth repeating what Latvia's outgoing president Berzins said two weeks ago:


[the Greek] debt is so big that everyone understands that it won’t be repaid.... Loans to Greece have just bought time so that those in power don’t have to take decisions. This is like a game: who can hold out longer by not showing that this money has been lost? This burden has become bigger and there obviously is no possibility to repay.... The debt write down of Greek debt will come after bankruptcy of state.


It is perhaps fitting then that democracy officially dies in the country in which it was born, a country which is about to very clearly demonstrate to the rest of the world that in this day and age, banks have infinitely more power and leverage that "sovereign" nations and their bought and paid for politicians and exercise that power through an army of bureaucrats and academics who function as 'experts' and 'special advisers.

As for the Greeks they can either their now official "second clas citizen" status as slaves of Brussels bureaucrats and Basel bankers, before long they will be given the privilege of liquidation theit most valuable assets (by order of the Gauleiters), and handing over gold and (foreign) cash for the honor of being allowed to repay the Troika's injudicious loans made to the irresponsible government of a bankrupt nation.


The Social cost Of Capitalism

Despite massive evidence to the contrary, libertarians hold tight to their romantic concept of capitalism which, freed from government interference, serves the consumer with the best products at the lowest prices.

Greece Drowns In Debt: ECB Plans For Grexit - Its SHTF Time

When the European Central Bank "leaks" that it is preparing to ride out a Grexit, take it seriously, because it is time to start thinking about what happens on "the day after." First thing that will happen of course is Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus will announce they want out too.

Russia Responds To Threats From EU's Juncker With Typical Bluntness

Russian sabre rattling has been getting the want-war brigade (all the lefties, pacifists and Obama worshippers strangely) very exited recently as they delight in trying to demonise Vladimir Putin (who to be sure is no angel) and push the case for a ground war in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Libya. But is is the west that has been behaving provocatively and Russian responses are understandable.

Russia Responds To Threats From EU's Juncker With Typical Bluntness
When E U Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker recently called for a unified European Army his words were aimed at "reacting credibly to show Russia that Europe is serious about defending its values" Not surprisingly Russia has responded Juncker's hot air in a manner which suggests they are amused byhis bluster but regard the threats with contempt.

‘Russian Bomber Over UK' Story ‘Not True At All' – Ministry of Defence

Ministry Of Truth: Ofcom Sanction Russian Broadcaster For Expressing Anti - Western Views

A Eurozone Nation Reports Record Poverty Levels

I suppose I could say 'I told you so', although it would not be strictly true in the context of this blog because it didn't exist when the European Single Currency System (Euro) was launched. But I was telling anyone who was paying attention, via my newspaper column in a local publication that the Euro could not possibly work.

‘Greek revolution spreads 'like wildfire’ across Europe

The popularity of Anti - EU political movements has surged all around Europe in the wake of the Syriza victory in the recent Greek general election. It seems that prior to the European Parliament election las may most European voters had been resigned to their political elites dragging them closer to a federal European single state, with the progressive loss of civil liberties, cultural homogenization and lost of national sovereignty and identity that would entail.

If You Believe Mainstream Media You Probably Think Russia Is On Its Knees - WRONG!
Barack Obama, David Cameron and other western leaders have been schlepping their anti Russia schtick around the gatherings of the global elite. The brave talk does not scare the Russian leaders at all, the neo Nazi regime shoehorned into power in Ukraine is losing its war against pro - Russian separatists.

Swiss Decoupling Sets The Euro Adrift, Triggers Vast Losses For Banks, And Currency Traders

Nobody is shedding any tears over the news that the deciusion by the Swiss central bank to sever the link that kept The Euro single European currency from the Swiss Franc, it is just another example of really important news you will never read of hear of from mainstream media. It is however bad news for all of us.

Everything You Need To Know About The Greek Crisis.
Those people who think I have suddenly become a right wing extremist because I have been supporting UKIP's anti - EU, anti - Global Government stance and their resistance to the political mainstreams war on European cultures by be surprised to know that I was hoping for the Greek General Election to deliver a convincing victory for left-wing party Syriza.

Why Iceland Recovery Is Being Ignored In Mainstream News
Iceland is a small country with less that half a million people so is not a good comparison with Britain. It's recovery from near bankruptcy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis however is due to the rejection of politically correct, globalist politics so in that light it serves to illustrate that to suggest Britain (60 million people) cannot survive outside the EU is just globalist scaremongering.

European Parliament: Dictatorial Martin Schulz dissolves EEFD Group of Euro-skeptics

The Daily Stirrer has always said that the european Union was not an association of free states collaborating to make trade easier, but a bureaucratic dictatorship under the palsied heel of which the freedom and sovereigfnty of democratic nations wouldf be crushed. Here's an example of an EU Bureaucrat autocratically overruling the democratically expressed with of the voters.
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Ebola, Stock Market, Nuclear War. It's all going tits up. WTF?

Woke up this morning (I know that sounds like the opening of a blues song, but bear with me), leisurely breakfast, watched the news - Osborne wittering about how well they economy was doing (which was an ominous sign), read for a while, drove Mrs T down the shops. Came in, turned on the computer.

Soon You Will Be Able To Give All Your Money To The EU ... or face the consequences

While France's Hollande and Spain's Rajoy are making placatory noises about the unique nature of the Cyprus bank deposit snatch of 2013 was a 'unique situation' and that banks and not depositors should be responsive for insolvency, none other than Dutch Finance Minister Dijsselbloem has admitted what we all knew: DIJSSELBLOEM SAYS LEVY ON WEALTH IS DEFENDABLE IN PRINCIPLE

After Europe's Political Earthquake Scandal, Sleaze, and Corruption Are Gifts for Le Pen, UKIP and Eurosceptics

Our New Unhappy Lords, the smooth faced, soft handed pen pushers and bean counters of europes ruling bureaucratic dictatorship must have though they were coasting towards their goal of integratinf the European Unions member states into a single federal technocracy. Unfortunately for them they voters are not as stupid or apethetic as they imagined, neiher were the politicians of establishment parties as competent as they claimed.

Euro Corruption: This Will Make Globalists Understand Why They Should Have Voted For UKIP
We are faced with demands for larger budget contributions from member states to the cash hungry monster that is EU Bureaucracy. A casual analysis however reveals the only thing the European Union administrative authorities do efficiently is waste our money on vanity projects. A closer inspection however shows bureaucratic incompetenve and vanity is a lesser problem for Europe than the cancer of corruption that has spread through every level of the Union.

If There Is An Anti EU Surge Across Europe What Should Cameron Do?
There is a solar storm of anti European Union feeling surging across the EU, from Finland to Greece. The integrationist bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels has devivered economic disaster, political chaos and foreign policy humiliation and yet they march on toward the abyss proclaiming theirs is the only way. As the UK Independence Party are one of the largest and best organised anti - EU parties, the shock waves of a protest vote will be felt more acutely in Britain.

Grand Theft Euro
When this report popped up on Reuters news feed, market analysts at Zero Hedge thought the article, titled “EU executive sees personal savings used to plug long-term financing gap”, which leaked a proposal by the European Commission, was a hoax. as hours passed without a retraction appearing however, it became apparent that the story is true ...

Europe's Immigration Crisis (October / November / December 2015)