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The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized


For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity.

The usual suspects (politics, the media and academic communities,) played down the fact that evidence for their predicted climate change scenarios came entirely from mathematical models of climate activity rather than real world evidence and played up the fear factor, cherry picking evidence from their results to paint pictures of a barren, lifeless planet if we allowed the concentration of the trace atmospheric gas Carbon Dioxide (which is essential to the continued viability of all carbon - based lifeforms (i.e. every living thing on the planet.). 

 It is all bollocks of course but that did not stop governments, advised by academics and cheered on by the media, pursuing loonytoons energy policies based on wind and solar panels (not quite smoke and mirrors but close enough for jazz,) and shutting down reliable coal, gas and nuclear power plants in favour of getting our energy from unreliable, intermittent sources. Wind does not blow at a constant speed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and in reality only blows at speeds within the optimum for wind turbines to generate power for around twenty - five percent of the time. And although the information seems to have escaped followers of the quasi - religious cult that worships a god named "The Science," the sun is only present in the skies above their solar panels for on average twelve hours a day.

It is due to ignoring basics like this we in the developed nations of Europe and North America find ourselves in the grip of an energy crisis. The energy crisis in Europe has highlighted  the challenges the world is facing in the what progressives global energy transition and realists think of as the return to medievalism

Throughout the decades in which 'sustainainable energy has been touted as the saviour of civilisation it is becoming increasingly clear that green energy has failed, wind turbines and solar panels cannot reliably supply enough energy to power modern societies and fossil fuels will remain the key part of the energy generation for decades to come.

In spite of vast investment of money and resources in wind and solar, and the headlong rush by government policy makers to embrace the 'net zero' committment so fashionable among 'climate scientists' although real scientific studies show it is unachievable, and attempting to get there will habe a disastrous effect on national economies and plunge millions of families into poverty and render the poorest destitute, the politicians and academics who have promoted green power and their servants in the media who have loyally reported their lies, misrepresentations and fake statitics continue to push this idiocy.

In 2018, Aluminum '18 Dusseldorf the “premier aluminum conference in Europe”, the weather alert app kept displaying daily ozone levels in the “high” or “extremely high” range and any delegates experienced a persistent cough. This, the organisers explained, was due to the dominant method of energy generation used in Germany, coal. A few years before that the German government had proudly proclaimed itself one of the leaders in the switch to green energy and the race to achieve the fabled 'net zero.' 

Unfortunately as well as phasing out its coal fired power plants, after the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster, the German government implemented a plan to shut down its entire nuclear operations no later than 2022

We can now see that decision by Germany was a real clunker, whether it was "led by The Science," (such decisions are always wrong,) or by a genuine but misplaced desire to save the planet (in which case it targeted the wrong demon,) it has resulted in Germany losing its leverage with Russia, because where Russia's need for foreign exchange balanced Germany's need for gas, now Germany, having shut down its alternative energy sources and abandoned coal, now relies on Russian gas, while Russia has alternative customers to sell to. 

And ironically Germany already had “clean energy” from its well managed nuclear installations but now must revert to 'dirty' coal to avoid blackouts.

Meanwhile, as the world watches the Russian invasion and also prognosticates the impact of sanctions, (the Boggart Bloggers forecast sanctions will have minimal impact for reasons stated here many times,) other European nations are falling into similar energy holes they have dug for themselves will badly thought out green policies.

And with the hit to energy supplies that must come from any prolonged conflict in Ukraine, German industrial, commercial and domestic energy users can expect rough (and expensive) times ahead.


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German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid "Escalation Spiral"

German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid "Escalation Spiral"
Zero Hedge: A group of German lawmakers have had enough of the Ukraine arms shipments following Berlin's boosting its military budget by €100 billion. They've sent a letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with the title, "The weapons must be silent!"
Instead of pumping weapons into a hot conflict with a nuclear-armed superpower, the group within Scholz's own party want to force the Ukrainians to the peace talks table
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Migration Watch UK slams Tories over immigration levels saying it is a ‘betrayal’ of their voters
Unity News Network:“Another set of astonishing figures that show the total absence of immigration control. A record 1.1 million visas to come and live in the UK makes it ever-clearer that the government had no intention of delivering on their promise to control and reduce immigration. This is a betrayal of our communities and an assault on the environment and services – already under unbearable pressure. This is what broken promises mean.
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Medicine Regulators admitted in October 2020 that they knew the COVID Vaccines would cause Heart Damage
The Expose:Every serious adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines that medicine regulators in both the USA and United Kingdom have been forced to admit is occurring was predicted by the very same medicine regulators to occur before the Covid-19 vaccines were even rolled out.
The following video was released by the US Food and Drug Administration in October 2020 and the person presenting the slides within the video skips past a slide entitled ‘Draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes’ as fast as he possibly can.
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UK Energy Crisis Could Be Worse Than 2008 Financial Collapse
Summit News:The severity of the UK’s energy crisis in terms of its impact on households could be worse than the 2008 financial collapse, according to Bloomberg.A report citing data from the consultancy Baringa Partners warns that the soaring cost of electricity and gas bills would imperil the financial security of millions of households. “The impact to society will be higher than the 2008 crash in terms of the impact on households,” James Cooper, a partner at Baringa, told Bloomberg.
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Pussy - whipped Climate Change Hand-Wringer Prince Harry Took Private Jet to Polo Match
Daily Sceptic: Pussy whipped congentital idiod Prince Harry, who regularly preaches his views about the ‘climate crisis’ hitting the world, was spotted arriving for a flight on a private jet to set off for a one-day polo match – before the aircraft sat idling on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes as it waited for his staff to arrive in a gas-guzzling SUV to drop off his polo kit.
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More evidence – as if it were needed – that ministers terrified the public into complying with lockdown
CapX: In an interview in The Spectator, Rishi Sunak has revealed that the Government used targeted messaging to frighten the public and stifle dissent. This is no surprise to me, because advisors to the government broke cover to share their concerns about nudge and fear-mongering for my book A State of Fear. Simon Ruda, one of the founders of the Nudge Unit reflected in Unherd that ‘the most egregious and far-reaching mistake made in responding to the pandemic has been the level of fear willingly conveyed on the public’.
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Half Of UK Households Will Be In Fuel Poverty By January
Great Game India: Since it purchases gas from the EU, the UK is still susceptible to the consequences of EU’s political activity even after Brexit. This has led to the projection that half of the UK households is set to be in a fuel poverty by January.
EDF, a French utility with operations in both the UK and France, has warned that the unabating rise in energy costs might trigger fuel poverty for as many as half of British families.
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Heartbroken pub owners tell GB News they are being forced to close amid the cost-of-living crisis
Two pub owners have told GB News they are being forced to close amid the cost-of-living crisis.Owners of the White Horse Inn in Hampshire, Shekhar and Alex Nailwal have opted to close their family business after struggling ever since the Covid-19 pandemic.Speaking on GB News, the pair said they were “heartbroken and disappointed”, adding that the situation is “totally out of control”.
Shekhar said: “I mean since everyone knows that the hospitality industry has been suffering since Covid hit and we’ve been slowly trying to slowly trying to get a grip of the losses which we have incurred.
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Italian Election Pollster: Left Likely Cannot Bridge Gap with Right-Populist Coalition
Breitbart Europe: An Italian pollster says trends indicate that the left-wing parties will not be able to bridge the gap with the centre-right coalition, which is polling around 20 points ahead.
Lorenzo Pregliasco of the firm Youtrend has claimed that the large gap between the right-populist coalition, which includes firebrand social conservative Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, populist Matteo Salvini’s League, and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, and the left-wing parties is not likely to reverse before next month’s national election.
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Rishi Sunak Reveals How Boris Sold Us Out To Big Pharma and Globalism

















Rishi Sunak - Picture: Deccan Chronicle


It is highly unlikely that We The People will ever really know what went on the the cabinet room at No. 10 Downing Street in the run up to the nation being put in lockdown as pandemic panic gripped the nation in the spring of 2020.  One of the problems with our system of government, "the cabinet system" is that members of the Cabinet, the Prime Minister's inner circle of senior ministers are, as a condition of holding heir position, required to support decisions made 'in cabinet' by that inner circle regardless of their personal feelings on the issue.  And it seems most people in Boris Johnson's cabinet during the run up to the disastrous and entirely ineffective lockdowns were kept in the dark about many things, including the fact that 'The Science' on which lockdown policy was based was not science at all, there was absolutely no empirical evidence that lockdowns, mask mandates or social distancing laws wouls do anything to slow or halt the spread of the SARS-COV2 virus. Government was effectively reduced to a “quad” of ministers and their dodgy 'scientific advisers' deciding on Britain’s future. Rishi Sunak, an unfancied contender in the current race to succeed the discredited Johnson and at that time Chancellor of the Exchequer was one of them. There were rumours at the time that Sunak was horrified at much of what was going on, and repeatedly warned that lockdowns would inflict economic damage that was likely to endure for decades. Unfortunately due to the principle of collective cabinet responsibility, resign and speak out or stay in post and fight the pseudoscientific insanity from a position of power.

His speaking out now  he is no longer chancellor and his bid to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the nation has fallen victim to a backlash from the party rank and file because he is perceived as the man who stappped Boris in the back, confirms much of what many have suspected. The culture of fear created by pandemic scaremongering, and the Orwellian macinations of Boris and his unelected globalist cronies in collusion with mainstream media, that was usded so effectively to terrify the nation, was not 'led by science' as the official narrative claimed, but instead was pat of a hiddden agenda. 

Questioning lockdown, even behind locked doors in cabinat meetings, was seen as an attack on the Prime Minister’s authority. To ask even basic questions – about how many extra cancer deaths there might be, for example – was to risk being portrayed as one the crackpots, the “Cov-idiots”, people who wanted to “let the virus rip”. Fascism had taken hold in the heart of Whitehall.

Boris Johnson (centre left with microphone in front of him,) chairs a Cabinet meeting. Picture: Daily Mirror


To maintain the illusion that our individual freedoms and civil rights were being stolen from us in order that we could be protected from a 'deadly' disease that did not kills many people meant elevating the corrupt SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies,) committee to the status of a mini-government: don’t blame us, ministers wanted to say, we’re just following the best scientific advice. For that reason, there never was an economic or a social analysis of the damage the government's pandemic policies were doing to economically and to communities, a see-no-evil policy applied. Which worked, until the aftershock of lockdown began – with the evil there for all to see.

Lockdown, Sunak says, was always a political decision but No 10 wanted to dress it up as “following the science”. There may be some truth in this but also there is a lot of evidence that the decision was made not by politicians but by outside influences such as the WEF, the World Health Organisation (WHO), billionaire psychopath Bill Gates who funded the mathematical modelling project that predicted 500,000 excess deaths in UK during the first wave of COVID and the pharmaceutical corporations that own so many scientists and universities, vast swathes of the media and that manufactured the vaccines that were so bad the manufacturers warned they would not make people immune to the disease. This was a conspiracy at the highest level. And remember this nightmare was being enacted not just  in the U.K. it’s tentacles reached into just about every Western government from Canada to NZ the US to France, Italy, Germany, Australia etc.. All these leaders reciting the same mantras over and over. Remember Build, Back, Better?

Funny how all these governments are now desperately rushing through their own versions of censorship bills to prevent free and open discussion of the COVID scandals. They claim they want to fight mis and disinformation. No they want to save their own arses, the status quo and do everything in their power to stop the truth from getting out.

This matters because it’s not about the Tory leadership. Sunak now stands almost no chance: the race is nearly over with most votes cast. Polls show Liz Truss ahead on a two-to-one ratio. Nor is it about score-settling: Sunak spoke to the media on the understanding that he was not naming “the guilty men”. He wanted speak on record about the process (or lack thereof) because he thinks that candour will help correct mistakes for next time. People who think a General Election in which the Conservatives would almost certainly be defeated is going to solve anything need to remind themselves that throughout the pandemic crisis The Labour Party only offered by way of opposition to the government's fascistic measures only demands for more oppressive measures, stricter policing of COVID restrictions and stiffer punishments for those who did not obey.

It is to be hoped Sunak will be the first of many to speak out, because, whether you share his political affiliation or not, he has revealed that our system of government is Not Fit For Purpose. As one Cabinet minister commented on the atmosphere in government yesterday: “It wasn’t just Rishi. I needed my own network of spies to find out what was happening in lockdown, because we were never told.” 

If this is what was going on, if there was no proper Cabinet scrutiny, if it’s true that no overall cost-benefit analysis of lockdown was ever seriously attempted, it points to a collapse in basic standards of government. At a time when high standards and rigorous analysis was most needed.

As least now there can be denying that having voted ourselves out of the authoritarian bureaucratic dictatorship of the EU, we have been delivered by Boris Johnson and a bunch of unelected bureaucrats into the hands of an even worse tyranny, the wannabe world government of the United Nations and its agencies.



The epitaph of The Johnson regime can therefore be found towards the end of G K Chesterton's poem The Secret People:

"They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,
Lords without anger or honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs."

But we ordinary punters can take heart from the poem's opening lines:
"Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget;
For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet."

All we have to do is sack the establishment parties Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem, they've all sold us out at some point,  whenever you have the chance vote for anybody but their representatives, and destroy the elected dictatorship.


French Police Use Teargas As Freedom Convoy Brings Thousands Of Protestors To Paris
Inspired by Canada's freedom Convoy, a sponaneous protest by drivers of heavy trucks against the fasistic and oppressive curtailment of individual freedoms by Prime Minister Trudeau's regime, French truck drivers protesting President Macron's similarly authoritarian measures converged on Paris where they were met by riot police enforcing Macron's ban on protests against government policy ...

COVID cover-up: UK media refuses to report that 4 of 5 coronavirus deaths over the past month occurred in the vaccinatedEarlier this evening Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a broadcast to the nation, implored British citizens to continue doing what they’ve been told to do throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately everything the government has told us to do: Stay at home, Work from home, Wear masks, wash your hands every twenty seconds, do not touch anything, Shun your friends and relatives especially if they are sick, Get a vaccine, Get a second, vaccine, Get a booster vaccine, ... etc, etc, etc,
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Covid Vaccine Refusers 'Thrive On Attention' Says Prime Attention Seeker And Chief Clown Boris JohnsonIronic isn't it that the one person guilty of telling more lies and spreading more misinformation about COVID throughout the pandemic, our so - called Prime Minister and according to observable evidence, the chief idiot Boris Johnson launched another attack on 'anti - vaxxers' today, saying they “thrive on the attention”? This outrageous farrago of lies and calumnies spewed at people who have simply chosen not to be injected with a shot of toxic shite that does not immunise anybody against anything
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Novak Djokovic is no victim but Australian government 's political opportunism is disgusting
While the world divides more deeply into two camps over the COVID mRNA vaccines, one of the most shameful incidents of the whole pandemic has been playing out in Australia where the world No 1 tennis player has been subjected to a medieval with hunt over his refusal to accept vaccination. The persecution of Novak Djokovic has been engineered purely because the nation's leaders want to put it at the forefront of the push towards global vaccine tyranny.
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Italy Pondering Total Ban On Unvaccinated In The Workplaces
Italy's unelected governments, which has already faced riots and massive resistance to its authoritarian measures to strip away citizens rights and liberties under cover of pretending their actions are necessary steps to deal with the pandemic, now risks plunging the country into greater chaos by mandating vaccines for the workplace.

A few weeks ago this blog reported a Swedish study which showed that natural immunity provides much better protection against infection by the SARS2-COV virus which causes COVID (COrona VIrus Disease,) than the Pfizer vaccine which is currently hyped as the most effective on the market, though it is no more effective than the others at provinding immunity. The more responsible voices in mainstream media that actually reported the story described by the news as “a bit of a bombshell”.

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Study Reveals That Unjabbed Are Better Informed Than Jabbed
On the day we reported elsewhere that thousands of Germans had taken to the streets to protest against the latest fascistic measures imposed by their federal government Ulrike Guérot, a German political scientist has effectively shown that the so called vaccination opponents were far better informed on the CoVID vaccine effectiveness and adverse affects than the jabbed ones. Continue reading >>>

Thousands Protest In Germany Ahead Of COVID Measures Set To Go Into Effect Tuesday
Thousands of people took to the streets of Germany on Monday in protest over COVID-19 restrictions that are set to go into effect on Tuesday.The demonstrations were biggest in Mecklenburg, northern Germany, where roughly 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets to protest against tighter measures, according to local reports. In Rostock, a city along the Warnow River on the north coast of the country, roughly 6,500 people demonstrated, while in Schwerin there were roughly 2,700 and in Neubrandenburg, around 2,400 joined a demonstration. Continue reading >>>

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As Governments Claim: Legal Advocacy Group

Vaccines are less effective effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 that governments have claimed, an analysis of government narratives carried out by a constitutional rights group shows. The report was published Tuesday by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, found that claims made by governments promising vaccination will reduce or stop the spread of COVID-19 are not supported by either medical science or empirical evidence
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Government To Weaponise Welfare Benefits To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
As evidence piles up showing that the COVID vaccines have failed, or at least are nmot what we were told they are, because data shows that the vaccinated rather than being ptotected from infection are actually more vulnerable to COVID, government and Big Pharma are growing more desperate in their efforts to coerce people into getting vaccinated. Continue reading >>>

Why have we doctors been silent? — by Lucie Wilk

AS an NHS hospital doctor, I have had a front-row seat as the drama of the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded. It has been a year and a half of confusion, frustration and anger for me as I’ve watched our profession drawn into complicity with what I anticipate will be regarded as one of the most egregious public health disasters in history. I have watched as ‘the science’ has been presented on the national stage flanked by Union Jack flags as an unassailable truth. For something so apparently inviolable, it seems to shift and change disconcertingly from week to week ...

German Schoolchildren Subjected To 'Ritual Humiliation' Over Their Vaccine Status
December 12<
As this blog has been telling you for a few years now, The Nazis are back in Germany. With these sausage scoffing krauts it's not a case of 'do as we say, not as we do,' but "DO AS WE SAY OR WE WILL MARGINALIZE YOUR KIDS AND FINE YOU INO POVERTY. Only a matter of time until the National Socialist coalition's thugs start kicking door in and dragging those who are not fully vaxxed (two shosts plus all obligatory boosters,) off to internment camps. VACCINE MACHT FRIE.

Pandemic - The Thief Of Time
A pandemic polemic in verse. The narrative of an unseeable monster that poses and existential threat to humanity is eating the days and years of our lives ...

Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in “non-covid deaths,” nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room
Excess mortality in the United Kingdom is off the charts, and yet nobody is willing to call out Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit. Cancer expert and Prof. Carl Heneghan describes the current situation in Great Britain as a “national scandal.” A shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in the U.K. over the past several months, and officials are blaming everything else except the injections. Continue reading >>>

After a weekend of increasingly violent protests around Europe, similar to the one pictured above in London, against elitist plans to introduce new limitations on freedom, lockdowns and further steps towards compulsory vaccination (with a vaccine that does not immunise against a virus that makes very few people ill,) it is disappointing to see that in the US and UK, mainstream media is still doing its best to ratchet up the fear and panic ... Continue reading >>>

The Absurdity Of Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns and Segregating The UnvaxxedAfter reintroducing lockdowns from the beginning of this week in its two regions with the highest rates of COVID cases, Austria today became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full, national lockdown which will start on Monday, November 22. The Austrial government is likely to be quickly joined by neighboring Germany, a statement from Berlin warned [...] Some commentators in Austrian capital Vienna were cynical enough to ask if the whole point of this latest escalation is justify more restrictions
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