Friday, December 12, 2014

French Goss Mag Outs Gay Politician, Sparks Privacy Row

Gossip magazine Closer has sparked a privacy row in France after it outed a homosexual senior member of France's right - wing National Front party. Closer published photos of the man with his male partner. Politicians and journalists have reacted angrily to what they call a gross breach of privacy.

Not only is this story an illusration of how widely attitudes differ in Europe and the USA (with Britain in the middle being torn in half), it shows more evidence of a push back by the majority of people who are not 'left wing' (i.e. firther to the right than Hitler) or politically motivated against the bullying on the minorities and the politically correct screechers who support them, but are aware that tolerance requires toleration of more than one point of view. tolerating those who agree with is is easy Tolerating those who disagree is a trick the left are a long way from mastering.

That privacy is still cherished in most of mainland Europe is entirely proper, whether a person is straight gay, in a hetrosexual marriage but taking lovers, asexual, gets off on doing kinky things with life sized rubber dolls is not of anyone's business so long as it is legal and few things aren't these days, unless it affects their ability to do the job.

French Goss Mag Outs Gay Politician, Sparks Privacy Row

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