Friday, October 29, 2021

Davosocracy NWO


The Davosocracy Gang Gather As Globalism Goes Into Retreat Worldwide

The World Economic Forum pavilion, Davos — Picture source: Wikimedia commons.
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As is usual at this point in January the people who like to think of themselves as the great and good of the world’s financial and political elite (though few outside the cabal would agree with the ‘good’ bit,) are assembling in the Davos — Kloisters ski resort in the Swiss Alps for the World Economic Forum. These people, who have travelled by private jet, often half way round the wold to get to the jolly, will discuss the urgent need to make ordinary punters like you and I reduce our carbon footprint, along with their vision of ever-closer commercial and political ties, i.e. a totalitarian world government made up of appointees from the political, business and academic elite.

These people will claim their plans and schemes are intended to work towards the greater good of humanity, which means to the benefit of banks, global corporations and the politicians and ‘experts’ that act as their enablers. Their world is an elitists’ world.

However, their world is under attack, though Brexit has descended into farce thanks to the efforts of corrupt politicians who place the interests of the Davosocracy ahead of the interests of people who voted for them, nationalist parties are gaining strength throughout Europe, in the USA Trump has his political opponents in disarray, and all over the world the economic outlook is worsening as currency wars, trade wars and shooting wars show that the idea of all nations coming together as one is a hippy bong dream.

Britain’s political system has been thrown into chaos as the country negotiates a messy divorce from the European Union. Under President Donald Trump, the United States is imposing trade sanctions on friend and foe alike, and the government is paralyzed by a partial shutdown that forced Trump and a high-level U.S. delegation to cancel the trip to Davos.

French President Emmanuel Macron is facing what could turn into a second french revolution as he contends with “yellow vest” protesters calling for his resignation and the anti globalist, anti — elitist protest movement is spreading to other nations.

One of the keynote topics the WEF will blether about this year is mental health. The forum will address fears that depression,and other mental health problems are rising to excessive levels. To put that another way the globalists are probably considering whether they can get away with telling us: “If you don’t follow the groupthink, you must have ‘mental health issues’ and be sent away for reprogramming, sorry, ‘treatment’”

The APA (American Psychological Association) which will be represented at Davos, has already pronounced that ‘traditional masculinity’ is a mental health issue. That position is going to be taught in every psychology degree program across the United States, starting NOW !

The APA and Harvard University are being sued for Title IX breaches because the psychology curriculum now discriminates against males.

But with trust in politics, the media and the professions close to absolute zero, it is unlikely many will fall for such bullshit.

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