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TTIP: UK Report Shows Corporations Have Sued Canadian Govt For Over $2bn, Obama Claims ‘Did Not Happen’

One of the most controversial sections Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Pertnership (TTIP) often called Obama Trade because of the way this corporate power grab will give global businesses the rught to overturn or ignore national law, is the rights it will grant corporations to sue governments if they think laws (for example trade, consumer protection, environmental protection, employment and human rights laws) constrain their profits in any way.

TTIP is based on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) under which US Corporations have reportedly sued the Canadian Government for billions of dollars because Canadian laws were not aligned with US law and it was successfull claimed (in a court in the USA) that the differences limited their earning from trade in Canada. The American government (wouldn't you know) has always denied this. You can hear a recent denial from the lips of the pathological liar Barack Hussein Obama in this video. But don't be taken in because the aforementioned Barack Hussein Obama denies he is or hhas ever been a Muslim, yet video footage exists of him speaking of what "my Muslim faith."

A recently published report for the British government reveals, having drawn evidence from legal records, that major U.S. corporate businesses have sued the Canadian government for billions of dollars under a clause of NAFTA similar to the cortroversial Investment Protection chapter in TTIP. Despite this, U.S. President Barack Obama told a press conference in Germany this weekend (above) that "none of these [corporate law suits] had happened with the many trade agreements that currently exist".

Speaking about the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in a question and answer session with Germany Chancellor Hausfrau-Volksfuhrer Merkel on April 24, 2016, Obama made reference to the Investor-State Dispute Settlement clause of TTIP, which has become a major obstacle to the conclusion of TTIP as nations across Europe fears it will facilitate a wave of U.S. companies suing national governments across Europe in order to overturn laws that do not primarily serve corporate interests.

Obama said: "The issue of dispute settlement is something that has gained a lot of attention and attraction among those who generally oppose trade agreements. Keep in mind that the vast majority of trade agreements already contain such dispute resolution mechanisms. And the terrible scenarios that are painted in which suddenly corporations are going around suing countries so that they are not able to enforce their public health laws, or their financial regulations, or their environmental laws — none of these things had happened with the many trade agreements that currently exist, and that Germany and the United States and the EU and others are already a party to. So I think it’s important for us to look at the facts and not a bunch of hypothetical pronouncements."

But the UK Government report reveals that U.S. corporates up until 2013 have sued the Canadian government for up to $2 billion and that the UK “would be more prone to US claims than Canada”. The UK report is not yet publicly available, for confirmation that Obama lied CLICK HERE.

These suits were brought against the Canadian tax payer for issues such as governmental bans on additives, denial of licences, and the U.S. Parcel Service even sued the Canadian postal service for “anti-competitive practices”. In practice, the same kind of suit could be brought against Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), as being government-run makes it an effective monopoly and therefore “anti-competitive”.

So there you have the truth, as has long been said US trade treaties are invariably biased towards US Corporate interests and TTIP is probably the most blatant example to date of wrapping a corporate power grab in the guise of a 'free trade deal.' While Britain is an EU member there is no opt out. If you want your country to remain a sovereign nation rather than becoming a slave state in a USA dominated global tyranny, vote to get us out of the corrupt, corporate owned European Union.

Obama Admin Denies Saying “No Boots on the Ground” in Syria After Saying It 16 Times
This is our second report today that catches Barack Obama and his administration of 'homies' in a blatant lie. The first related to the TTIP trade treaty, this one concerns the decision to deploy American ground troops in Syria, after Obama had repeatedly stated there would never be any US soldiers on the ground in Syria
Will TTIP Make Europe A Colony Of The USA?
EU to Keep Part of TTIP Trade Deal Papers Under Wraps
EU Bureaucrats To Push TTIP Through Before Obama Leaves Office?
Julian Assange On The TPP: "Deal Isn't About Trade, It's About Corporate Control"
Leaked EU - TTIP document: Destruction of Democracy planned
Opposite of Transparency: Germany’s TTIP Room ‘Smacks of Totalitarianism’
German Judges Rule: EU-U.S. ‘Trade’ Deal (TTIP) Would Undermine National Courts.
The Death Of Democracy – Lobbying For TTIP
TISA – If you Hated Undemocratic TTIP You’ll Loathe This
More Truth About Undemocratic TTIP

MORE from Boggart Abroad on TTIP

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Former McDonalds CEO Warns Minimum Wage "Will Wipe Out 1000s Of Jobs"

by Arthur Foxake

This blog is not a big fan of McDonald's, their food does not appeal to us and their business practices are appalling. but they have been a very successful business over the past 50 years and so when a former CEO speaks out against one of the left's great sacred cows, the minimum wage.

For some reason that can only be related to their economic illiteracy, the left; USA's Democratic Party, UK's Labour Party and Europes Social Democratic parties seem to think the imposition of a minimum wage must improve the lot of 'the poor'.

Nothing could be further from the truth, we have written on the negative effect of minimum wage laws on the income of low wage workers. The first minimum wage scheme, The Speenhamland Poor Relief System, introduced in the late eighteenth century in England was disastrous for the people it was supposed to help. Faced with having to pay a legal minimum hourly rate, employers simply cut workers hours. Things are no different now, as former McDonalds chief Ed Rensi explained in a Forbes op - ed recently:

(While his words might shock the big government worshipping, Nanny State tit suckling 'progessives' should be no surprise to any rational businessman or accountant.)

"A $15 minimum wage won’t spell the end of [fast-food brands]. However it will mean wiping out thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options." The $15 minimum wage demand, which translates to $30,000 a year for a full-time employee, is built upon a fundamental misunderstanding of a restaurant business (and we add simple supply and demand fundamentals) - just "do the math" Rensi rants...

“They’re making millions while millions can’t pay their bills,” argue the union groups, suggesting there’s plenty of profit left over in corporate coffers to fund a massive pay increase at the bottom.

In truth, nearly 90% of McDonald’s locations are independently-owned by franchisees who aren’t making “millions” in profit. Rather, they keep roughly six cents of each sales dollar after paying for food, staff costs, rent and other expenses.

Let’s do the math: A typical franchisee sells about $2.6 million worth of burgers, fries, shakes and Happy Meals each year, leaving them with $156,000 in profit. If that franchisee has 15 part-time employees on staff earning minimum wage, a $15 hourly pay requirement eats up three-quarters of their profitability. (In reality, the costs will be much higher, as the company will have to fund raises further up the pay scale.) For some locations, a $15 minimum wage wipes out their entire profit.

Recouping those costs isn’t as simple as raising prices. If it were easy to add big price increases to a meal, it would have already been done without a wage hike to trigger it. In the real world, our industry customers are notoriously sensitive to price increases. (If you’re a McDonald’s regular, there’s a reason you gravitate towards an extra-value meal or the dollar menu.)

Instead, franchisees can absorb the cost with a change that customers don’t mind: The substitution of a self-service computer kiosk for a a full-service employee.

Rensi concludes on a sombre note...

I suspect that the labor organizers behind this campaign for a $15 minimum wage are less interested in helping employees, and more interested in helping themselves to dues money from their paycheck.

They’re unlikely to succeed in their goal of organizing the employees of McDonald’s franchisees, but they may well succeed in passing $15 into law in other sympathetic locales.

You’ll see their legacy every time you visit the Golden Arches, where “would you like fries with that” is a button on a computer screen rather than a phrase spoken by an employee in their first job.

While Mr. Reni is referring specifically to a familiar situation at McDonalds, similar things will happen in other businesses and industries. A business can only survive if it pays what the job is worth. And what the job is worth must be dictated by market rules and not by Barack Hussein Obama, Killary clinton and their elitist cronies.


UK Unemployment Rises Again as part time jobs increase.

Unemployment in the UK rose by 48,000 in the quarter to December 2011. The figure of people without jobs now stands at 2.67 million, a jobless rate of 8.4 per cent, the worst figure since the end of 1995. The number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance rose by ...
Globalisation can work, but only with a unified international plan says Will Hutton. WRONG!We need global economic and social institutions working across national borders economist Will Hutton who now appears to have been re educated and started working for The New World Order argued recently. If only it were that simple. Unfortunately globalization is the enemy not the trigger of the kind of economic recovery we need.
No Jobs For The Masses In The New Economy Despite University EducationNo matter how leaders like David Cameron and Barack Obama try to talk up their economies or assure voters the jobs market is improving, growth returning and unemployment will soon start falling, the truth is change does not equal progress and forcing the pace of social change has only masked the true depth of economic and social problems. One of these is unemployment and particularly joblessness among the young. Even a universdity education does not provide a guaranteed career path.
The 99ers: Death Of The American Dream.
The 99ers are a new social class created by the economic recession in the USA. This new demographic, not one the advertizing industry will be interested in are jobless people whose unemployment benefit (job sekers in UK parlance) benefit has run out and thus who have dropped off the unemployment statistics. But even for people who are not 99ers times are hard scross the pond ...

No Real Jobs In New Economy

Bitter Fruit

A Future Of Medieval Serfdom

Magic Money

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will TTIP Make Europe A Colony Of The USA?

As well as writing most of my posts for the news site I'm on now in support of the Brexit campaign, I have also been actively opposing TTIP, the Trans Altantic Trade And Investment Partnership, a treaty negotiated in secret between EU and US bureaucrats, the drafts of which have not even been released to elected representatives of the people on either side of the Atlantic.
Fortunately, thanks to the diligence of the people at Wikileaks, we do know something of what TTIP contains, and far from being about free trade, it is in fact a big step towards a global version of what, in Benito Mussolini's definition, can only be called fascism (collaboration between political and financial elites to create an all powerful central authority).

So if you are a supporter of fascism, vote Remain. Also, dump the hypocrisy and start identifying yourselves as fascists. If on the other hand you love freedom, democracy, your country and its culture and traditions, and you are lucky enough to live in Britain and so have a vote, join the fight against global fascism by voting OUT in the EU referenfum in June.

This article via Information Clearing House will help a lot of waverers understand what the EU and TTIP are really all about.

Here's a taster

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would Abolish Europe’s Sovereignty.

Is Madame Merkel Betraying the EU – Endangering the Lives of Future European Generations with her Push for the Nefarious TTIP?

By Peter Koenig

April 26, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Global Research"- This incisive article first published by Global Research in December 2014 is of utmost relevance to the ongoing process of US-EU negotiation of the TTIP
Author’s Introduction and Update 

President Obama will be visiting Germany and Mme. Merkel tomorrow (24 – 25 April) for the Hannover Industrial Messe, the world’s largest Industrial fair, lobbying, in a last ditch convincing effort, Madame Merkel, of the good of the TTIP – that must be signed as soon as possible – maybe even during his upcoming trip to Europe. Everything around the infamous and nefarious TTIP is possible, as it all happens in secret and behind closed doors. 
One of the most important items on Obama’s check list before he leaves office is obtaining the signatures of the ‘free trade agreements’ – the TPP – Transpacific Partnership with 11 Asian and Pacific countries, and the TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the 28 EU countries. The TPP is almost done. Completion of the two trade agreements – the economic enslavement of Asia (except for China and Russia who bluntly refused to join) and Europe, was one of the conditions for the top elite – call them ‘Illuminati’ – when they summoned him to a special Bilderberg meeting on 5-8 June 2008, in Chantilly Virginia (just outside Washington DC). They caught him in full campaign missing an important campaign event in Chicago. 
The purpose of the meeting was to figure out whether he is worth the money they were willing to pour into his election to make him President. He complied. His psychological profile having been profoundly analyzed before, they knew he would.
And indeed, the spineless Obama complied with all of the conditions. And they made him President at a cost of about US$ 740 million, about double of what Bush’s second term presidential campaign cost, and about half of the price of Obama’s second term presidency. 
Below  is my article published by Global Research in December 2014, on the nefarious consequences of the TTIP – to remind people what is laying ahead for Europe, if the EU and its members ratify the TTIP: Slavehood, sheer and unescapable corporate slavehood, enhanced and controlled by Goldman Sachs — and not to forget, the Rothschilds, who are the invisible hand behind the FED.  
Katherine Frisk sums up best what the TTIP would mean for Europe:
International “free trade” agreements such as the TTIP and the TPP which will override the National Sovereignty of any country who signs them, the Constitution of any country, their Constitutional law courts and any laws that any government may or may not make regarding health regulations, minimum wage regulations or environmental requirements. Far from being Capitalism with checks and balances restricting monopolies, it is a form of Corporate Fascist hegemonic colonialism and Corporate Empire building, eliminating all competition in the interests of monopolies.
Peter Koenig, April 24, 2016

Now read the rest >>>


Greece Could Scupper TTIP In Argument Over Cheese

The Greek government is ready to veto the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal unless its feta cheese industry receives special protections.
A document from the country’s Ministry of Economy, seen by, says Athens is not optimistic about the deal’s future due to America’s stance on so-called “geographical indicators”.

US Accused of Pressurizing EU to Drop Frankenstein Food Ban Ahead of TTIP


US Accused of Pressurizing EU to Drop Frankenstein Food Ban Ahead of TTIP

Opponents of the TTIP trade treaty and environmental campaigners have accused US politicians and bureaucrats of putting pressure on the EU to overrule a legal opinion compelling biotech corporations to submit new types of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to rigorous safety testing and rquiring that foods containing genetically modified produce be clearly and explicitly labelled, ahead of the finalization of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement.

Father Of The EU Tells Why You Should Vote Out.
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More truth about undemocratic TTIP
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TTIP threatens UK National Health Service
Corporate monopoly men want everything
The Euronazi TTIP will kill democracy
The EU anti integration movement
America going for global hegemony ahead of US$ collapse
The Free Trade conspiracy that spells the end of freedom
Global government? The Conspiracy Is Winning
Transatlantic fascism coming to an EU member near you
Is the Europe Canada Trade Deal Dead?

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California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated.

On reading this headline the first reaction of any reasonable person should be, "Why."

If there was not some pressing reason to cremate this child why could the body not be handed back to the parents to be disposed of decently in accodrance with the family's wishes, thus allowing them to grieve for the lost of the child. The only reason we can think of is that there was a need to cover up the cause of death.

And then when we read further into the story we find that dead the child had been a victim of assault by vaccine:

from The Tap

Matthew Downing -Powers: Why was this happy, healthy baby given eight, yes EIGHT vaccines in one session? And why hasn't drt. Death who administered them been struck off and charged with unlawful killing.

Matthew Gage Downing-Powers passed away on October 9, 2013. He was 5 ½ months old and died less than 2 days after receiving 8 vaccines. After Matthew’s lifeless body was taken to the hospital, his parents were kept from seeing him, to say their good-byes. A month and a half later, he was returned cremated. Then Matthew’s parents were denied a copy of his autopsy report.

Matthew’s mother, Crystal Downing-Powers, found a vaccine injury attorney to help her file a vaccine injury claim. This vaccine injury attorney was handling this case for six months and then one day, he sent Crystal a letter in the mail saying he didn’t have enough evidence regarding the death of Matthew, so he was dropping them. That was it. There was no further correspondence from him.

With no progression on their case, Matthew’s parents were further shattered. They were unsure of what to do next, because the deadline to file a vaccine injury claim is two years after a parent loses their baby to vaccines. This left them with barely any time to find another vaccine injury attorney to help them.

Crystal was distraught and in tears, feeling more helpless than ever at this point. The VacTruth team immediately helped her find another vaccine injury attorney. It is very difficult for any vaccine injury attorney to win a vaccine injury case, involving a child who died after being vaccinated. Nearly seventy percent of vaccine injury claims get denied. It takes a lot of time to fight these cases and some attorneys just aren’t willing to put in the time or effort. Others just don’t have the experience.

Thankfully, this new attorney has been fully supportive and understanding of the situation and is willing to fight for Matthew’s family. Crystal was thankful that her new attorney filed their claim in September 2015, less than one month before the deadline. He also submitted a request to receive Matthew’s autopsy report, being denied to his parents. Weeks continued to pass after the request was put in.

In January 2016, Matthew’s autopsy report was finally provided in full to the lawyer, detailing the vaccines Matthew received prior to his death, the time he was vaccinated and the time he passed away.

Matthew’s death was ruled UNDETERMINED.

Crystal was thankful the autopsy report was finally available but had no words to describe the pain this has caused them and the frustration of having to wait more than two years and three months to get a copy of their son’s autopsy report.

Read more at the original source of this story,


As long as vaccine manufacturers avoid doing causation studies, as long as this data doesn’t exist, health officials and published vaccine-promoting, peer-reviewed articles in science literature can state there is no proof vaccines cause SIDS or other vaccine injuries.

How can a medical examiner be sure of which vaccine caused a person’s health to decline when multiple vaccines are given at a time? Overstimulating the immune system via vaccination can lead to a fatal outcome. Since it is proven difficult to narrow down which vaccine contributed to a child’s death after vaccination, giving numerous or combination vaccines should be a concern.


Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam

Dr. Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the safety and effectiveness studies of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™. Dr. Harper also authored many scholarly papers about the vaccines. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines.
Vaccine News
The vaccine paradox
Vaccine propaganda
Food being contaminated to promote vaccines?
California: The Medical Police State
Zika Virus Outbreak Centred On Area Where GM Mosquitos Were Released In 2015 - Why Are We Not Surprised
Fear And Panic Takes Hold As Zika Virus spreads Like Wildfire
Swine Flu Scam Exposed: Useless Drugs And Vaccines - Lying Science Whores
Mosquitos, Mad Scientists and Ethics
Doctors, scientists greased by Big Pharma? Told you so.
Winter Deaths: Annual Fear And Panic campaign begins
Cheaper Drugs Now
GM insects for disease control should be trialled in the UK, says House of Lords Committee
World Health Chiefs Say ‘Red Meat As Likely to Cause Cancer as Smoking’
Insane science: Babies to be manufactured from two same sex parents

We have said for a long time that science is out of control and scientists, particularly those in the field of biology, have abandoned any pretence of observing ethical contraints in their quest to play God and control nature itself. This articles shows just how far the sick creeps are prepared to go in dehumanising us.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Europe Rejects Obama Doctrine - US Exceptionalism Is Not Acceptable

Has Obama's narcissism killed america's international credibility? (Image source)

The American foreign policy doctrine of US exceptionalism is no longer acceptable and there must in future be equality in global politics, said Hans-Christof Von Sponeck, a former UN assistant Secretary-General, according to RT.

Over the second half of the last century, United States Presidents and diplomats promoted the idea that the USA could not be held top the same standards as other nations because protected Europe, but in turn Washington was allowed to behave as if it was above international law. Although the threat posed by Soviet Russia was always mythical, these days, Europe doesn't need protection from the United States (which anyway is more focused on protecting the rights of perverts who want to put on dresses and go into womens' toilets to molest little girls.) There now has to be equality between the two parties, Von Sponeck said.

"We [Europeans] no longer want to support anyone's right to be an exception and their one-sided approach, which Washington is known for. We won't tolerate it," Von Sponeck said, as cited by RT.

The US government keeps saying it needs a strong, prosperous and united Europe, but when it comes to acting on its words, Washington does the opposite, Von Sponeck said.

During his visit to Germany, US President Barack Obama said the US government won't turn its back on its European allies. But Von Sponeck is critical of Obama's eloquent choice of words, saying that underneath all these words the truth is that Washington could care less about the problems Europe's currently facing.

"One can always show great public speaking skills and get off the stage, while others will have to work accepting refugees. This is what the United States does," the ex-UN top official said, RT reported.

Von Sponeck added that all this trouble with the refugees was caused by ill-conceived foreign policy and military intervention in Libya done by the United States, Britain and France and the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Obama-Duterte Blow Up: What the Corporate Media Doesn’t Get
The recent bad blood between US President Barack Obama and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is based on hostilities far more profoundthan could be caused by a simple clash of personalities.

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
The anti - establishment, anti - globalisation mood that manifested itself in the Brexit vote is sweeping across Europe, the cosy government - corporate cartel is desperately trying to control the narrative, but against the combined strength of millions of new media commentators all challenging the official; narrative, the dark forces of globalism are on the back foot.

Libya intervention

Libya military folly

Obama's real agenda in syria

The FUKUS axis in Syria

Syria is US proxy war with Russia

US & UK hypocrisy over Syria

Russia and Turkey in Syria

America and EU split over policy

American global hegemony

America's warmongering

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FBI Drops Hints They Are Ready to INDICT Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: her tendency to gloat does not raise her ratings in the popularity stakes (image source: Nina Illingworth)

As we have been chronicling the downfall of 'Crooked Hillary' as Donald Trump has taken to calling her, after this blog was first to use that sobriquet to the best of our knowledge, we wanted to be among the first to bring you this story. (we've called Mrs Clinon a few other things as well, not because we believe we, as British bloggers, have a role to play in US politics (unlike your president who seems to think HE has a role to play in the politics of Britain and every other sovereign state in the world), but because we do not believe that with international relations poised to delicately on the brink of global war right now, the world could not survive even one year of Killary's self interested, egomaniacal, war hungry incompetence.

As we have reported previously, the FBI has been on Mrs Clinton's case for around a year now over the way she blatantly flouted the law while serving as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Now, just as she looks to have beaten off (with the aid of some very dubious tactics it has to be said,) the challenge of Bernie Sanders to be assured of the Democratic Party nomination, it looks as if her biggest opponent will not Donald Trump but the FBI.

The latest news on the FBI criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s 'alleged' use of a private email server is that while The Feds have been quiet for a while the assumptions of Killary fans that the Obama Administration had protected 'the anointed one' from the consequences of her criminal negligence was misplaced. FBI sources informed Fox News’ Catherine Herridge (video embedded below) that Hillary Clinton is about to be in serious trouble.

Representative. Mike Pompeo, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News:
"I can assure you the intelligence committee is working on determining the scope of any breaches that may have resulted from the improper handling of classified information, and the damage assessments that go with them. I think we all understand that we had classified information in channels that weren’t secure on Secretary Clinton’s homebrew server and that risk was associated with that."

Then, Herridge explains that her sources say the FBI investigation has reached the stage that "federal regulations require damage assessments after classified information is outside secure government channels, such as a personal server." In other words, the Feds are assessing how serious the breaches were. As our previous reports have suggested, when the issue was first raised Mrs Clinton was dismissive of suggestions that she might have broken the law. Well, she's been getting away with breaking the law so long she probably thought it did not apply to rich, powerful people.

If Pompeo and Herridge's 'souces' are correct, then the FBI is currently determining determining the extent to which classified information was mishandled… We have used 'allegedly' because charges have not been laid yet, but clearly security was breached, as leaked the documents from the private server included more than 22 emails that were marked "top secret and above." Hillary claims she did not know 'top secret or above' means 'only to be seen by people with the highest security clearance'. For a crime to have been committed it is not necessary to prove unauthorised people did see the classified information, only that they could have seen it.

In any even the fact that the server was hacked and the email data obtained by unauthorised personnel it pretty irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing. And as a qualified lawyer, Hillary Clinton of all people should know ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Once that current stage of the investigation is complete, the FBI will have no other choice but to go after Hillary Clinton.

This is a political earthquake that could change the entire 2016 presidential campaign, as the video below will confirm.


What Did Donald Trump Say To Earn a Liberal Lynch Mob On His Case

American ‘progressive liberals’ are getting their knickers in a right old twist about alleged ‘racist’ remarks made by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who said something unforgivable about a Hispanic US federal judge. So what exactly was it he said about this bean – bandit judge that led intellectuals and academics to call for his murder?

Cinton Voter Fraud
Clinton's tyranny plan
America: Whose worse, Trump or Clinton
Libya Military folly
Libya intervention

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We Don't Need Your Opinion Sidi Obama, Our Real Freinds The Aussies Will stand By Us

After Obama's attempt to bully the UK into voting to remain in the EU last week, and the petulant threats the cocksucking little sissy made when Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Kate Hoey and others told him where to go, at last we hear the voice of reason.

If you love Britain and his glorious history, if you cherish our freedom and national sovereignty, our traditions and culture (from Falstaff to football), repost the transcript below everywhere you can and let the masses know who our real friends are. Mainstream media coverage of Obama's visit was nauseatingly sycophantic even though Obama has stabbed this country in the back at every opportunity. He only wants this country to be ruled by the Euronazi's of Brussels because our continued membership would serve the economic interests of the USA well.

You will not hear a word of criticism from The BBC, Sky News, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph or even The Daily Mail. They have all thrown in their lot with the corporate conspiracy that is pushing for a GLOBAL government. Only one national daily newspaper, The Express and new media are standing alongside Britain, its people and our real friends in the world.

Listen to this speech to the Australian Senate in Canberra from Senator James Paterson and then study the transcript below and learn why the UK will in both the short and long term, be better off outside the European Union.

THEY have OBAMA, WE Have AUSTRALIA (WATCH AND SHARE source Daily Express)

Aussie politician makes passionate case for Britain to quit ‘disintegrating’ EU

AN AUSTRALIAN politician has made a passionate case for Britain to quit the EU - as he claimed asking the UK to remain tied to Brussels is “too great a request to ask of our friends”.

Senator James Paterson yesterday told the country’s upper house Britain leaving the EU on June 23 would make it “more prosperous, free and secure”.

In a speech to lawmakers in Canberra’s Parliament House, the 28-year-old said there is a “very real cost” to Australia of the UK’s continued membership of the Brussels-based bloc.

Mr Paterson, who represents the state of Victoria, savaged the EU as “bloated, undemocratic and hostile to the freedoms that made Britain great”.

He said: “The UK has lost control of their borders and their law. They have no power to control the intake of migrants from within the EU.

“More than half of the laws and regulations passed each year that govern the lives of UK citizens originate not in their own parliament but in a foreign capital enacted by people who they have no say in electing.”

As well as blasting “failed and immoral” Brussels projects such as the Common Agricultural Policy, Mr Paterson took aim at those in his own country calling for Britain to remain in the EU for making a “very bad argument”.

He said: “There are some who argue the EU would be worse off without Britain's much-needed sensible and responsible voice in major policy debates.

“They argue that Australia and the world indirectly benefit from this by preventing the EU from making worse decisions.”

Mr Paterson said this argument “has long since ceased to be the case” because the EU “continues to show no signs of willingness to enact sensible reform”, which had been demonstrated by David Cameron’s “failed renegotiation” of Britain’s EU membership.

He added: “We are asking our friends and allies in the UK to bear a very, very high price for an uncertain benefit for us.

“To ask them to shackle themselves to the EU which lurches from crisis to crisis, which is clearly on the way down and hurtling towards possible disintegration is too great a request to ask of our friends.”

Mr Paterson also said if Britain were to leave the EU it would allow Australia and other Commonwealth countries to strike free trade deals and even free movement of people arrangements, which the UK is currently banned from doing by Brussels.

He said if the UK voted for Brexit on June 23, the country’s “friends around the world - including in Australia - would welcome you back into the international community outside the EU and you would have a strong, prosperous and stable relationship with us if you chose to do so”.

He also told his fellow senators “the best thing for Europe would be for the UK to leave the EU and to demonstrate how successful, prosperous, free and secure they could be outside the EU”.

British eurosceptics hailed Mr Paterson’s passionate case for Brexit, with Tory MEP Daniel Hannan praising his “great speech”.

Earlier this year former Australian prime minister John Howard revealed his support for Brexit as a means for the UK to quit the “fundamentally flawed” European project.

But the country’s current foreign minister Julie Bishop said the Australian government wanted Britain to remain tied to Brussels as "a strong UK as part of the EU would be in Australia's interests".


Published 20/4/16


Obama-Duterte Blow Up: What the Corporate Media Doesn’t Get
The recent bad blood between US President Barack Obama and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is based on hostilities far more profoundthan could be caused by a simple clash of personalities.

Europe catalogue
Europe becomes unglued
Immigration crisis catalogue
Immigration composite

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Obama Deploys 250 Special Forces to Syria: Will They Depose Assad?

President Obama, with the full support of his Sunni Muslim partners in crime Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, claim to be fighting ISIS yet western journalists on the ground in Syria report the US led campaign is constantly bombing those groups fighting the extremists?

On Monday (25 April,) Barack Obama announced the USA is sending an additional 250 US special operations forces into Syria. This immediately led to speculation that the USA is about to become embroiled in yet another Middle Eastern quagmire.

White House press officers say the deployment of Special Forces is intended to repel Daesh extremists. With no signal of cooperation from the Assad government or the Syrian-Arab Army combating the extremist group, it is difficult to see what difference 250 men would make when Iran already has a large force supporting Assad's army. Independent analysts have therefore questione whether the Obama Administration is trying to defeat ISIS, or still has regime chanhe as its main priority and has sent these troops to depose Assad.

On Tuesday, Loud & Clear’s Brian Becker in a discussion with with political analyst Issa Chaer of the Syrian Solidarity Movement to discuss the fresh deployment, as well as the US’ endgame strategy in Syria five years after the start of the civil war.

This announcement raises a number of questions," says Chaer. "First of all, is there a failure of the present tactic the US has employed to tackle Daesh in Syria? Raising the [total] number from 50 to 300 raises the question of what the existing 50 Special Forces have been doing for years – are they there for surveillance or are they working with groups on the ground?"

Chaer argues that the plan to dispatch additional US Special Forces troops will likely be counterproductive, as the US has not given any indication of collaborating with the groups presently combating Daesh, including the Syrian-Arab Army and Kurdish fighters.

"I think it is a mistake to do, but I think the US is protecting the opposition to the Syrian government to the benefit of Daesh. They are protecting the Saudi, Qatari, and Turkish interests."

Specifically, the Free Syrian Army, which has been fighting against Assad for years, claims that they are now cooperating with the US to fight Daesh. The White House often refers to the Free Syrian Army as ‘moderate’ rebels, suggesting that their participation is critical in the fight against Daesh. In reality many of the videos of beheadings, tirture and guys slicing open the fresh corpses of pro Assad troops and eating the still warm vital organis were carried out by members of this 'moderate' group.

Last week, Washington approved giving anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles to the rebels, in conjunction with combat efforts in Syria. Notably, Daesh does not have an air force, suggesting that this advanced weaponry lacks any utility in that particular fight. Independent analysts suggest that this weaponry could be used by rebels to undermine Syrian bombing efforts against Daesh.


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Copenhagen Swamped With Foreign Criminals - Prompts Calls For Strong Border Controls

No prizes for guessing which migrant group is behind the astronomical rise in rape and sex crime in Denmark (Image source)

Less than one in five people brought to court to face criminal charges in Copenhagen is Danish, with the overwhelming majority being recently arrived migrants, official crime figures for 2015 publish by Copenhagen city police reveals.
Back in 2009, 67.6 percent of the cases brought to courts in Copenhagen involved foreigners, but the percentage rose to 77.8 percent last year. In particular the numbers of people from Romania and Nigeria being arrested is exceptionally high.

"We are spending increasingly more time on this and we have been forced to earmark resources to specifically target foreign crime," inspector Jørgen Skov, of Copenhagen City Police, told Metroxpress newspaper, citing bureaucratic difficulties caused by EU bureaucracy in dealing with foreign criminals. "When a foreigner commits a crime in Denmark, it takes extra work and resources for the police to administer their case compared to a native Dane committing the same crime," he explained. Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen of the Social Democratic Party promised that he would be working in close tandem with the police on the problem.

"Foreigners who come to Copenhagen to commit crimes are not welcome in our city. It is a worrying process that I am going to follow in close cooperation with the Copenhagen City Police," he said. Clearly, despite having done more to restrict the flow of career criminals, sex crime hobbyists, wannabe jihadists and general bastards from eastern Europe, Africa and the middle east into the country, Denmark is beset with similar problems to those faced by neighbours Germany, Sweden and Norway over immigrant crime.

Gerd Battrup, researcher in cross-border crime at the University of Southern Denmark, blames the present situation on the growing number of migrants, both legitimate and illegal, choosing Denmark as their destination.

"Copenhagen has become a center for crime because this is where people congregate. And with more foreigners flowing in, some of them will turn out to be criminals. At the same time there is much wealth and many tourists around, which could open the door to theft and burglary," he said.

The latest figures from the Copenhagen City Police have made the anti - immigrant, anti - EU Danish People's Party's spokesman furious. Peter Kofod Poulsen called the numbers ‘insane.'

"The foreigners are clearly over-represented, which is very alarming," he said.

Kofod Poulsen believes that massive border controls with thorough checks may keep many of the criminals out.


Help! Immigrants have taken over our town, pleads German Mayor
The mayor of ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Bravaria, has sent a plea for help to the regional government begging for help in tackling the problem of crime among refugees. Police officers say "blacks are in charge of the town." The letter, intended to serve as a warning to authorities in Germany's immigrant hot spots, has been sent by Mayor Sigrid Meierhofer on Sunday, according to Merkur newspaper

Sweden’s Mollycoddling of Rapists Blamed for Surge of Sex Attacks

Once know, as one of the safest and most orderly countries in the world, in recent years, thanks to an idiotic 'open doors' immigration policy, Sweden has now earned the unenviable title of 'rape capital of Europe.' The politically correct elite's view that they were being good 'global citizens' by allowing unvetted, undocumented, uneducated migrants to flood into their peaceful and pleasant land from many of the most violent, mysogynistic, racist, and sectarian trouble spots in the world, where western values are despised ...

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Monday, April 25, 2016

As Anti EU Feeling Grows, Austria Seizes The Initiative From Britain

by Egbert Nobakon, 25 April, 2016

Image source: Daily News Hungary

Since the restoration of sanity after World War Two, Austria has been ruled by just two political parties the Social Democrats (SPOe) or their centre-right coalition partners the People’s Party (OeVP). The result of the presidential elction held over last weekend, if confirmed will, for the first time since 1945, mean Austria does not have a president supported by either side of this complacent binary system. The situation has been similar to the cosy duopolies if Labour and Conservative in the UK and Republican and Democrat in the USA.

As in the UK and USA both parties have gradually abandoned their philosophical bases and drifted towards a politically correct, globalist consensus. And as in the UK, the left has lost votes to a rebellious movement with a green tag, and the centrist conservatives to more traditional right wing movements. But no-one I think predicted the slaughter of the dying parties in the first round of the Austrian presidential election; between them they didn't even scrape 23% of the vote. This eclipse of the centre is similar to what happened in Poland at the last national election, when the former governing party was reduced to an irrelevant rump because it was perceived as being controlled by Brussels.

The winner of this first round and Austria's President elect, Norbert Hofer, from the radical right is anti EU and pro gun, and in the home of Glock where a pistol or handgun license is as easy to get as a shotgun license in the UK, he's not the only resident to pack a G19. In the second round of voting in May it is possible SPOe and OeVP voters will united behind the Green candidate (whom they hate slightly less that they hate Hofer) to deny the anti - EU vote its democratic victory. That outcome is by no means certain. The Green candidate supports the full package of wishy washy, immigrant loving, common sense hating, politically correct sentimentality that passes for a package of policies among Europe's consensus parties and so enough people who voted out of loyalty to parties they have supported in the long term could decide it is time to vote for Austria and reject globalism and the destruction of European civilisation.

A recent poll has given Chancellor Werner Faymann a 72% approval for his action in sealing the Balkans migrant route, a 180° about-turn from his previous alignment with Merkel. What is not in doubt is that the people of Austria are aligned with Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in their attitude toward migrants.

And with last summer's migrant invasion via Italy about to start, Faymann faces a stark choice; seal the Italian border effectively, or lose power completely. We could well see some very angry Italian and EU politicians this Summer, andrdian's uber some squalid migrant camps filled with woman hating Jihadists around the Tuscan holiday home of left wing Guardian newspaper's politically correct hypocrite in chief, white guilt addict Polly Toynbee'.

BoJo Was Correct – The EU Was A Nazi Idea
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Dutch Referendum This Week Shows why We Should Leave The EU.
A Swedish Voter Loses It With The Politically Correct Idiots Running His Country
Hungary Seals Borders As Migrant Flow Increases
Merkel’s Conservative Allies Declare ‘Islam Not A German Tradition’
Controlled Media Blacks out German Mass Opposition to Nonwhite Invasion

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

Many of the smaller economies among the twenty eight EU members have been hit hard by the economic sanctions the USA's Obama Administration bullied the EU into imposing on Russia after Putin annexed Crimea to protect its ethnic Russian majority when the neo Nazi regime imposed on Ukraine after the US engineered coup d'etat deposed the democractically elected government. As with most US regime change scams, the exercise was a lot less than 100% successful, though Moscow moved quickly to prevent ethnic cleansing by the government in Kiev, the country split with the Russian dominated Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the east unilaterally declaring independence.

Civil war had raged in Ukraine since then.

While the sanctions are having little effect on Russia, EU states are keen to end anti-Russian sanctions but are aware that even if EU sanctions end the USA will continue to exert its influence on European businesses, as it did in the case of sanctions against Iran, the German business weekley Wirtschafts Woche reported recently.

The EU is due to reassess the sanctions at its next summit in June with many national leaders hoping the result will lead to the EU repairing relations with Russia and distancing itself from the warmongers in Washington. However should the EU end sanctions there is a string possibility that the US will take unilateral action to stop EU businesses from trading with Russia, Wirtschafts Woche reported.

According to a survey of German enterprises conducted by the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, 60 percent of businesses want an immediate end to sanctions, and 28 percent are in favor of their gradual removal. The newspaper refers to statements by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that anti-Russian sanctions will be lifted only in accordance with the Minsk Agreements on limiting hostilities in Ukraine pending a negotiated settlement of the civil conflict, that were signed by the Trilateral Contact Group, comprising Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE in February 2015 – which Russia has abided by. The Minsk deal was brokerd by Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francoise Hollande.

On Tuesday (19 April) Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and restated Russia's concern that the Ukrainian government is not implementing the Minsk Agreements.

At a press conference tat followed the meeting, Ayrault called on Kiev to carry out constitutional reforms outlined in the agreement. Due to be implemented by the end of 2015, these would give greater autonomy to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. Wirtschafts Woche wrote that even if the German Chancellor listens to EU members such as Hungary, Greece, Italy and Austria and removes sanctions, the EU will still face opposition from the US.

"Even if we dump our EU sanctions, the Americans will enforce their sanctions beyond their own territory," one German banker told the newspaper. He referred to the case of anti-Iran sanctions, when anybody who operated counter to US sanctions faced potential penalties in the US.

"Fearing for their American business, non-US companies followed the orders on Iran," Wirtschafts Woche reported.
"And because Washington will maintain sanctions against Russia, the Americans can indirectly dictate a stricter policy on Russia – irrespective of whether the Europeans want it," the newspaper concluded.


US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

Although the US and EU economic santions on Russia in retaliation for Moscow's annexation of Crimea to prevent a genocide of the ethnic Russian majority by the neo Nazi government installed in Kiev after a US engineered coup deposed the elected government, weaker European nations are spooked at the possibility of US retaliation if they do not obey Washington's diktat

European Parliament President Says ‘Vast Majority Of Europeans Do Not Want Borders’

The Europhile German Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician stated that if the populist, anti-mass migration Norbert Hofer becomes president "this will change Europe’s character". Last month Hofer came top in the first round of the Austrian elections, and in two weeks voters will go to the polls for the second round, to choose between the right wing FPO figure and his Green rival Alexander Van der Bellen as the nation’s next head of state.

US Threat to Businesses Scares EU Members As Summit On Continued Sanctions Nears

USA To Blame For Europe's Migrant Crisis Says Putin
Appearing at the inaugural Moscow-hosted Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the Russian President has blamed the migrant crisis emanating from the Middle East on America. He also blamed European states for backing US efforts to spread democracy, which he said were responsible for the current exodus of people sweeping across the EU.

OSCE saw no military hardware, weaponry crossing from Russia to Ukraine – mission head
One American attempt to raise worldwide support for military intervention in Ukraine was an allegation that US spy satellites had photographed Russian military convoys heading across the border into territory held by Ukrainian separatist rebels.
When challenged to provide proof the US government showed us some pictures so fuzzy and indistinct

Soros Encourages Obama Administration To Further Interference In Ukraine
While western leaders continue to pose as the guys with white hats in the confrontations with Russia and China, hacker collective CyberBerkut has leaked some hacked documents which show Russia is not behind the escalation of provocation, but the guys in black hats who really run western governments, led by George Soros.

Ukraine President Has Tripled His Wealth While In Office

Ukraine is in a mess, the civil conflict goes on, with sporadic outbreaks of violence. The economy is in tatters, unemployment and inflation are out of control and many Ukrainians cannot afford basics like food and energy.

World War Three? Kiev Reinvades Donbass, Deliberate Provocation Trashed Minsk Agreement
When America wants to provoke Russia it uses proxies, a rabble in Libya, Islamic fundamentalists in Syria and Iraq and neo - Nazi thugs in Ukraine. So far Russia has resisted the urge to kick Obama in the balls, but sooner or later the Russia - China - Iran alliance will respond.

The World Rejects USA Attempt To Manipulate Venezuela

Last week, President Obama signed an executive order declaring a “special state of emergency,” saying that the situation in Venezuela represents an extraordinary danger to U.S. interests and foreign policy.It is all total bollocks of course, for resons that are not entirely clear, Washington has decided that Venezuela will be the next nation to be destabilised in pursuit of the U.S. global hegemony agenda.

Venezuelan Social Movements Take to the Streets to Oppose U.S. Aggression
And now, with the security situation more dangerous that any time in the past fifty years, the peacemaker and joybringer, Barack Hussein Obama, The Obamessiah, is looking to start yet another civil war and plunge another nation into failed statehood. This time, as we reported a few days ago, his target is Venezuela

Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
The Obama Administration, which in 2009 provided backing for the coup that overthrew the progressive democratic President of Honduras and put into power a junta of oligarchs; a rerun as it turned out for the bloody coup that replaced the corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, ad installed in Kiev a rabidly anti-Russian, equally corrupt, right wing extremist Government ...
Germany Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance On Ukraine
As the US pro war rhetoric pumps up the tensions between Russia, its allies and the west in Ukrain we revisit once more the truth about which world power has been relentlessly pushing for war since 2009. It isn't Russia or China, though they are not likely to back down.

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement Within Hours

We all knew the ceasefire agreed by Angela Merkel, Francoise Hollande, Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Nazi leader Poroschenko would not hold. The people whose country stands to gain most from war, that is of course Barack Obama and John Kerry, President and secretary of State of the USA, the country that wants and needs perpetual war, were trying derail the fragile deal while the four leaders were still negotiating.

Don’t believe American lies about Russia
What we are seeing in western media about the currency and oil price war being waged against Russia by the Obama administration in America is not only a very subjective version of events being presented by Washington spin doctors, it ignores the fact that though the USA and EU may have imposed sanctions on Russia, China, India, Iran, Turkey, all African and south American nations and most of south east Asia are still doing business with Moscow.

The Hard-Core Nazis Who Rule In Kiev Were Put There By EU and USAM

Deja vu: Hungary asserts independence, is threatened by US and EU
In a famous episode of cold war history, when Hungary tried to assert its idependence from Russia, the Soviet Tanks rolled in and crushed the budding democratic movement. Half a century later it is the so-called “democrats” from the West, the USA and EU who have been doing the bullying.

Western Hypocrisy In Reporting News about Ukraine And Russia
The opening paragraph of a CNN report on the latest developments in the crisis in Ukraine illusrate perfectly the hypocrisy of Western media in the way they cast Russia as the danger to world peace and America as bringer of freedom and democracy. In fact in the crisis over the US attempt to draw Ukraine into NATO the positions taken by the USA and Russia's are the opposite of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.
After Yugoslavia NATO changed from a mutual defence alliance to an organisation for military aggression.
Cameron Begged Obama ‘On Bended Knee’ To Help Bully Britons Into Staying In EU
Ukraine Regime Change
Ukraince revolution US led
George Soros' role in Ukraine chaos
Russia, Ukraine and the demise of the Petrodollar
Russia USA Proxy war
Regime change is a New World Order trick

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Climate Alarmism and the Muzzling of Independent Science

We republish this article from American Thinker of Earth Day, in the public interest in order to add to the huge number of alternative media (and a few mainstream media) news pages dedicated to telling the truth about the Climate Change scam.

This Friday (Earth Day and Lenin’s Birthday) President Obama will sign the Paris Agreement, supposedly to control global climate.  Last week, the attorney general of a tax shelter – the US Virgin Islands -- subpoenaed the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  This was part of a campaign to intimidate climate realists and to shake down, and possibly shut down, the energy industry.  The campaign was launched by a number of Democrat Attorneys General and Al Gore, colluding with trial lawyers and other special interests, under the guise of investigating ExxonMobil.  As bizarre as these moves are, they are just an escalation of 30 years of persecuting distinguished scientists who disagreed with Al Gore’s climate change fantasies.

Scientific research is supported by private industry, governments, universities (largely government dependent) or some combination of the three.  Before Gore’s tenure as vice president, the majority of scientists with some knowledge of the subject firmly rejected climate alarmism.  During his two terms almost in the White House, Al Gore and the academic liberals executed a quiet purge.  They packed the scientific establishment with environmentalists, defunded inconvenient research fields, removed distinguished scientists, and bullied others into silence or equivocation.  Huge budgets allocated to climate studies (even before Gore) produced hordes of worthless PhDs, incapable of making a living outside of climate alarmism.  But a large segment of scientists and professionals versed in science are independent in a free society, deriving their income from private business.  Al Gore and other climate alarmists had a problem.

For more than 150 years, the Left has been shouting that anybody who disagrees with its politics is nothing but a stooge for capitalists or corporations.  Wherever the Left came to power, it used this claim to squash any dissent.  In the US, this shouting has left a deep imprint in the public mind, but has not gained much traction otherwise -- until an opportunity came in the 1990’s.  At this point I must say that I do not smoke, do not recommend smoking or nicotine use, do not have any interest in the tobacco companies, and neither like them nor defend them.  But anti-smoking campaigns became a Trojan horse, used by the extreme Left to legitimize the suppression of conservative and moderate voices in the name of fighting against “corporations.”

These anti-smoking efforts started in the mainstream with the intent to improve public health, then morphed into a campaign against smokers and tobacco companies, and soon became a money grab.  The first and the third phases had bipartisan support.  Then things took an even uglier turn.  Remarkable milestones of the third phase and later development include:

  • Before 1998 – states changed their laws to retroactively deny tobacco companies legal defenses;
  • 1998 – a Master Settlement Agreement was signed between state Attorneys General and Big Tobacco, transferring billions of dollars to the private lawyers associated with the AGs;
  • 1999 – the DOJ filed a legal complaint against the tobacco industry and its scientific research institute, with two counts using specific medical care statutes and two counts relying on overbroad interpretation of RICO;
  • 2000  - the American Legacy Foundation started airing its controversial truth ads;
  • 2001  - the DOJ amended its complaint, dropping the non-RICO counts. 

In the process, the Clinton-Gore administration developed and spread a false narrative -- “people died because tobacco companies lied” -- thus justifying suppression of the “corporate speech.”  Remarkably, the tobacco industry was blamed for conducting scientific research and even for funding research by independent scientists.  The industry and/or the scientists were blamed even if the research found or confirmed the dangers of tobacco, and even if the research was unrelated to the tobacco.  The Tobacco Precedent was born.

With little public attention, this process created an extra-legal precedent: if enough politicians do not like some speech or research and can link it to a company or an industry, the company or industry can be persecuted.  Then laws can be made ad hoc and applied retroactively; the punishment is unlimited; and attempts by the target to defend itself are considered additional offenses. 

End of the Interlude
Climate alarmists, accusing their opponents of serving “fossil fuel interests” and especially the oil industry, immediately took advantage of the Tobacco Precedent.  The idea that the oil industry has any interest in opposing “climate action” is preposterous.  First, there is a circular argument: in the debate over whether CO2 emissions are harmful, beneficial, or inconsequential, it assumes a priori that they are harmful.  Second, this assumption is wrong.  Third, even accepting this assumption, and additionally presuming that the emissions should be sharply curtailed, the economic impact on the industry would be non-uniform and likely positive.  Most electricity in the US is generated from coal.  Natural gas power stations emit 3-4 times less CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” (in quotes because the term is misleading) per kilowatt of electrical energy.  Thus, any bona fide effort to decrease CO2 emissions would start by replacing coal with natural gas -- just the opposite of what environmentalists and the Obama administration do in their war on fracking, pipeline laying, and other natgas activities.  Since the oil industry is actually the oil and gas industry, it would benefit.  The oil industry can also pass on to the customers whatever taxes the governments levy on it, and compensate for lower sales volumes by higher margins.  Further, large oil corporations are really industrial conglomerates, capable of using their assets in multiple economic sectors.  One can easily ascertain this fact by comparing ExxonMobil’s (XOM) stock price with the oil index (OIL).  Despite an almost 78% drop in oil prices over the last four years, ExxonMobil’s price remained the same (as of 4/13/2016), while it has been paying dividends and withstanding political attacks. Instead of drilling and pumping oil, oil companies can erect and operate wind farms.  Gas stations, which currently make money mostly from their convenience stores, can be converted into electric vehicle charging stations.  Thus, the alarmist accusations have been just a pretext for silencing scientists and other opponents.

Nevertheless, the alarmists succeeded in excluding from the climate debate most people with knowledge and experience in physics, geology, chemistry, biology, energy production, and other pertinent scientific fields.  Their iron curtain cut off scientists, engineers, and executives from the manufacturing, energy, transportation, mining, oil and gas, and chemical industries, as well as independent researchers who made it through years of goring.
For example, the Global Climate Coalition, founded by the National Association of Manufacturers in 1989 and including millions of members from many industries, started collapsing in 1999 and finally folded in 2002.  Many of its corporate members also moved to the opposite side, and even voiced support for alarmism.  The green protection racket was booming. 

Then, the environmentalists used the tobacco industry precedent to intimidate and vilify anybody who opposed Climatism, even casually.  This strategy worked.  Within a few years, multi-issue think tanks and conservative non-profits were forced either to abandon their defenses of climate realism or to lose financial support from private industry, including fossil fuels companies.  At the same time the environmental groups and climate alarmists, who had many times more money than the climate realists even before 1999, saw their income multiplied.  This is how the climate debate ended. 

Since 2008, large fossil fuels companies (including ExxonMobil) have hardly donated any money to the climate realists, but that did not stop the alarmists from making false claims.  An example is the accusations that Dr. Willie Soon, a solar physicist affiliated with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, received grants from ExxonMobil and other organizations, defined by the alarmists as “fossil fuels interests.”  The formerly mainstream media made an orgy out of these accusations in 2010, and then again in 2015, when they were sold as news again.  See more detail in Defunding of Climate Realists.

Not only the opposition to Climatism has been suppressed, it has been suppressed stealthily.  The public and most politicians, academics, and journalists have not even noticed.  People believed that the industry had skin in the game and was more than able to defend itself.  For the public, the unfolding events did look like the emergence of genuine scientific agreement.  And since the industry had been muzzled, the environmental lobby has easily framed the distinguished scientists opposing Climatism as the voice of the industry.  In many cases, private corporations publicly disavowed links with the persecuted scientists, further cementing their image of outcasts.  Finally, those who had the rare combination of scientific knowledge, concern for their fellow citizens, and the guts to oppose climate alarmism have been lulled into the false belief that the situation was a problem of the energy industry alone.  In fact, climate alarmism is not an industry problem and not even limited to economic policies.  It is a juggernaut rolling over American science, education, religious freedom, and independence itself.

Punishing businesses for funding researchers is simply a ban on independent science, imposed by the government through the corporations.

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An incisive analysis from The Wall Street Journal that shows who and what will benefit from the great climate change scam (clue, it will not be the climateor the environment and it will certainly not be people like you and me.)

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It Looks As If Carbon Credits Scam Has INCREASED CO2 Emissions
Global Warming Is Not Causing Any Polar Ice Cap Meltdown Says NASA
Another Kick In The Bollocks For Warmageddonists And CAGWARTS*

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