Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Denmark's Epidemic Of Vaccine Damage


Fully vaccinated and the boosted Danes make up the vast majority of Covid cases in the Scandinavian country now

The “Omicron” hospitalization rate in Denmark is beginning to exceed the “Delta” hospitalization rate, as vaccine damage becomes ubiquitous in the population and the “fully vaccinated” make up over 90% of the current “omicron” covid-19 caseload.

The rate of hospitalization with Omicron in Denmark has overtaken the “Delta” hospitalization rate, suggesting that this mysterious Omicron variant is more likely to attack the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. It is also apparent that despite repeated assurances from politicians, senior medical professionals and the vaccine manufacturers, vaccine related injury and illness is becoming widespread in the population. 

With the “fully vaccinated” making up the vast majority of these new “omicron” cases, there is growing concern that the they are experiencing antibody dependent enhancement and natural immunity depletion.

Like governments in other EU member states the Danish government has turned the country into a medical police state, implementing constraints on the “unvaccinated” to coerce as many people as possible to take part in an ongoing medical experiment. It seems the obce  liberal Danes are heading down the same road as Germany and Austria, where vaccine mandates and the threat of internment for those who do not comply are remiscent of the Nazi era in the 1930s.

In Denmark and the EU states in general, the withdrawal of human rights and civil liberties, ans threats of job termination and social exclusion as well as other punitive measures for failing to comply with mask and social distancing rules measures almost every citizen over the age of 50 is now marked as “fully vaccinated.” 

The young have been coerced to give up their body to this genetic experiment as well, in spite of their being at negligible risk of Covid infection, the vaccination rate for 15–60-year olds is approximately 80 percent. 

This level of vaccine uptake is unprecedented, however, the vaccination rate of the population is meaningless as the vaccines do not immunise as is demonstrated by the high infection and hospitalisation rate among the vaccinated. If the experimental, DNA altering vaccines worked, then herd immunity would be fully realized by now, with the infection rate rapidly plummeting. In fact the opposite is happening, as new surges of Covid continue to plague the 'fully vaccinated' with over 90 percent of  new omicron cases in the vaccinated cohort!

 Although it is the fully vaccinated who are  now spreading this variant in Denmark and the rest of the world, the unvaccinated seem to be untouched by Omicron. According to official infection statistics in the State Serum Institute’s “Report on the omikron variant” for December 18th, the vaccines are negatively impacting infection rates, and the unvaccinated are now the more protected group as empirical evidence back up studies not reported in mainstream media  which show natural immunity outperforming vaccines in every way. By not vaccinating, people are 50 percent protected from the latest strain of Covid. Natural immunity is obviously working, while the vaccines are interfering with immune responses, as many independent medical professionals and researchers warned they would at the start of the vaccine roll out, thus making mockery of the World Heath Authority claim that herd immunity could only be achieved by vaccination, herd immunity and causing new public health issues.

Seventy-nine percent of Denmark's omicron cases (13,946) are occurring in the “fully vaccinated.” Even those who took a booster shot are succumbing in greater numbers than the “unvaccinated.” The patients who took a booster shot make up 10.8 percent (1,851) of the new cases, while the singly vaccinated group accounts for 1.8 percent (304) of the cases and the “unvaccinated” group make up 8.5 percent (1,454) of the new cases.

It is important to put these figures in perspective. Vaccine propaganda merchants have claimed that with a high percentage of the population vaccinated it is to be expected that infections will occur. This disingenuous claim overlooks the fact that vaccines by definition are intended to make people immune. Denmark has a population of around 5.8 million. Which, based on the above figures means that the infection rate (based on positive tests rather that symptomatic cases,) among the vaccinated is approximately equal to the infection  in the unvaccinated. Therefor the vaccines don't work. END OF STORY.



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Swedish Study Trashes Food Fascism: Salt, Steak and Dairy Are Not The Killers in Your Diet

For as long as I can remember, and it was probably the early 1960s when I first started taking notice of such things, government health advisers in the developed nations, and particularly in the English speaking nations, have regularly scare stories about our diet, the theme of these food fascists and their narratives is always that the natural foods which have ustained populations all over the world for millennia – meat, dairy, eggs and more – and certain components of these foods, notably saturated fat, salt and sugars are dangerous for human health. 

The scaremongers dire warnings are often contradicted by independent evidence, for example the most often cited food scare is the cancer causing diet component, Read meat has been targeted frequently as a likely culprit here, although the evidence for that is very shaky. Salt, eggs and dairy have all been named as contributors to heart and circulatory diseases, yet while the most frequently demonised of these, salt, (or more formally sodium,) may be dangerous in excess but in moderation is essential for good health. We will look at the others in more detail later.

The consequences of taking these scare stories seriously can be far more damaging than the effects of ignoring them completely. According to official statistics 60% of British people are now overweight or obese, and the country’s general health has never been worse even if we ignore the effects of the ridiculously hyped pandemic .

Science-led or perhaps we should say corporate led mistrust of natural foods in their unadulterated forms has encouraged us to buy foods that have been  modified, in industrial processes, such as salt-reduced cheese, vitamin enriched cereals and skimmed or semi skimmed milk. These 'scientific modifications supposedly to make them healthier for us according to advertising material but as ever the advice of Marcus Tullius Cicero serves us better. "Cui bono?" Cicero asked 2000 years ago, "Who benefits?"

And who benefits from most of our food being fucked over by scientists? The global corporations of The Big Pharma cartel, the same people who make the drugs that never cure one problem without leaving another in its place, thus ensuring we are all patients for life.

It is not surprising then that over 50% of what we British eat has what nature provides removed and replaced with chemical additives, the same corporations that profit from our poor health are also profit from selling the chemical additives, colourants, preservatives and taste enhancers that go into the processed food we eat.


The grave effects of this relatively recent departure from time-honoured eating habits comes as no surprise to those of us who never swallowed government “healthy eating” advice in the first place, largely on evolutionary grounds.

Is mother nature a psychopath? Why would she design foods to shorten the lifespan of the human race?

And time is vindicating. This bankrupt postwar nutrition paradigm is being knocked for six, time and again, by up-to-date, high quality research evidence that reasserts how healthy traditional ingredients and eating habits are.


Pass the cheese … dairy fats can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease

Variety of dairy products
Dairy produce protects against heart attack and stroke. Photograph: Jozef Polc/Alamy

The NHS Eatwell Guide, fondly known to its critics as the Eat badly guide, still tells us to choose lower-fat products, such as 1% fat milk, reduced-fat cheese, or low-fat yoghurt. This is based on the inadequately evidenced postwar belief that saturated fat is bad for your heart.

How embarrassing, then, for government dietetic gurus, that a major study of 4,150 Swedes, followed over 16 years, has last week reported that a diet rich in dairy fat may lower, not raise your risk of cardiovascular disease.

This Swedish study echoes the findings of a 2018 meta-analysis of 29 previous studies, which also found that consumption of dairy products protects against heart disease and stroke.

A body of research also suggests that consumption of dairy fat is protective against type 2 diabetes.

Five a day

A slogan invented to shift more fruit and veg, but not one to live your life by

This catchy slogan, now a central plank of government eating advice, came out of a 1991 meeting of fruit and veg companies in California.

Five a day logos now appear on many ultra-processed foods, from baked beans to ready meals, imbuing them with a questionable aura of health.

But other than as a marketing tool, any justification for this slogan is thin.

A major study in 2010 involving 500,000 people across 23 European locations for eight years could not establish a clear association, let alone causation, for this recommendation.

While fruit and vegetables do bring valuable micronutrients to the table, overall they compare poorly in nutrient-density terms with foods such as dairy, meat, fish and eggs.

Very few people in the UK manage to meet the five a day target, and those who do generally attain it by eating more fruit than vegetables.

Fruit contains lots of sugar. A small banana has the equivalent of 5.7 teaspoons of sugar, whereas an egg contains none.

Has the five a day mantra persuaded us to eat more healthy greens? Two of the most fashionable vegetables at the moment are sweet potatoes and squash, both of which are as sugary as sweet fruit.

Perhaps we should face the possibility that the five a day dogma has actually prompted us to eat more sugar.


Don’t cut out salt completely – a moderate amount is better for you


We are told to minimise our salt (sodium) intake, even to the extent of not salting water to boil pasta.

However, research published recently concludes that the extremely low levels of sodium intake currently advised are associated with increased heart disease risk, whereas moderate amounts are ideal for most people.

The researchers say that most countries in the world, apart from China and a few others, already have average sodium intakes within the lowest risk range. “There is little evidence that lowering sodium [below this average level] will reduce cardiovascular events or death” it finds.


Ditch processed products such as hotdogs, but a steak won’t kill you

Although meat has been a central component of ancestral diets for millions of years, some nutrition authorities, often with close connections to animal rights activists or other forms of ideological vegetarianism, promote the view that it is an unhealthy food.

Three steaks
Claims that red meat caused cancer were never substantiated. Photograph: The Picture Pantry/Alamy

The health case against meat is predicated on cherry-picked evidence from low-quality, unreliable, observational studies that fail to draw a distinction between meat in its unprocessed form and multi-ingredient, chemically altered, ultra-processed meat products, such as hotdogs.

Association doesn’t mean causation. Confounding factors exist; someone who eats bacon butties daily might also be eating too much sugar, be consuming lots of additive-laden bread, be under stress, or smoke – the list goes on.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer’s 2015 claim that red meat is “probably carcinogenic” has never been substantiated.

In fact, a subsequent risk assessment concluded that this is not the case.

Epidemiological data has been unable to demonstrate a consistent causal link between red meat intake and disease.

Starchy foods

Official advice to base your diet on carbs is contradicted by science

“Base your meals around starchy carbohydrate foods” – another nugget of government “healthy eating” advice that is contradicted by robust science and well overdue for a rethink.

In February the Pure study, which followed 148,858 participants in 21 countries over nine years was published. It concluded that: “High intake of refined grains was associated with higher risk of mortality and major cardiovascular disease events.”

The researchers found that those who had the highest category of intake of refined grains (at least 350g a day) had a 27% higher risk of death and a 33% higher risk of serious cardiovascular events compared with those whose consumption was in the lowest category.

“Globally, lower consumption of refined grains should be considered,” it concluded. Yet our government stubbornly recommends the opposite.


Years of conflicting advice have been unfair to eggs – eat as many as you like

6 Fresh Eggs
Eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich foods available. Photograph: Ian Dagnall/Alamy

Remember when public health advice was to eat no more than two eggs weekly? That pearl of wisdom was based on the mistaken idea that foods containing cholesterol are bad for you.

When it became clear that eating cholesterol had no effect on the cholesterol profile of your blood, government advice was belatedly changed. Now it tells us: “There is no recommended limit on how many eggs people should eat.” Unfortunately, decades of top-down public health misinformation is hard to shift.

Many people are still unsure whether eggs are healthy or not, despite the fact that eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich foods you can