Sunday, December 08, 2013

Free Speech Under Threat

The New World Order, Illuminati, Scientific Dictatorship, Global elite, call them whatever you like, do not care for the idea of free speech. We have heard various rumblings from elitist gatherings like The bilderberg Group, G20 and G8 conferences, the world economic forums and the other expensive jamborees the elitists treat themselves to AT OUR EXPENSE - OH YES, about criminialising dissent, taking down websites and closing broadcast and print media outfits that argue against climate change, globalisation, redistribution of wealth (Most people mistakenly believe this means redistribution from the wealthy to the poor but everywhere socialism has gained power the redistribution has been from the poor, who became destitute, to the already wealthy and powerful, who not only had all the money but made sure they did not have to pay for anything).

The action in this war on free speech has shifted to Britain - The Editor In Chief of the left wing Guardian newspaper has been virtually accused of treason for telling the truth about governments spying on their own citizens accused.
The right to free speech is under threat from intolerant, authoritarian elitists.  They pay lip service to left wing ideas like fighting poverty and working for peace but are actually more authoritarian in their political outlook than Hitler or Stalin. Their goal is absolute power and they know that while the right of free speech, the free press and free access to information exist they cannot succeed.

In politics the left is not about global government, it is about small government and maximum freedom for individuals. big government is fascism.

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Are Freak Weather Events In USA Are Due To Geoengineering?

American scientists, egged on by a psychopath President who boasts that he is good at killing people are pressing ahead with experiments in controlling the climate. They have no idea what the outcomes may be because as we know, mathematical models used to predict climate trends are hopelessly inaccurate. But when have scientists ever stopped to give a moments thought to consequences. It is said of that breed, "Often in error, never in doubt." One day, as the smoke clears, there will be nobody left to say it.