Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Difference In Voting For Hillbillary or Trump Is One Promises War With Russia, (the other is named Donald)

We should all know by now (we in Europe certainly do) that a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean more of the neo - con warmongering and crony capitalism that typified her husband's two terms in office and those of his successors George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. The Arkansas backwoodsman 'Billy - Jeff' Clinton was always the New World Order's errand boy, his wife a descendant of the Chicago multi millionaires the Rodhams was a convenient way into the upper echelons of society, (I don't believe for one second Bill Clinton's upbringing was as poor as we are told, but I'm sticking close to the official narrative while exaggerating somewhat for effect.) Bill Clinton was owned by the military - industrial complex and was probably the founder of the USA's Orwellian perpetual war policy.

If 'crooked Hillary' Clinton follows her husband into The White House, as the anointed successor of Barack Hussein Obama, another war - loving 'liberal' controlled by Washington's neo - con hawks, she has promised her first act on taking office will be to authorise escalation of the conflict in Syria to ensure the removal of Bashar Al Assad and his regime. Hillary is as stupid as Obama, she has refused to learn from recent mistakes, let alone history. Vladimir Putin of Russia, China's leader Xi Jinping and the Ayatollahs who rule Iran have sworn they will not countenance the forced removal of their ally Assad and only the Syrian people will remove him from office. And he is supported by more that 50% of Syrian voters.

To try to remove Assad would therefore in effect be a declaration of war on Russia, China and Iran (Iran is not in the top league, but is no pushover militarily.) Those peace loving, atheist, caring and sharing, minority rights supporting hippy idiots planning to vote for Hillary have been brainwashed with Obama's talk of American exceptionalism and irrational claims that the USA is the only indispensible nation. They are convinced of American invincibility. This is foolish.

 World War Three might in fact turn out to be a walk-over, but not for the USA. For the pat twenty five years, and particularly in the last eight under Obama, US policy has been to neglect development of defence technology while pursuing vanity projects such as space expoloration, climate change scaremongering, and minority rights agendas. Latterly Obama's obsession with gay and transgender rights in the military has left the services not only ill equipped but demoralised and close to mutiny.  

 Russia and China however have been developing new and ever more formidable weapons, while it is rumoured Iran leads the world in directed energy beam weapons.

The T14 Armata, Russia’s latest tank (above - Image source: Business insider -click image for larger view) is far in advance of anything the USA and its NATO allies have. You don’t want to fight this monster if you can think of a better idea, such as not fighting it but running away. Russia was once famous for having batallions of fifth-rate tanks that broke down or spontaneously combusted on a regular basis. That has changed since the end of communism. This T14 outguns the American M1A2, having a 125mm smoothbore firing APFSDS long-rods to the Abrams 120mm. (As we are sure wannabe Commander In Chief Hillary Clinton would know, that’s Armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding-sabot. You did know, didn’t you, Killary? I didn't until I looked it up, but then I have not promised to take my country to war against the people that have such harware.) This isn’t the place for a dissertation on weapons for modern warfare, but the above beast is a very advanced design as the infographic indicates.  If interested more can be learned, HERE and HERE)
Hillary Clinton's opponent in the final head to head to decide who will be President is property and leisure billionaire Donald Trump, a bell end of the first order. There are only two reasons to vote for Trump and to the open minded American voters; One - he is not Hillary Clinton and Two - he has said he does not want a war with Russia. Hillary and her neo - con ventriloquists are desperate for war because they see their dream of global hegemony, the New American Century evaporating faster than a drop of water in the Mojave desert. 

The anti-Russian hysteria coming from her and the Washington rat pack is propaganda intended to prepare citizens of the USA and NATO nations for war. Such behaviour, and even that such a war can be contemplated is an example (as if any more were needed) of the utter control of America by rich insiders. No ordinary middle or low income American or European, and even very few of the super - rich has anything at all to gain from such a war. And no normal American, rich or poor, can have the slightest influence over whether such a war takes place, except by voting for Trump. The military has become entirely the plaything of unaccountable elites. Terrifyingly these people are completely delusional, they believe their immense wealth  renders them immune to the effects of a war that would be hugely destructive even if fought with conventional weapons, and which with a crazy, vindictive, infantlie loose cannon like Hillary in charge, could easily go nuclear.

A martial principle of great wisdom says that military stupidity comes in three grades: Ordinarily stupid; really, really, really stupid; and fighting Russia. Think Charles XII at Poltava, Napoleon after Borodino, Adolf Hitler, and Kursk.

Letting dilettantes, grifters, con men, arse - prostitutes, pans politicians, demented bottle-blonde geriatrics and corporate lobbyists decide to go to war is insane. Testicularly deficient girly - men in Washington are playing with things they do not understand. They think ordering drone strikes on illiterate third world villagers makes them brave. None of these pussies has been in a bar - room brawl, let alone a war, none has seen a war as a journalist, none will face the brutal, senseless violence of any war they start. George W Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (as Secretary of State) entangled the west in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, Libya and Yemen, and can’t win wars against goatherds with AKs. They are going to fight…Russia?

Well what about our stealth bombers, the delusional fools who still believe in the invincibility of American technology will wail. Sorry folks but to the latest version of Russia's ground to air interceptor missile, there is no such thing as stealth (again this is not the place for a long critique of the technology). The S400 Triumf (Growler) unlike the overhyped US Patriot missile that turned out to be a dud in battle, was designed to create a true Iron Domes. “Given its extremely long range and effective electronic warfare capabilities, the S-400 is a game-changing system that challenges current military capabilities at the operational level of war,” Paul Giarra, president of Global Strategies told Defense News. The S-400 will have the “effect of turning a defensive system into an offensive system for Russia, and extend China’s A2/AD (anti-access/area-denial) umbrella over the territory of American allies and the high seas.”

Russia and the US have always had different strategies for defending their territory. During the Cold War the USA relied upon carrier-based aircraft to project power in the Western Pacific, and the strategy continues today. The Russians on the other hand decided these floating airfields were easy targets for their shore-based long-range aviation and anti-ship cruise missiles.

If it came to war, waves of long-range bombers such as the Tu-95M Backfire would take off from safe bases deep in continental Russia, fire their powerful cruise missiles from safe stand-offdistances and blast the carriers out of the water. The Russian pilots would then head home to watch the damage on CNN!

The Russian logic was elegantly simple. Back then the average nuclear powered aircraft carrier cost$1 billion whereas the average anti-ship cruise missile cost $1 million or less. For the money they’d have spent on a single carrier, the Russians figured they could build a thousand cruise missiles. Even if just a fraction of these missiles got through, all American carriers were dead in the water.

A point that the tofu scoffing Social Justice Warriors of Washington, New York, L A and Chicago might bear in mind is that wars seldom turn out as expected, usually with godawful results, often in fact the victors suffer greater long term damage than the defeated side which finds its regime destroyed and news rulers with a clean slate to rebuild society. We do not know what would happen in a war with Russia. 

When Washington pushed the Confederate States into the Civil War, it expected a conflict that might be over in twenty-four hours, not four years with as least 650,000 dead. When Germany began WWI, it expected a swift lunge into Paris, not four years of hideously bloody static war followed by unconditional surrender. When the Japanese Army pushed for attacking Pearl, it did not foresee GIs marching in Tokyo and a couple of cities glowing at night. When Napoleon Bonaparte took on Wellington he thought the British would have no stomach for a war in Europe, when our Empire was expanding in Africa and Asia.

When Hitler invaded Poland, utter defeat and occupation of Germany was not among his war aims. When the US invaded Vietnam, it did not expect to be outfought and outsmarted by a bush-world country. When Russia invaded Afghanistan it did not expect…nor when America invaded Afghanistan, nor when it attacked Iraq, nor….
Do you see a pattern emerging?

The standard American approach to war is to underestimate the enemy, overestimate American capacities, and misunderstand the kind of war it enters. This is particularly true when the war is a manhood ritual for masculine inadequates – think Kristol, Podhoretz, Sanders, the whole Neocon milk bar, and that mendacious wreck, Hillary, who has the military grasp of a Shetland pony. If you don’t think weak egos and perpetual adolescence have a part in deciding policy, read up on Kaiser Wilhelm.

Now, if Washington 'accidentally' provoked a war with Russia in the Baltics, as some EU leaders fear,  or the Ukraine, and actually used its own forces rather than fighting proxy wars such as the one in Syria, where might this lead given the Pentagon’s customary delusional optimism? Wise punters would place a ,odest bet on a humiliating American defeat. The US military has not faced a real enemy in many decades. In that time the armed forces have been feminized and social-justice warriorified (sic), with countless officials having been appointed by Obama for reasons of race, sex, and sexual preference.

Training requirements have been watered down to benefit girl soldiers, physical standards lowered, and the ranks of general officers filled with perfumed, panty - wearing political poseurs, professors of strategic studies and political science.  Somebody one said, “Amateurs think strategy, professionals think logistics.” The Russians are not pansies, they are not stuck in a medivalist timewarp. And they know in any war the logistics favour them (see Bonaparte, Hitler etc.). 

Obama has twice threatened to invade Syria and depose Assad and twice been faced down by Putin. China has Russia's back and Russia has China's. Obama has drawn red lines and the Iranians and Russians, along with Assad promptly stepped over them. Lack of response from the rent boy president set a pattern.  

Could  President Hillbillary Clinton persuade NATO to go to war war with Russia when Britain, France and Germany are right in the killing zone? Would Washington's Neocon hawks have the testicular fortitude to go it alone with real American lives on the line? 

And, since Russia is not going to invade anybody unprovoked, Washington would have to attack. See above, the three forms of military stupidity.

The same dangers exist with regard to a war with China in the Pacific. The American Navy hasn’t fought a war in seventy years. It doesn’t know how well its armament works. The Chinese have invested in weaponry specifically designed to defeat carrier battle groups. A sunken carrier, with accompanying loss of American lives would force Washington to start a wider war to save face, a war that Pentagon Generals have warned Obama the USA could not win. 

What have normal Americans, as distinct from the elites and corporations that employ the lobbyists to gain from war, what has any ordinary American gained from any of the recent proxy wars wars post Nine-Eleven? Hillary Clinton and her Neocon owners have backed all of them.

There are lots of reasons not to vote for Clinton and the suppurating corruption she represents, as many if not more than there are to avoid voting for Trump. But above I have tried to lay out the one reason that outweighs all others when American voters go to the polling stations. We have little reason to believe Donald Trump would be true to his word and back off from confrontation with Russia and China, he may be lying, scaremongering to garner votes. But on one point we can be sure. The only thing Hillary Clinton has not lied about in this campaign so far is her love of war, slaughter, drones strikes and cruise missile shots at $2million each and those beautiful donations to the Peron Clinton foundation that keep rolling in from defence contractors.


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Obama and FUKUS Axis Air Strikes On ISIS Will Make Things Worse
The bombing of ISIS, the Islamic State is well under way in Iraq and Syria, and as predicted the American, British and French led campaign is already making things worse for civilians among whom the ISIS fighters are dispersed. And of course, far from making the west safer, it is stirring up more hatred against us in the Islamic world.

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Fake NATO Evidence. OSCE Confirms that No Russian Troops, No Tanks, have Crossed the Russia-Ukraine Border

Barack Hussein Obama, putative President of the USA, golf-and-cocaine-addict and rent boy in chief announced to the world on September 3 that “Russian combat forces with Russian weapons in Russian tanks” had been deployed in Eastern Ukraine.That was not only a lie, it was a lie which could have plunged humanity into a global nuclear conflict.
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USA Is Arming Both Sides In The Current Iraq Conflict.

Not so long ago Amerca's President was pushing the case for supporting the 'brave, dmocracy loving freedon fighter in Iraq. Only public opinion and Putin stopped Obama sending troops in to help the Sunni Muslim fanatics who wanted Syria's leader Assad out of the way so they could slaughter Syrias Shiites and Christians. Obama had to content himself with arming the rebels. Now thoise same rebels, defeated by Assad have crossed the border to wreak havoc in Iraq.

Not Waving But Drowning

Looking at the world situation and America's worsening position as it tries (but fails) to manipulate events to its advantage brings to mind Stevie Simith's poem, "Not waving but drowning." which tells of a man who swam out beyond his range and was so far from shore people did not hear his cries for help and thought he was just larking about.

America is not quite like that, rather than waving frantically as it sinks below the surface of its debt pool, it is shaking an angry fist and blaming

World On The Brink - USA And Russia Square Up In Ukraine

It looks like this might be the big one. With all America's plans to destabilise non supine nations in ruins as phase 2, the intstallation of a puppet government proved impossible, Obama who has already been bested by Putin several times cannot back down again. And this time the Russians have forced the crisis in their own backyard where the USA cannot possibly win. Interesting

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