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The EU is deepening the energy crisis

 by James Woudhausen in Spiked, 25 May 2023

Brussels' Net Zero obsession will make Europe poorer, colder and darker.

James Woudhuysen

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Earlier this month, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen hailed the ‘amazing progress’ being made by the EU’s Green Deal legislation. It is a funny kind of progress, however. The Commission is pushing through countless regulations in its effort to ‘decarbonise’ Europe and to force member states towards Net Zero by 2050. The pace of regulation is now so great that the leader of Europe’s manufacturing employers’ association has described it as a regulation ‘tsunami’. He says it has severely damaged his members’ competitiveness on world markets.

As I show in ‘Lights Out: Is the EU Failing on Energy Policy?’, a new white paper published this week, the EU’s commitment to green objectives is not only harming businesses, it is also deepening Europe’s energy crisis. The main problem is that instead of trying to improve energy production – save for subsidising and incentivising renewables – the EU is investing almost all of its political capital in trying to cut corporate and personal energy consumption.

Apparently, these cuts need to be made to fight the so-called climate emergency. In Brussels, there is no talk of how best to maximise coal or gas production, and no will to build new nuclear reactors. All of which are desperately needed to help keep Europe’s lights on. Energy policy has become entirely subservient to climate policy, regardless of the consequences. ... Continue reading >>>



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Germany Is Turning Against The EU's Green New Deal


Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

Fresh on the heels of a sensible request by France to pause new green regulations comes an even stronger pushback in Germany...

The Spectator asks Is Germany turning against the EU’s Green Deal?

Last week it was President Macron who was rowing back on green measures. In a speech he asserted that Europe has, for now, gone far enough – if it introduces any more regulations without the rest of the world following suit then it will put investment at risk and harm the economy. This week, the European People’s Party – a centre right grouping which includes the German Christian Democrats, the party of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – seems to be joining in.

The party is reported to be considering withdrawing its support for the European Commission’s Green Deal. That is the set of proposals which includes, for example, an EU-wide target for eliminating net carbon emissions by 2050. Whilst 11 EU countries have already set themselves legally-binding targets to reach net zero by 2050 (or 2045 in the case of Germany and Sweden), if the Green Deal were to go there would be no obligation on the other member states to follow suit.

Germany now seems to be taking over from France as the seedbed of opposition towards zero carbon policies, not least because it has more severe policies – and because its self-imposed, earlier target of reaching net zero by 2045 is increasingly looking out of kilter with reality. 

last week a new party, ‘Burger in Wut’ (Citizens in Anger or BiW) took 9.6 per cent of the vote in state elections in Bremen. As with the Dutch Farmers-Citizen’s Movement (BoerburgerBeweging, or BBB) which came top of the country’s regional elections in March in protest at the government’s efforts to close down farms in order to meet nitrate targets, it was the speed of BiW’s rise which caught many unawares. ... Continue reading >>>




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