Monday, December 05, 2022

Breaking: Brazilian Military Moves Against Socialist Lula After Corrupt Court Refuses Election Audit

Boggart Blogger, December 05, 2022 

For a few days now we have been seeing unconfirmed reports that the Brazilian military, which strongly supports right wing leader Jair Bolsonaro, has taken action to overturn the result of the recent election which was narrowly won by far - left former President Luiz Ignatio Lula da Silva (Lula), was corrupted by extensive vote rigging by Lula's supporters. This follows news that Brazil's Supreme Court, which Lula packed with his communist supporters during his presidency, refused to authorise and investigation into strongly evidenced claims of vote switching from Bolsonaro to his Marxist opponent. It is worth noting that after being deposed from the presidency Lula served jail time for corruption.

Thousands of Bolsonaro supporters take to the streets to protest against Sumpreme Court's decision to deny an investigation into alleged corruption in the recent election - Picture: Daily Mail

The pro-Bolsonaro Brazilian military has reportedly taken out top leaders of the Red Command drug cartel which had heavily supported Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the recent election. Analysts say this is the first step towards a federal military intervention in the country over a disputed election seeking to install Silva as Brazil’s president after a pro-Silva court refused to allow the military to audit the election results as required by law.

Globalist leaders in Europe and North Ameerica, who are quick to label centrist parties such as Germany's  AfD or France's Rassemblement National as far right, do not seem to find anything questionable about a 'left wing' politician collaborating with drug cartels, human trafficking racketeers or neo - Nazis. 

It should be noted for balance that while Lula is a known criminal, Bolosnaro is no stranger to scandal, his own presidency has been tained by accusations of corruption and impropriety, though nothing has been proved.

Bolsonaro had repeatedly claimed that the electoral system was open to fraud and the use of electronic vote counting machines, the widespread use of mail in voting and obious instances of ballot harvesting certainly suggest demands for an investigation are justified. As well as echoing those claims, some Bolsonaro supporters argue Lula should not have been allowed to run after being convicted as part of a sweeping corruption scandal linked to his Workers Party, a conviction which was overturned by the notoriously corrupt Supreme Court last year.

'We need a federal intervention, we have a Supreme (Court) that sold out to the Workers Party,' said one demonstrator at a rally outside a regional military headquarters in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

 “The official declaration of Article 142, which allows the military to intervene in the case of a conflict between the branches of government, is expected this week,” according to the Gateway Pundit. “Soldiers were seen joining the protestors and instructing them to remain calm when action comes.”

“Truck drivers cheered military convoys deploying to strategic locations throughout the country.”

According to reports, Silva is heavily reliant on the organised crime network Red Command for his political support, especially after hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to protest the election results.

The Military Deputy Prosecutor General said the Ministry of Defense was not allowed to properly inspect the electronic voting system in Brazil’s presidential election.

This led to the military enacting Article 142 against the pro-Silva Superior Electoral Court which was trying to quickly certify the election to install Silva as president.

“Three separate reports have found that the elections could not be verified, since many of the voting machines cannot be audited,” The Gateway Pundit (report linked above) stated. “The military audit required by law could not be completed because the pro-Lula Electoral Court refuses to turn over the source code of the machines.” 

As one would expect, governments and mainstream media in the WEF controlled 'liberal democracies' are pushing the official narrative that the elections were free and fair and there is no evidence of malpractice. In that case why are WEF agents in Brazil so fearful of an independent audit. As this blog commented after the 2020 US Presidential Election when efforts to trigger investigations into numerous anomalies were blocked on legal technicalities judges, "if you don't look for evidence you will never find any."




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