Friday, January 02, 2015

Greens Will Not Become UKIP of the Left By Talking Bollocks

Let's face it, if people want to vote for politicians who talk bollocks they have three well established parties to choose from, Labour, The Conservatives and The Lib Dems.

A lot of people who are sick of politics as usual and aren't bright enough to see that UKIP are the only party with any chance of upsetting the politics as usual bandwagon in 2015 are hoping The Greens are poised to become the UKIP of the left. Well they're not if they carry on like this:
via Guido:
Speaking to the Economist, Green leader Natalie Bennett argued that being on benefits in the UK is worse than being one of India's 179 million people living below the poverty line:
"The world is sodden with stuff, it cannot have more stuff,” said Ms Bennett. Yet [the Greens] do not appear to have considered what her ideological purity would mean for milllions of the world's poorest people, almost none of whom live in Britain. When Bagehot suggested to her that there was a problem with this, Ms Bennett said <del>India? Who gives a fuck about ...</del> he was worrying too much: to be poor in India wasn't so bad as to be on benefits in Britain, she suggested, "because at least everyone else there is poor too”.
Well yeah, The Greens have more fruitcakes than UKIP, Labour and The Conservatives put together but what was she actually suggesting? See, people in China and India and Bangladesh and Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria etc. earn their living making cheap shoddy shite for us to consume. And if we stop consuming it, businessmen in those countries (where there is a much more brutal attitude to hiring and firing) will not pay anyone to make stuff.
military scrapyard

Who needs stuff when we could be helping a third world tyrant buy these? (Image Source)

And the poor people who depend on their £5 a day wages to feed a large family will starve. And The Greens and their supporters will be to blame. Simples, but then economic realities usually are simple when they are explained by a realist. But not by a leftie or a Green, apart from the fact these people are under the impression that 2+2=5 if some bloke with a PhD says so, they are quite happy for the poor to get poorer while the rich get richer, so long as the middle and working class are taxed to penury so that a left wing leader can give more 'development aid' to third world tyrants who will use it to buy obsolete planes, ships, tanks and long poles with nails through the end.