Thursday, September 09, 2021

Have you got ‘superhuman immunity’?

There is growing scientific evidence that infection plus a double vaccination confers a 'hybrid immunity’
There is growing scientific evidence that infection plus a double vaccination confers a 'hybrid immunity’clobalist propaganda claims (Picture: Daily Telegraph )

The Powers That Be would have us believe the answer to that question is an unequivocal yes. There is growing scientific evidence, mainstream media claim, that infection plus a double vaccination confers a kind of “superhuman immunity” which is bollocks of course. People like Ellen may now have acquired immunity  from having caught and recovered from COVID, but independent (i.e. not funded by organisations that have a financial or political interest in promoting COVID vaccines,) repeatedly shows that acquired immmunity from prior infection not only beats the current protection offered by either vaccination also appears to offer a lasting defence against all future variants. 

Earlier this year, according to a widely syndicated report,)  Ellen, 50, who like her husband Mike, 52, is fully vaccinated, was shocked to discover that they had both caught  Covid while on holiday in Cornwall. “I thought we were protected after our jabs,” she says. “Yet we felt wiped out for a week. We did wonder if there was any point in getting the jabs at all?”

Study after study shows that simply catching COVID and recovering provides most people with all the immunity and does so with less symptoms than the vaccine. Talk of "superhuman immunity is pure propaganda, deliberately phrased to appeal to the emotions, particularly the fearfulness generated by eighteen months of exaggerated death counts, infection rates and horror stories that have little basis in fact.

What nobody is talking about in all this is and the most frustrating thing for those of us trying to argue the true scientific case on COVID this past eighteen months, has been the constantly changing narrative and the dismissal of understood and well proven scientific truths. Natural immunity is one of those biology-for-beginners level facts that many in medical science seem to completely disregard these days in favour of the Vaccine Messiah narrative.

This may be a result of the “cult of expertise” that politicians, academics and the media are in thrall to. Seemingly, anyone with specific credentials is automatically deferred to, regardless of how competent they are… or more insidiously, where their financial interests lie. Unfortunately the conclusions these "experts" offer is based on evidence from computer modelling of viruses, pandemics, infection to fatality rates and so on rather than on evidence from analyzing data.  collected from the real world. And whatever area of academia these people might be experts in, it is certainly nothing to do with computer programming. I say that as someone who had a 30+ year career in computers. The fundamental errors these mathematical modellers make are infantile.

While governments have been focused on fighting the virus with vaccines that do not immunise, enforced wearing of masks that do not caputure viruses and according to independent rsearchers again, do more harm than good, and with lockdowns and social distancing rules that have wreaked havoc in the worlds largest economies while banning the treatment of COVID with proven drugs that are shown in studies to be safer and more effective than the vaccines.  There has also been a lot of huffing and puffing about the origins of the SARS-COV2 virus which causes COVID. Though arguments still rage in the academic community it now seems highly likely that the virus was genetically engineered in a bioweapons lab in Communist China but the US Government's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency played a big part in funding and managing the gain-of-function research that turned a type of common cold virus into the scary monster half the world now lives in fear of. However all of this has ignored the toxic exposures of modern daily life that degrade immune systems, greatly increasing the risk of serious complications and death from COVID, which to healthy adults under the age of 75 who have fully functioning immune systems.

If more of us were willing to think critically about the “science” in the news these days, we could be more confident in managing our health. A healthy, confident population willing to argue and drag its feet on accepting medical treatments with which they aren’t comfortable is hard to push around.

A population willing to stuff any poison into their body or do absolutely anything "experts" say will protect them, to just “get back to normal” is not.