Sunday, January 22, 2006

How Very Dare They?

Artificial Intelligence? Still Science Fiction (Image source)

People often ask me how I can say that Google is the worst search engine on the web (except for all the others) and that Google's raison d'etre is to help governments spy on their citizens, while filtering out of search results any information that challenges official propaganda.

Well I just looked at my blog and saw that on Greenteeth, probably one of the most irreverent and anti religion blog on the web I am featuring two adverts for fundie "give us your money to help us do God's work" type websites. In my view, if God is as good as his fsns rate him, he should be able to do his own work.

So when Google make such big claims about contextual links and targeted ads, and Google adsense uses "artificial intelligence" to target ads at particular users based on a web page's content and the users interestes divined from their browsing habits, why do I get so many ads for beautiful Russian girls who want to marry me whenever I've been looking at Russia Today if Russia Today is a news site and I never look at dating sites or sex sites.

Artificial intelligence my arse, the spam I get is more discerning in targeting its confidence tricks at my interests.


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