Wednesday, April 01, 2015

5million Sign Venezuela Petition Against US Interference

Nicholas Maduro rallies support for his effort to organise resistance to american bullying of small nations.

Over five million people in Venezuela have signed a petition demanding that US president Barack Hussein Obama repeals his executive order that declared the South American republic a security threat. Even people familiar with the Bizarro World inhabited by the rent boy President and his followers were hard pressed to justify this particular piece of lunacy.

Jorge Rodriguez, Mayor of VeneZuelan capital city Caracas and organisor of the petition told Venezolana de Television, “We have collected more than 5 million signatures and we want to call on the Venezuelan people to keep on going to reach 10 million,”.

Government offices and buildings opened their doors to the public in a bid to collect signatures against Washington’s foreign policy in South America which is hitting Venezuela hard.

“Our intention is to deliver the collected signatures to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, as clear evidence that the people of Venezuela reject the crude interference in our internal affairs,” Rodriguez told European media.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro set the goal of collecting at least 10 million signatures – about a third of the country’s total population – ahead of the Summit of the Americas to be held in Panama from April 10 to 11. Maduro also called on people to continue their support.

“Let us continue supporting the fatherland. Signatures are being collected at public squares and door-to-door. We have reached 5 million and we will collect 10 million,” Maduro said on Twitter.

In March 2015, Obama (God - King of the American Empire) issued an executive order imposing sanctions against Venezuela and declared the country an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security,” alleging human rights violations and “public corruption” to justify his imperious act. Barck Obama is a megalomaniacal narcissist and so would see no irony in the USA accusing other nations of human rights violations.

In response to Obama's hostile politicking, Venezuelan lawmakers granted Maduro a right to rule by decree till the end of the year to defend the country’s integrity and sovereignty against “imperialist threats” from the US government.

Maduro’s crusade against US interference in his country’s affairs has received wide support across the Latin American region. The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, joined the campaign launched by the Venezuelan government and signed a petition which said that “Venezuela is not a threat.”


De - dollarization moves ahread, we told you so

In Loony Left Wing Sweden Asking Immigrants To Obey The Law Is Racist

Twenty years ago Sweden was a good place to live and work. Now thanks to the politically correct left's insane immigration policies, riot police are a familiar sight on the streets of recently created ghettos.


At first when I read this story I thought it was an April Fools' Day joke. But it was circulating a few days before April 1 and when I checked it turned out to be absolutely true.

There is a huge argument going in the town of Älmhult in Sweden. A letter that may have been sent from the municipal offices to recently arrived immigrants telling them that under Swedish law they’re expected to eventually stop living on government hand outs, find work and start contributing to Swedish society.

Sweden is a wonderful country but it is run by lunatics, crazier people than the ones running France, Germany, Italy, Britain or even the world centre of crazy, California. To the psychos of the Stockholm elite, letting migrants know that Sweden's laws apply to them (rather than Sharia or tribal law) is so outrageously racist that representatives of the government, as well as its opposition, have gone public in condemning the letter and promising to find and punish the guilty person.

So what does this racist epistle document say? Here’s the local newspaper’s summary:

Reception in Sweden is paid for by the Swedish taxpayers. It is the Swedish citizens that pay for your stay.

Stay in the municipality where you have been placed. It is only in this municipality that has prepared for your arrival. All municipalities in Sweden have high standard and quality service. Don’t believe the rumors that big cities have more opportunities, it is usually the other way around! Älmhult has a very good introductory program for you.

Laws and regulations are the same for everyone. You get what you are entitled to. Do not attempt to haggle or negotiate to get special benefits. Then you just lose face.

We try to accommodate your needs, but you also need to meet us halfway. Trust us at the immigration reception!

Don’t believe the rumors. Those who arrived as refugees before you don’t know everything. Half truths can be worse than no know. If you have questions or concerns about anything, so talk to us at the refugee unit.

Pull your own weight! This society and our democracy is based on the fact that everyone takes personal responsibility.

This is a terrible way to view humanity!” Social Democrat leader Lars Ingvert commented. Terrible, asking people to support themselves and observe the law? I suppose Ingvert is one of those liberal guilt addicts who thinks a 'tax the rich' policy could alleviate world poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy. What planet do such idiots live on?

“It is tragic that there at some point in the history of Älmhult has been someone harboring this attitude towards those arriving here,” Ingvert said. What happened to that fine social democratic principle of equality Lars, we ask, or is it equally unfair that Swedish people should be required to obey Swedish law?

Vidar Lundbäck of the Center party agreed the letter was racist and "horrible". He called the letter "very strange”, even though he used to run the social welfare office in Älmhult and therefor was responsible for enforcing these laws.

This page has reported before on a former leader of the government in Sweden who said Swedes should leave the country to make room for more immigrants. In essence what he was saying is that Swedes should go and live in third world cesspits so that their world migrants can take over Sweden and turn it into a cesspit.


Swedish Commentator: Migrants Enforcing Sharia Law, Bill Clinton ‘Evil’ For Wishing Same On U.S.

Swedish writer and news commentator Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist, speaking on an internet radio station, said that Islamists and migrants "have already succeeded in introducing Sharia law to Sweden". Speaking to Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, she explained that, because Swedish girls are becoming afraid to go to certain places where there have been rapes and attacks, key tenets of Islamic law are effectively being enforced.

Sweden Taxing Itself Into Oblivion Because Of Insane Immigration Policy

Until recently Sweden's politically correct obsession with inviting migrants to the country (which has a population of less than tem million) was something of a joke among other north European countries. Now however, the crazy determination of Sweden's left wing political elite with filling their country with migrants so that ethnic Swedes who have not been able to leave the country will be a marginalized, ghettoized minority ...

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