Friday, December 30, 2016

It's A Bit Pointless To Talk About Obama Being Impeached At This Stage

There is no doubt that in the final three weeks of his presidency, the terrorist loving, civilisation hating cocksucker president in the USA, Barack Hussein Obama, is trying to damage his country as much as he can. People should not complain about that, back in 2008 he did spell out very clearly his hatred of America and everything it stood for, his fondness for Islam, particularly Islamic extremist and his support for all terrorists (to the extent of pardoning convicted terrorists and setting them free to resume their careers of death and destruction in the USA) whether their cause is just or not.

But article like the one embedded below from Liberty Writers are quite pointless really. With only three weeks of his second term left, there simply is not time to organise the process that would be required to remove him from office. Far better to wait, and then simply nullify all his executive orders on the grounds that they are unconstitutional and beyond the scope of the president's authority.

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