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The Scientific Dictatorship


President Eisenhower warned against the dictatorship of a scientific elite in his farewell address in 1960. Authors like H G Wells and philosophers such as Bertrand Russell were predicting such a system if totalitarian global government was inevitable to maintain human progress late in the nineteenth century.

And now those with 'eyes to see and ears to hear' (as the Biblical phrase goes) can observe politicians in collaboration with the academic community and a cartel of big banks and corporations are moving the world in that direction. I will cover what we can do to resist the loss of our freedom in a future article, for now learn how the scientific dictatorship (New World Order, Illuminati, call them what you will) operate. Read the full post: Scientific Dictatorship Boggart Blog

The Scientific Dictatorship Is Here

by Ian R Thorpe

What did I tell you? Never trust a fahkin' scientist.

When a scientific dictatorship was first mooted over a century ago the great obstacle to "going beyond existing permissions" as supporters of global government coyly put it, in imposing authoritarian laws without having to seek the consent of voters was seen as the rights and freedoms enshrined in the US constitution.

Apparently those rights and freedoms are no longer seen as a problem because in February 2012 a group of American scientists called for the establishment of a global totalitarian government in which unelected academics would work alongside elected representatives to 'engineer compliance with new social and behavioural norms' the goal of which would be saving the planet from ecological disaster.

Read Ian Thorpe's expose of a proposal to be published in March 2013 which proposes using scaremongering tactics to establish such a fascist regime might employ to suppress dissent.


Prominent American Scientists Call For Global Dictatorship Under UN Rule "To Save The Planet"
The Scientific Dictatorship

Europe's Bureaucratic Elite Plan More Stitch Ups To Steal E U Member Sovereign Powers.

Good grief, it would be nice to report something funny, but again today we have to deal with the way the corporate - financial elite and their lackeys are tightening the thumbscrews as they seize ever more control of the minutiae of our lives. We are spied on, electronically tracked, nudged into transferring our private lives to digital environments where privacy cannot exist, medicated, and generally shat on in everything we do.

Transhumanism: The Elite Total Control Agenda

Robot lovers, indestrictible soldiers with no mercy or compassion, everlasting life for beings that are part human, part machine, genetically modified humans with supernatural strength and endurance competing in future 'hungrer Games' style Olympic tournaments: the plot of some dystopian novel? No, actual items in the elite's agenda for total control

Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity Rather Than a Universal Human Right

Corporate powers and the United Nations are planning on privatising water resources including rainfall, yes you did read that right, privatising the rain. The CEO of food processing bastards Nestlé spoke of the plan last year when he said companies like his had a right to make money from sellling OUR water, now those Stalinisdt shits at the United Nations and The World Bank are planning to steal the stuff life depends on.

Freak Weather Events In USA Are Due To Geoengineering - We Can Expect The Same

American scientists, egged on by a psychopath Prisident who boasts that he is good at killing people are pressing ahead with experiments in controlling the climate. They have no idea what the outcomes may be because as we know, mathematical models used to predict climate trends are hopelessly inaccurate. But when have scientists ever stopped to give a moments thought to consequences.

How academic debate is suppressed on science topics like Climate Change, GMOs, Pesticides and Toxicity of medicines
Intellectual intolerance and the supposed superiority of the scientific education have led not just to the politiciisation of science but to it's being seduced by corporate money and political power. Science was ever fascism's whore of course and the egos of scientists are easily bought. This has led to a very unhealthy emergence of dogmas and orthodoxies and an intolerance of the dissent that is essential if scientific research is to have any credibility.

Becoming Sceptical About Scepticism

There are a lot of people around the web who call themselves skeptics. They mostly seem to be focused on the argument between Biblical creationism and Darwinian evolution, are far from being truly skeptical or sceptical their minds are absolutely closed to any idea that challenge their own. Thus science, properly the territory of open minded enquiry, is taking on dogmas and finding fanatical followers as if it were a religion ...

Living within the conspiracy
Slaves To The Machine
Don't Call Me A Conspiracy Theorist
Holy City

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