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The (Carefully Planned) Global Food Crisis: Dutch Farmers To Protest EU Attck On Food Supply And Their Livelihood



Dutch Farmers protest move to mitigate cow farts by reducing herd sizes - Picture: Fox News

Farmers from all over the Netherlands are to protest policies imposed by their government in collaboration with the authoritarian unelected bureaucrats of the European Union, which if fully implemented would reduce the number of livestock kept on farms in the country by up to 35%.

In a typical example of government / mainstream media propaganda doublespeak, press and broadcast news reports are leading on deceptive headlines  such as “Dutch farmers protest emissions targets”, but this is perfect example of lying by only telling part of the truth.

The policy farmers are protesting against is a 25 BILLION Euro scheme ained at “reducing levels of nitrogen pollution” which taken at face value seems to fit in with the globalist projects to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions (and global population but they do not mention that bit,) by 55%, but the devil is in the detail. The policy is actually an attack on the Dutch farming industry,the government and their European Union paymasters aim to achieve this by (among other things) “paying some Dutch livestock farmers to relocate or exit the industry”.

The reality of this will involve reducing the number of pigs, chickens and cows by about thirty per cent  and that is what the farmers in the picture are being protesting about – a deliberate and planned (in Davos at the World Economic Forum we guess, contraction of the Dutch agricultural sector, destroying the  the livelihood of thousands of farmers, and adding to the disruption of food supplies already cause by the the EU / NATO backed Ukrainian war. As The Netherlands produces a massive food surplus this globalist policy will affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people, fuelling spiralling living costs as well as creating wholly avoidable shortages..

The bigger picture

Claiming the scheme is about limiting nitrogen and ammonia emissions from urine and manure as well as CO2 emissions from livestock farming neatly ties the policy the one of the biggest lies of globalism, that climate change poses an existential threat to human civilisation. However it only takes the slightest degree of scepticism to see this in the broader context of the ongoing Great Reset, of which the created food crisis is a component.

As well as the food surplus it produces, the agricultural sector of The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of meat in the world and THE largest in Europe. Reducing its output by a third could have huge implications for the global food supply, especially in Western Europe is the equivalent of taking Ukrainian and Russian grain and oil seed crops out of the food supply chain.

Perhaps more troubling is how this could become a precedent for further5 globalist actions against the people of the developed world.

One thing we know for certain about the people behind this whole globalist push to destabilise the societies of developed nations is that they are so lacking in imagination they are utterly predictable, which gives us a big clue as the who we are dealing with. This isn’t the first “pay farmers not to farm” scheme launched in the last year – both the UK and US have put such schemes in place – but a government paying to reduce it’s own meat production? That is a first but it was always going to be the next step.

Like the EU's 'set - aside' of the 1980s and 90s and the more recent 'rewilding' policy which repectively paide farmers not to produce food from good quality land and paid farmers to let prime agrigultural land return to nature, this latest move is completly in line with the globalist strategy for transferring wealth from the propsperous populations of developed nations to poor countries.

That it is ostensibly being done to 'protect the environment' or 'save the planet' or whatever bullshit cliche is in fashion this week makes it a big warning sign for the future. Denmark, Belgium and Germany are already considering similar policies.

Governments and business elites in the Western world seem to be enthusiastically embracing policies cooked up in insanity factories like Oxford (England),  Harvard (USA), Heidelberg (Germany) The Sorbonne (France), Ulm (Netherlands) and other leading Universities around the world.

Such idiocy as paying farmers to reduce the amount of food they produce…while (notionally) threatened with war…in the midst of a recession…facing record inflation as the cost of living spirals, and with food shortages already having led to food rationing.

Does that really make any sense?

That’s almost as crazy as refusing new oil and gas leases while the cost of domestic, industrial and transport fuel and power hit hitting new, record levels every day. Such insanity could only make sense to the kind of people who have spent their adult lives cocooned in universities studying stuff that the real world does not give a flying fuck about.

Indeed, in a world beset by a shortage of fertiliser due to sanctions against Russia and Belarus, one would have to be completely mad to complain about a manure surplus, let alone try to reduce it.

We’re well past the point where any of this could be considered accidental, the elites, those billionaire psychopaths and less rich but equally dangerous wannabees are doing this deliberately. It is part of an agenda that has been in velelopment for over a hundred years.

To put it bluntly, if the Davosocracy - that is the government, banks, global corporations and sura - national bureaucracies of the World Economic Forum were trying to impoverish and starve their own citizens, what would they be doing differently?

UPDATE 4 July 2022

Dutch Protesters Pour Manure On Government Offices Over Industry-Killing Regulations

 from Zero Hedge

Dutch farmers who have been protesting for weeks over the government's radical plan to cut nitrogen emissions by 50% - 95% by 2030 have taken things to the next level - pouring manure on government offices in response to the plan which would cause widespread chaos - including the death of 1/3 of Dutch farms.

Pissed off protesters became aggressive with police last week, with angry farmers demanding that the Hague backtrack on their 'green' agenda.

Bloomberg also reported last week that several farmers showed up to parliament with cows in tow to protest the policy - with some threatening to slaughter them on the spot.


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