Saturday, March 21, 2015

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

Political elites and super-bureaucrats must be very worried. New start up political parties, dismissed as populist byt in reality listening to the concerns of voters are making inroads into the political status quo. New media investigative journalists and op-ed writers are challenging the official propaganda (and gaining an ever bigger audience). It’s becoming harder to control consensus reality.
A reality stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, false flag deceptions, corporate - government collaboration, conflicts of interest, legalized theft (banking), these have been the privilege of ruling elites for centuries.

Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for the increase in overtly authoritarian governance is much more fundamental. By gagging their opponents, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate anything that questions the propaganda, by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary definition of "extremist" to speech. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.

Although France has taken the lead in this inter-governmental effort, the preliminary assault began this past fall with British Prime Minster David Cameron publicly announcing on two separate occasions, that all of these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ (anything which challenges the official dogma) should be deemed as "extremist" and equivalent to "terrorism" and should be purged from society in the interests of national security. The first came with Cameron’s warped speech at the UN, and afterwards, a similar charge was made by the UK leader against anyone who dares press the issue of institutional paedophilia and child abuse.

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Corporate Capitalism Has Replaced Democracy In Western Nations.

Although this is about the UK General Election in 2015 it has much wider relevance, concerning what is happening in the democratic societies of the developed nation. For that reason this look at how corporate capitalism is usurping democracy and individual freedom will also be relevant long after that election in May 2025.

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Dutch Dismiss Claims MH17 Downed By Buk Missile - 'Conspiracy Theorists' Got It Right Again

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I hope humble pie tastes like well rotted snake dung, I really do. Why you might well ask.

Because I want those unimaginative, authority worshipping idiots who argued with us 'conspiracy theorists' (more accurately know as truth seekers) to throw up when they eat it. When we said that while the USA sought to justify an armed intervention in Ukraine by claiming pro - Russian separatists had shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 last year, in fact the evidence pointed towards the neo fascist puppet government in Ukraine being responsible, some people called us rude names, accused us of being lovers of Vlad (the imapler) Putin and of not being very intelligent.

It was of course they who were not being very intelligent. Believing propaganda without question if for the terminally stupid, questioning things is what intelligent people do. And usually it take considerable patience for those who question propaganda to be proved right. We waited thirty years for the cover up of the Westminster Paedophile ring to be exposed.

So this story, only nine months after the event is quick really. Just shows how utterly lacking substance the US Government claims were.

Dutch dismiss reports alleging MH17 downed by Buk missile

The Netherlands has denied reports that the Malaysia Airlines plane was downed by a Buk missile, killing all 298 passengers and crew last July.

The Dutch Safety Board (DSB), which is investigating the cause of the crash, responded to reports released earlier by Netherlands broadcaster RTL alleging that the flight MH17 was downed by a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile system.

"The investigation into the cause of the accident is in full progress and focuses on many more sources than only the shrapnel,” the DSB stated.

"Additional investigation material is welcome, but it is imperative that it can be indisputably shown that there is a relationship between the material and the downed aircraft," the agency emphasized Thursday in a statement.

READ MORE: Ukraine media falsely claim Dutch prosecutors accused Russia of MH17 downing

RTL claimed on Thursday that a metal fragment from the crash site of the plane allegedly matches a surface-to-air Buk rocket. The piece was recovered by a Dutch journalist from the village of Grabovo several months ago, close to where the plane was brought down last year.

Earlier this month Ukrainian media made a gaffe, misquoting Dutch investigators as having accused Russia of shooting down the Malaysian Airlines flight.

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