Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bill Nye The Not-A-Scientist Guy Comes Over All Third Reich

Bill Nye
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In the 13th and final episode of Bill Nye The-Not-A-Scientist-Guy's new Netflix series, the hardcore, human-hating Leftist who chases trendy science like Bill Clinton chases tail, moved things in a rather dark  and some might say Nazi-ish direction while discussing the issue of population control.
First a little context…
Thanks to the spreading of human freedom, and the ingenuity and technology that comes with it, the population scare of the 1970s did not work out the way scientists secretly hoped and openly predicted; meaning, the boom in population over the last 5 decades has not resulted in widespread famine and despair -- quite the opposite, in fact.  It should also be noted that these are the very same scientists who predicted a new Ice Age as the result of -- try not to laugh -- Global Cooling and the utter depletion of natural resources like oil, ores, and even water.
Again, none of that proved true; the exact opposite occurred.
If you are a anti-human tyrant-disguised-as-a-scientist desperate to use centralized government as a means to control the lives of others, but… all those hoaxes your brethren invented 40 years ago blew up in their face, what do you do now?