Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Syrian-born journalist slams MSM for Aleppo bias

by Arthur Foxake

Syrian-born journalist Harout Ekmanian has slammed the New York Daily News and the UK's Independent newspaper for showing bias in attacking forces of the Assad government of shelling rebel held areas, but not menioning that Barack Obama's beloved 'moderate rebels'  have been shelling residential areas controlled by government forces. Ekmanian, who supports Assad because he knows the alternative is worse, laments that the MSM is not covering all sides of the war.

The journalist was speaking to RT about his disgust at the deliberate misreporting of the death of a Syrian swimmer and her 12-year-old brother. Mireille Hindoyan and her younger sibling were killed in the Villi district of West Aleppo on Friday.

“I think the first victim of the war is the truth, especially in the Syrian war where journalism and journalists suffered a lot. Preserving impartiality has become a very difficult task for journalists,” he said.

Ekmanian, who now lives in New York, wrote an editorial in the New York Daily News explaining what had happened, only for the publication to remove a section in which he said the rebels were responsible for the deaths of the brother and sister. Thus by giving the impression that Assad loyalists were the only ones shelling targets in the city, the report appears to exonerate the 'moderate rebels' war crime.

“The New York Daily News published my contribution, but a paragraph was removed. I don’t think personally that was a very serious editorial decision and I am still waiting for an explanation,” the Syrian writer told RT.

Ekmanian, who was born into  Aleppo's Armenian community, says he has spoken to eyewitnesses who “specifically confirmed” the shelling that killed the young siblings was carried out by rebel forces. He complains that his reporting of the Syrian conflict for major US publications have also run up against a determined policy in mainstream media of not reporting any negative stories about the fabled 'moderate rebels'. It is disheartening to see how the conflict in Syria is being reported, he says.

“The issue of this media censorship or media bias about some facts about the Syrian war [shows] there is a general atmosphere of media bias or restricting the narrative to certain news trends. I think this is the general issue that I see to the experience that I went through.”

He also slammed the UK online news site The Independent (formely a newspaper, until the print edition was can celled earlier this year) which he accused of “trying to shift the blame onto the government side.”

“The Independent article didn’t actually say it was a result of the rebel shelling. They tried to blame it on the government shelling or its allies,” he told RT.

“We know that the government’s allies are no angels and there are also violations committed by that side, by the Russian airstrikes also. But this particular case was rarely documented and happened in a neighborhood that I come from, and I talked with eyewitnesses and they specifically confirmed this was carried out by rebel shelling.”

While the MSM has given blanket coverage to its reporting of western Aleppo, which is largely controlled by forces opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Ekmanian says that the same media is ignoring the plight of towns being bombarded by the rebels because it does not fit the Obama administration's narrative which aims to justify all out war in Syria.

“You rarely see any information about Kefreya or Al-Fuah that are besieged towns in Syria and are besieged by the rebels. They [the rebels] are not shying away from using the same tactics that they are criticizing,” he said.

“When we talk about double standards, it can work both ways. I rarely see pieces in the international media and even on social media by different activists or different public figures that talk about violations or tactics that are against international humanitarian law that are being committed by the anti-government sides.”

My oped on . Reference to swimmer death & media bias about it was removed w/o my consent

Fortunately for posterity, the article appears to have been restored and you can Read It Here

Obama Administration Considering Air Strikes On Assad Regime Even Though It Could Lead To War With Russia And China

As Obama contemplates more airstrikes on Syria we wonder if there is anything left to strike (image source: Huffington Post )

Yesterday it was reported thar Russia had pulled out of a joint  Plutonium cleanup effort with the US,  and later that US State Department would end negotiations with Russia over Syria. In view of the collapse of the Kerry / Lavrov creasefire agreement, the likely next step may be one which John Kerry warned last week is "back on the table", the launch of air strikes and military action against the Assad regime.

Washington Post reports that the US national security agencies, ftotally frustrated by the resistance put up by Assad's forces with Russian, Iranian and covertly, Chinese assistance, have for weeks been looking for new options to recommend to the president to address the ongoing crisis in Aleppo and the removal of the Assad regime in Syria, which is currently an obstacle to US / Saudi Arabian geopolitical ambitions. 

A meeting of the Principals Committee, which includes Cabinet-level officials, is scheduled for Wednesday while a meeting of the National Security Council, which could include the president, is likely as early as this weekend.
Reuters hinted last week, at a Deputies Committee meeting at the White House, officials from the State Department, the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed limited military strikes against the regime as a "means of forcing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to pay a cost for his violations of the cease-fire, disrupt his ability to continue committing war crimes against civilians in Aleppo, and raise the pressure on the regime to come back to the negotiating table in a serious way." Or, in other words, to cut to the chase and go right back to what the US was hoping to achieve in Syria in the first place: another regime change.

It has been proved many times that President Barack Hussein Obama is a fool and is quite capable of deluding himself that he is actually president of the world rather than of one nation (albeit a large and powerful nation). It is also well known though officially denied that in any middle eastern conflict, in spite of his claims to be Christian, Obama's sympathies always lie with the proponents of Islamic extremism rather than with the secular Muslims, Christians and Jews these barbaric religious fundamentalists would slaughter en masse should The White House succeed in propelling them into government.

Among the options being considered in Washington for resolving the Syrian conflict are Uncle Sam's faithful standby, the 'humanitarian' bombing campaign bombing, declaring a no fly zone over Assad held Syrian territory and using cruise missiles and other long-range weapons fired from coalition planes and ships. 

One proposed way to get around the White House’s long-standing objection to striking the Assad regime without a U.N. Security Council resolution would be to carry out the strikes covertly and without public acknowledgment, an official leaked. In other words, the warhawks in the administration are actively contemplating not only bypassing the White House, but flaunting the UN and launching incursions into the territory of a sovereign state (on humanitarian grounds of course), a course of action which Russia, China and Iran might interpret as a war, against Syria.

The CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, represented in the Deputies Committee meeting by Vice Chairman Gen. Paul Selva, expressed support for such “kinetic” options, the official said. That marked an increase of support for striking Assad compared with the last time such options were considered.

“There’s an increased mood in support of kinetic actions against the regime,” one senior administration official said. “The CIA and the Joint Staff have said that the fall of Aleppo would undermine America’s counterterrorism goals in Syria.”
And do these war crazy idiots in Washington really think they can do such things covertly, that Russia Today and Iran's Press TV, not to mention The Guardian, The Times, BBC World News and the rest of the UK's sensation hungry press corps, Le Monde and Der Spiegel English edition, Times of India, Straits Times of Malaya, press and broadcast news all over Europe, Asia and South America are going to keep quiet about such an enormous story with global significance?

The good news is that, at least for the present not everyone involved in the discussion is a hawkish neocon. According to Washington Post reporters there’s still skepticism that the White House will approve military action because Obama has previously been warned by Pentagon officials with military experience that it is unlikely the USA's gay army could win a war against either Russia or China let alone both. Other administration officials said this week that Obama is no more willing to commit U.S. military force inside Syria than he was previously and that each of the military options being discussed have negative risks or consequences.

However, as we noted yesterday, during testimony before the Senate Committee on Armed Services last week General Joseph Dunford rang the alarm over a policy shift that is gaining more traction within the halls of Washington following the collapse of the ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia in Syria saying that it could result in a major international war which he was not prepared to advocate on behalf of.
The notable exchange took place after Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi asked about Hillary Clinton’s proposal for a no fly zone in Syria in response to allegations that Russia and Syria have intensified their aerial bombardment of rebel-held East Aleppo since the collapse of the ceasefire (See video).

"What about the option of controlling the airspace so that barrel bombs cannot be dropped? What do you think of that option?" asked Wicker. "Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia. That is a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make," said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggesting the policy was too hawkish even for military leaders.  

Since the idea is, at present only at the discussion stage, possibly being mentioned in public to gauge the Russian reaction to a potential US military incursion, we now wait to see what Putin's reaction to the possibility of a US military campaign in Syria will be. The big problem that hangs over all of it however is the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Mrs Clinton is crazy for war, by far the most hawkish politician in the USA, and a petulant, vindictive bully who, as president, would not hesitate to fire anyone who opposed her and put yes men in their places. She has in effect promised war with Russia will be high on her agenda from the moment she takes office.

UN Peace Council: The Syria conflict is a proxy invasion by the United States

This blog and our other publications have been saying ever since the 'Arab Spring' was stirred up by a stupid, demogogical speech made in Cairo by Obama, that the US aim was a proxy war with Russia and Iran in the middle east. Look what happened since then. Secular Muslim leaders in Egypt and Libya were overthrown by US led regime change campaigns ...

War For The middle East - Why Islamic State Is Winning
The Obama Administration, and in particular The State Department which under the leadership of John (57) Kerry looks after foreign policy has all in all had a nightmare few months since the turn of the year. The unlikely (and unholy) Saudi Arabian - Israeli alliance in cahoots with U.S. neocons and military / industrial complex corporations have pressured the President into escalating U.S. aggression toward the secular government of Bashar Al Assad in Syria.

Obama and FUKUS Axis Air Strikes On ISIS Will Make Things Worse

The bombing of ISIS, the Islamic State is well under way in Iraq and Syria, and as predicted the American, British and French led campaign is already making things worse for civilians among whom the ISIS fighters are dispersed. And of course, far from making the west safer, it is stirring up more hatred against us in the Islamic world.

The Third Gulf War Has Started - Should Britain Get Involved

For the third time in twenty five years a British Prime ~Minister has led the nation into a war in Iraq. It's understandable that Iraquis might be a bit pissed off with us. This time the threat is not a brutal dictator like Saddam hussein or Muammar Gadaffi, the Libyan leader we helped depose, but Islamic State, a concept, an idea, but also a rabble of bloodthirsty maniacs funded by European and American money, aremed with European and American weapons and trained by European and American 'military advisers.

War In Iraq? Lard Bombs Away (SATIRE)

As usual Boggart Blog is totally against Britain becoming embroiled in another sectarian conflict in the middle east (the theme tune of which will be I Hate You Babe by Sunni and Shia.) But rather than send our clapped out, thirty year old warplanes to fire rockets and heavy calibre cannons and drop bombs on the IS, bearing in mind these guys are all fundamentalist Muslims we have a better idea. We can beat the Islamic State without shedding HUMAN blood.

We Will Destroy Islamic State In Three years Say Western Leaders

The NATO summit on Ukraine and ISIS wound up yesterday having achieved exactly what it was expected to achieve - nothing ... There was some kind of agreemant that Britain will join the US is launching air strikes against the Islamic State militias ... A war against ISIS would be a continuation of the war waged in Iraq from 2003, initially to overthrow the tyrant Saddam Hussein, and since his capture to restrain the wannabe tyrants queueing to replace him.

Another Obama Sponsored Genocide - not Alawi or Christians In Syria but Yazidi in Iraq.

While the west has been distracted by events in Gaza and Ukraine, and the neo - fascist 'left' have suddenly discovered the joys of anti Russianism and anti Semitism, the FUKUS axis sponsored genocidists of ISIS have discovered another inoffensive minority to exterminate now that the Syriac Christians have fled.

Lies Of The FUKUS Axis Of Evil Plan To Wage War On Syria Exposed

The FUKUS Axis Of Evil, warmongering nations France, UK, and US almost kicked off a global war with their plan to invade Syria. Fortunately when Russia, China and Iran stepped up to support their ally Assad in Syria, the plan did not seem quite so attractive. Now you can learn how Assad's alleged warcrimes and chemical weapons attacks were fabricated to justify invasion.

Why Are America's Leaders So Desperate To Start Another War?

For a politician who as a candidate promised to work for peace, understanding, unity and lots of joining hands and singing Kumbaya, Barack Hussein Obama has, as President, tirelessly worked for war. So why are he and members of his administration so determined to start world war three.

The Spoiled Of War - What Happens In Nations On Which The Emperor Obama Bestows His Blessing.

As Obama prepares to attack Syria and stsrt World War Three for no better reason that to rescue his credibility, we show you what has happened in Libya, another prosperous secular muslim nation The Emperor Obama decided to liberate from its dictator.

What's The Point Of G20 If The Children Will Not Play Nicely Together

The G20 summit in St Petersburg should be hoding in depth discussions about global issues like Mutually Assured Destruction if America attacks Syria and Russia responds, Bee Apocalypse, Unemployment in the west, Hunger in the southern hemisphere, Same Sex Marriage, Miley Cyrus dry humping ...

Syria: Lies Of Obama And Kerry Cannot Hide Real Agenda
Humanitarian intervention my arse. The world's only terrorist state has been planning all out war in Syria since 2007, with Iran the next target once Assad's regine falls. Only the determination of Russian and China to stand up to American bullying can curb the genocidal imperial ambitions of The neo-Nazi Obama regime.

Al Jazeera Journalist Forced Out Of Job For Telling Truth About Syria.

Truth is the first casualty of any war it has always been said and it turns out that in these days of spin and deceit truth must die in order to gove warmiongers and mass murderers like Obama, Cameron &Co their excuse to go to war, as the Syria debacle shows ...

Intelligence Suggests Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

As the clamour for war against Syria gets louder in Washington, London and Paris, s anybody surprised that that evidence stacking up points to last weeks gas attack in Damascus having been instigated by the rebels or a third party with Israel emerging as the top contender ...

As FUKUS axis of evil prepares to attack Syria, Russia and China put on war alert

Another world shaking story that the free world's mainstream media chose not to tell us about even though it should have dominated newspaper headlines and broadcast news bulletins for months. It tells of how Russia and China knew of Military / Industrial / Banking New World Order office boy Obama's plans to start World War Three back in 2011. Everything their intelligence predicted has happened

Global Nuclear War Seems Inevitable Now

The Daily Stirrer has been warning for long enough our current crop of genocidal idiots political leaders were steering a course that made war inevitable. well now the first shosts have been fired, a couple of limited nuclear strikes on Syria by Israel probably with American backing. Head for the hills everyone.

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